Palworld: How to Capture Tower Bosses

Quick & easy guide on how to capture the tower bosses in “Palworld” !


Complete step by step process on how to capture a tower boss!

*note you have too die in order to re-spawn with no “WANTED” level after you successfully capture a boss

*Important make sure you throw your pal sphere at the back of the boss !

  • Step 1 – Head to any npc’s known location with a weapon or something that has damage output. (I find “Fisherman’s Point” & “Small Settlement” to be the easiest)

  • Step 2 – Damage said npc in any way to get a “WANTED” level, so that the PIDF are aggressive and hunting you.
  • Step 3 (optional) – continue to shoot/damage the PIDF agents as you head to the nearest fast travel point.
  • Step 4 – Fast travel to your choice of tower (while “WANTED”)
  • Step 5 – Once fast traveled, lure the PIDF agents to follow you into the tower of you choice and start the fight. If done properly the PIDF agents should now be in the tower boss fight with you (they will still be aggressive towards the player).
  • Step 6 – Use the PIDF agents aggression to get them to shoot the boss, you will know they have damaged the boss if it starts to run away/de-agro.
  • Step 7 – Once “Step 6” is complete and the boss is not aggressive towards the player anymore , you can throw any sphere at it’s back to capture it ! (*note it will still preview as a 0.00% capture chance)
  • Final step – After you’ve captured you’re new tower boss, either wait for the timer for the boss battle to end or simply pause your game and hit respawn.

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