Palworld: Best Ore Base Locations

Here is a collection of the best locations I found when searching for my second base plus any that are shared with me in the comments.

Having a dedicated ore base is essential for reasonable progression in the tech tree, but there are plenty of ore spots on the map, so I judged my locations harshly: plenty of ore, easy to defend from raids, and bonus points if near a dungeon and close to a skill berry tree that is not already near a fast travel.

I have left off locations with extreme temperatures for now.


Location 1: Waterfall Cliffside

309, -36

Very Protected
Skill Berry Tree at the bottom of the cliff
Easy access to the Jormuntide Boss
Good start for northern exploration

Limited build area

Location 2: Desert Overlook

-35, -167

Mostly Protected
Skill Berry Tree is almost inside the base
Easy access to the desert and the Anubis boss
Can collect sulfur from nearby desert
Nearby Caged Pal for easy collection
Base is centrally located for further exploration

No scenic waterfalls

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