Burnhouse Lane: Walkthrough 100%

I love written walkthroughs.
When there’s not one, you gotta do it yourself



Go left and interact with the picture frame on the table
Interact with it again to pick it up
Cut scene
Go left and save
No Escape Achievement

After saving, move the chair under the beam (it’ll light up green). Climb the chair, put the rope up then come down and go through the door.
There’s no choice, climb the chair, and follow through.
Cut scene

Chapter 1: Don’t Let the Cats In

Head all the way right and interact with the door
Cut scene
Go right
Cut scene
Grab the flashlight from the bed, then go right out the bedroom and head downstairs
Go right through the far door, and go into the door to be in the living room.
Go right and talk to George. Ask him if he’s hungry.
Now we’re going to grab all our supplies.
Go left into the kitchen, past the fridge on the bench is a duck watering can. Go left again out of the house and into the white shed doors.
Inside go all the way right into the tool box and grab the pincers and box cutter. Use the pliers on the screwdriver in the mouse. Now head back into the house to the kitchen, and use the screwdriver on the sink to clean it. Use the watering can on the sink to also fill it up
Now go into the far right cupboard in the kitchen. Grab the tea box and the can of tuna. Then go to the fridge to make George a meal.
Sandwich’s George likes:
BLT (Bread + Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato + Bread).
Jam (Bread + Strawberry Jam + Bread).
Ham and Mustard (Bread + Ham + Mustard + Bread)
Take one of these combinations and give it to George, he will enjoy it.
Time to water the plants. There’s 2 in the Living Room by the kitchen and the parlour door, and one in the parlour (The room when you leave the living room and go deeper in the house).
Head upstairs and go all the way right to refill the watering can. Then head to George’s bedroom, second door on the right. Water the last plant on top of the wardrobe.
The power will go out, head downstairs.
Cut scene
Equip your flashlight and open the basement door behind George, and head downstairs
Go right and use your screwdriver on the fuse box, flip the switch
Meet Mr. Gray
Cut scene
Follow Mr.Gray out and upstairs into the spare bedroom, first door on your right.
Inside take down the hamster cage, set it on the table and use the tea box. Head downstairs and go all the way right to outside. Go right until you see Mr. Gray, and use the box on the spot.
Cut scene
After this pet Mr. Gray (not needed, but respectful none the less) and take the key.
Head back inside and head to the basement, use the key on the basement door.
Go down into the basement and head all the way right, use the key on the door and go through
Cut scene
Use your flashlight
Doors Puzzle Room
Head all the way right until you get to the portrait/corpse on the wall. Examine and take the piece of paper. Head right to the panel on the wall, use your screwdriver on it. Take the piece of paper and fix the wiring then head right to press the red button on the wall. Now head right to loop to the start and retrieve the last piece of paper.
Go into your inventory and examine them
Note there are 9 doors all together, the first one will be the start of the loop with the eyes on the wall
Door Order
1: 4th door (Angie with bag over her head and IV bags hanging), whisper “I’m only afraid of dying because I haven’t lived.”
2: 2nd door (Person sitting on the ground with a cross in the background), ask “Is this the end
3: 9th door (Flame with a circle around the door frame), pray “I give myself to you”
Head right and go through the door, continue right down the stairs and down the ladder
Cut scene
Head right and climb the ladder
Cut scene
Head all the way right to Raj Kebab House
Go inside
Go right
Cut scene
Save and talk to the man
Make sure to ask the man his name, and say “Yes”
Kebab man is Omar (This is needed for a kebab and for the golden ending)
After talking/cut scene leave and go left and use the key on the ladies room, then the men’s room.
Head into the the men’s room, and go all the way right, and continue right
Enter the clock museum
Go right, past the corpse and pick up the yellow gloves on the antique desk
Continue right and open the door
Cut scene
Go left and leave the museum
Continue left
Cut scene
Continue left and dash past Destiny
Jumping Angie Achievement

Dash 25 times, this can be achieved whenever, but it’s good to get it done and over with.
Once you’re back in the men’s bathroom, use the gloves on the toilet
Then grab the spray bottle from the back of the toilet
Note the pattern on the back of the stall this is needed for later
Go left and leave the men’s bathroom and head into the ladies
Use the spray bottle on the mirror
Cut scene
Use the gloves on the second stall to get pistol ammo
Treasure Hunt Achievement

Found in the last stall of the women’s bathroom
*This is needed for the 3rd chapter achievement*
Leave the ladies bathroom, and head left to apartment 72A
Enter, then use the intercom
Intercom puzzle
Left: Second down
Right: Third and Fourth down
Enter the apartment and go up the stairs
Head all the way up, and enter flat 5
Go left and jump in the hole
Go left and use your pincers on the corpse
Equip the pistol and go right, raise it with w and press space to shoot the lock (1 shot)
Leave the apartment and leave the apartment complex
Go right back into the men’s bathroom, and go right to fight Destiny (6 shots)
Cut scene
Make sure you say “Goodbye Omar”
Go right and head into the clock museum and use the key on the door
Head all the way right and go through the door
Furnace puzzle
Go left and use the valve on the gas supply, then turn on the gas
Go right and do these in the following order
“Pull green handle”, “Pull red handle”, “Pull green handle”, “Press red button”
Go left and wait by the gas supply
Cut scene
Go right and answer the phone
Cut scene
Go right
“Pull green handle”, “Pull Red handle”
Pick up the glowing chalk
Use the chalk on the door
Go through the door
Cut scene
Head right
Cut scene
Go left through the door
Cut scene
Chapter 1 Achievement

Complete chapter 1

Chapter 2: Little Lamb Eats the Wolf

Cut scene
Place the cat trinket on your bedroom shelf. This gives an extra charge to Mr. Gray. With that said, don’t use any of Mr. Gray’s charge, although tempting it might be, it’ll be needed in the following chapter’s achievement and for the golden ending
*Note be nice to Ciaran, this kindness is important for the following chapter*
Head to George’s bedroom. Then head downstairs to the living room, and look for George. Now the front door will ring, head left
Meet Rob.
Cut scene
Follow Ciaran to the barn, and head inside. Go all the way right
After some beating around the bush, climb the first ladder, and use the ladder on the right.
Cut scene
Head down and grab the pole
Cut scene
Now head back up all the way, and use the pole on the crate on the far right.
Now use your box cutters on the box and push all the way right. Head out the window, and go right. Climb up and converse with George.
Cut scene/dialogue
Give Ciaran the Kebab when the option comes up -> Golden Ending
Keep the Kebab -> Varied Diet Achievement
Head right
Cut scene
Head back to the barn and go all the way right
When you get to the crate of carrots, feed Richard
Go right and there will be purple flowers on the ground, pick them up (Needed in next chapter)
Then keep heading right till you get to Ciaran’s trailer. Go inside and grab the wine on the left. Then head back out and go left
Cut scene/dialogue.
Once in the dungeon, run left and dash through the wall
Head left and leave through the door and go right and read the tablets (If you want to know these answers for later)
If not, go left, open the gate, and head left to the puzzle on the wall
Tablet puzzle
I: Forgiveness
VI: Triumph
VII: Reunion
Take old key and paper
Now go right and use the old key on the third door
Go inside and open the second cabniet, take the adrenaline shot
Open the fridge and look inside, take the cupcake (Needed for later achievements)
Leave and go left to the ledge with the cross and jump down
Head right open the door and continue right until the keypad
Keypad Code
1010 (From paper)
Cut scene
Go to the woman and use the adrenaline shot
Go left and turn off the gramophone
Cut scene
Now go all the way right, open the gate, head up the stairs, open the left gate and continue going left to open the last gate. Now you should be back at the beginning, and you’ll want to drop down the hole.
Now go right to close the gate, and push the box against the door.
Rotate the lamp and go left, make sure to plug in both cables
Head left and go to the confessional box and pull the lever
Cut scene
Go right
Cut scene
Turn on the lamp
Cut scene
Now you’re going to bait the shot, go right and dash to the left
Cut scene
Climb up
Cut scene
Follow Jenny and use the key on the door
Cut scene
Go left and open the gate
Keep going left
Cut scene
Head all the way left and interact with the painting, remove it and take the note
Church Puzzle
(Answers from note)
Press button at: 1st pew (Jenny), 7th pew, 5th pew
Head right and climb the ladder, go up the stairs and go through the door. Run all the way left to the panel on the support beam, and turn the lights on
Continue left and go through the door
Cut scene
Go right and use the chalk on the door, continue right and go down the stairs to ring the church bell (3 times)
Cut scene
Go left
Cut scene
Go right and pick up Rob’s shotgun
Cut scene
Go through the door
Cut scene
Equip the shotgun, go right
2 enemy (2 shots)
Go to the ledge of the mausoleum
2 enemies (2 shots)
Continue right and go through the gate
Go right
Cut scene
Continue right
Cut scene
You should have ammo left for the next part
Feeding Time Achievement

Let the burned cat kill Rob. Answer with “I did enough. He’s yours now”.
The Execution Achievement

Kill Rob yourself. Answer with “It’ll be my pleasure”. Make sure you have enough ammo, if you didn’t miss any shots you should be fine.
Chapter 2 Achievement

Complete Chapter 2

Chapter 3: These Woods are Dark

Cut scene
Grab the kettle, fill it with water, put on stove and turn it on. As you wait, fill the cup with coffee and 5 sugars. Wait for the kettle, once the whistle goes, turn off the stove and add the water.
Go right
Cut scene
Not sure if being honest with George changes anything, but I told him the truth since he’s a nice guy.
Grab the clothes from upstairs in the suitcase (in George’s room, right by the last plant you watered), and tell Jenny in the downstairs bathroom. Click the door again to let her know the coffee is ready.
Now make George one of your glorious sandwich’s. (Recipes in Chapter 1 segment.)
There will be some purring, head to the basement and through the door.
Head all the way right till you meet
Moonlight ♥
Then carry on all the way right
Cut scene
Once back, head downstairs, and talk to Ciaran
Offer him the cupcake -> Golden Ending
Keep the cupcake -> Mr Fox Achievement
Ask him about the forest, and Jenny. Then go check on George in the Living Room.
Cut scene
Now head to Ciaran’s caravan
On the way, feed Richard
Minigame time.
First Prize Achievement

Shoot 5 of the 5 bottles. (Trick, shoot when the bottom just starts to slope down, or it bounces off the ground if you missed)
Prize useful in later chapter.
Second Prize
Shoot 3 of the 5 bottles -> Needed for Golden ending
Cut scene
Head into the forest, go all the way right till you reach the shack. Head inside.
Cut scene
Talk with Arno. Pry about Walter Green and force the secret out of Arno. You’ll need this info to save Arno, and with the cat trinket, you’ll still have a charge for later. Now tell Arno you’ll light the fireplace.
Get the axe, and head back out, go right and get the first log. Go left and you’ll find the next log by the large trunks. Now look down the well, and jump in. Go left and push the barrel. Get the flashlight and try to use it. Now get the batteries from the boombox. Use the flashlight and head all the way left, then go all the way right and Dash through the green wall.
Go to the chopping block and equip your axe, and place each log on the chopping block and swing your axe. Inside after checking on Arno, place the logs in the fireplace and light it. The map will be ready.
Go right and chop down the tree (hit it 3 times)
Continue right until you reach the tombstone with 666 on it, then head up the path, go right and skip the first opening, going through the next path. Then head all the way right. Use your axe on the tree (3 hits) and head into the pit.
Talk with the girl
Cut scene
Take the doll. Head out of the pit, and head all the way left with your axe equipped. Hide behind the first tree prompt, and wait for Walter to walk past, then go all the way left to the first door, and swing on it 3 times, go left until next obstacle (next barricade), and hit it 3 times, then go to the last obstacle and hit it 3 times.
Go further in
Cut scene
Continue going left. Go all the way left. Pull the lever and head down into the pit. Go right to the box and use your axe. Take the coal and head back up. Go right to the furnace, open it, put the doll and coal in, then light it.
Wait, then take the items, and head up the stairs and use the key to unlock the door. Look inside at Walter Green, then place the purple flower on his grave.
Honour The D(e)ad Achievement

Placing the flower on the grave, this is needed to save Arno for the achievement and the golden ending
Now head right.
Cut scene
Moonlight time.
Head left through the hole and go down into the pit. Jump in the middle of the logs
(Tip for jumping, if you jump without using shift, in midair you can use shift and push yourself forward)
Head right, climbing up the boxes. Head right to the ashtray table, and jump up it, now continue right, jump up, and jump on the small ledge to continue up.
The go right and fall, jump over the logs and just keep going right. Jump up, then head left until the wooden bridge. Don’t try to cross it, it will fall. Jump over it, and head up then go right.
You’re out now, go all the way left
Cut scene
Continue left. until the shack then follow the red objects. Climb the well, then jump on top of the wall to crane then on the roof.
Cut scene.
Go all the way left, and don’t worry about leaving Moonlight in the dust.
Watch the cut scene.
Head upstairs as Jenny and go to Angie
Persuade to save Arno (if you didn’t pry about Walter Green or place the flower on the grave, this won’t work)
Cut Scene
“I know your secret…”
“It’s about your father…”
“But then you discovered black magic…”
“You saw me…”
“Now stand down*” You need the second charge of Mr. Gray for this
Regardless of the choice
A Brush With Death

Saved Arno
Chapter 3 Achievement

Complete Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Bloody Mary

Cut scene.
Now before you go into the house, go all the way right and be sure to feed Richard.
Now head up stairs and put the sheep trinket on your shelf (Needed for the golden ending.)
Let’s make George a sandwich, head downstairs to the kitchen.
Cut scene.
Head left to grab the axe. Equip the axe and swing on your bodies (closes to the middle, but feel free to cut them all down anyway, doesn’t matter. And pick up the key.) Head right and swing the axe 3 times on the door. Head right and unlock the door.
Cut scene.
Head right to give George the sandwich, cut scene, then head upstairs to unlock the door for Jenny. Cut Scene.
Head to your car. Cut Scene.
Time to visit Honiton.
Cut Scene.
Head right to the kid splashing in the puddle.
Splashed Achievement

Wait till the kid starts to jump then run through
Head all the way right, go through the path by the bushes. Head all the way right then go left.
Cut scene.
Moonlight time.
Jump on the fridge, then on top of the door onto the pipes. Then onto the window sills. onto the ledge on the far left, then jump on top of the window were the crow is all the way to the pipe. Now drop down onto the pipes and push it over. Jump into the shed. Fall down then go left and go into the opening. Head all the way left. Go left until the stairs, then go up. Head left until the gray door and jump on it to open it. Head inside. Go right and jump on the table. Meet Mary (unfortunately you have to meet her.)
Cut scene.
Head to the basement if you want to save.
Now head left to the kitchen, then try to add blood to soup. Go left to the room, and go right to grab the newspaper on the chair. This will take two trips, but head downstairs and go to the kitchen, inside the fridge is a brain. Go back upstairs and go all the way right, place the brain in the dish. Now head back downstairs, and go right into the freezer by the front door, and use the paper on the heart. Place the heart in the dish.
Now with Jeremy feed, head right, look inside the box and get the key.
Use the key on the clock and make it read “6PM”, hide in the closet on the right on the clock.
With Mary downstairs, go all the way left and talk with Ben.
After go into the medicine cupboard behind Ben and grab the needle. Head downstairs, go left and the door will ring. Hide in one of the spots by the TV. Wait
Cut scene.
Now head upstairs go all the way right and try to get the gun from Jeremy.
Cut scene
Go downstairs
Cut scene
Now go all the way right and search and succumb to the toxins (no matter what you do, you won’t find the gun if you try to leave the room and come back. You’re meant to pass out, the timer speeds up while you search.)
Burnhouse Lane time
Now talk with Omar
Head right and go through the opening with the gate. Keep going left and climb down the ladder.
Run through the gas. Then climb the ladder and go behind the pool edge to go right.
Take the water valve and go right to open the window, then head back through the toxins.
Use the valve on the gas at the enterance and turn off the gas. Take the valve and head back up, this time heading up the ladder to the next floor. Go all the way right and use the crane to hook a chlorine canister that’s chilling alone on the left and put it on the window you just opened up.
Go back into the gas tunnel, but stop at the corpse on the ground, search it to find pistol ammo.
Now go to the room where you got the valve and use the chlorine to fill the tank. Then place the valve on the water control and turn it on.
Cut scene
Turn off the water and go all the way left, and go into the bathroom.
There’s nothing in the toilets, so you don’t have to bother with that.
Pick up the gun on the floor. Head left and shoot the corpses. (2 shots for the girl, 4 for the men.) Search the last locker for pistol ammo.
Shoot the corpse behind the curtain. Head all the way left, then go right till the mail box. Search it to find pistol ammo.
Head right and now it’s a Ruby show down. (She takes 14 shots)
Head right and search the briefcase.
Now head into Ben’s babershop.
Cut scene.
Now time to get your haircut.
Cut scene
Break out of your restraints.
Head right and go into the gray door. Go all the way right and turn on the light.
What Remains Of David Underseat Achievement

Search David’s pockets for pistol ammo.
Leave and go all the way right and kick Jeremy.
Off To Pig Heaven Achievement

Time to fight Mary.
Go upstairs with the gun equip, head left and try to use the control panel. Shoot Mary (11 shots.) The best way is to unload a clip, dash past her and keep running, reload, then dash past her and finish her off.
Search her pockets and use the key on the briefcase.
Hand Canon Achievement

Search cupboard for pistol ammo
Head to the control panel
Answer for the control panel
Time to leave, head right
Cut scene
Head right and leave.
Cut scene
Head all the way left to your car and leave
Chapter 4 Achievement

Chapter 5: The Valley of Many Noises

Cut scene
Head left and look at the sign
Head all the way right and try to enter the wax museum.
Cut scene
Follow Ciaran
After go and make an sandwich for George
Now go upstairs and go to the far right to talk to George
Give George the sandwich, and head to the basement
Cut scene
After talking with Jenny, head left again
The Wall Between Us Achievement

Head right to the ticket box, use the coin in your inventory on the box.
Head right and enter through the door
Continue right until the first door, go right and up the stairs. Go left and exit and continue right on the upper deck.
Go through the next door and continue right
Cut scene.
Use your cat power “Milla”
Milla time
Animate the first corpse, take it to the left and set it up by the column by the spikes. (Blocks on the left by the lever)
Now release and animate the first corpse on the right and move it to pull the lever on the wall by the spikes.
Use the other corpse to climb the spikes and pull the crate
Animate the crate, then head back to Angie and put the gas mask on her.
Cut scene
Go to the Jar of eyes and try to open it, then smash it. Pick up the brass doorknob and pick up the shard of glass.
Head left and climb the spikes
Continue left until the valve, and turn it all the way right (3 times) Go left and turn the valve right (2 times) then go left and drop down.
Go left and at the blob of flesh (pick up a small thing on the ground.)
Go back to the wax man and on the right of him is a bowl, put the flesh thing you picked up on it.
Use the glass shard on it,
Cut scene
Pick up the wrench and go back to the second valve and use the wrench on it.
Head to the left and kick the TV.
Go left to the ladder you went down before and jump down and retrieve the axe.
Use the wire on the flesh mount
Now grab the axe and go free Murphy with the axe (2 hits)
Cut scene
Pick up Murphy blob and use it on the vent by the open door
Cut scene
Climb the spikes
Go left and leave through the door, then go all the way right to the bloody door.
(I’d recommend saving, the boss fight is rough) Go left through the door
Boss fight time
Don’t use the desert Eagle (Will help with the boss fight later, or do use it. Doesn’t impact the endings), you can finish the monster with the axe, he’ll get close to you, but you can hit him with axe (5 hits.)
I’ve seen once you land the first hit, you can keep swinging, but I’ve found there’s a bit of a delay. So I wait till he’s uncomfortably close then swing, run to a wall, then wait for him to catch up, dash past him, run away then wait to swing.
Once defeated, go left
Cut scene
Go left, climb the ladder, and go all the way left and drop down.
Go through the green door, down the stairs, and out the door.
Continue left, and in the main hall, use the door knob on the bloody door.
Go all the way right and head up the stairs, then go all the way left and search the doctor’s pockets.
Go right and down the stairs, and continue right
Use the fuse on the fuse box.
Go left and say “Milla” in the microphone
Go all the way left to the first dead body, and animate it. Go right till the contraction with the wires and switch it on
Go left and climb the bed.
Go right and talk to Ciaran, when he asks you for your name, leave the body and return to Angie.
Say “Rob” in the mic
Cut scene.
Say “Milla” into the mic, and animate the corpse at the top, and make it fall down.
Now go left and pick up the pole.
Go all the way right to the contraption and turn it on, then saw the pipe in half. Go back left and go to the first prompt to place the pole in and pull the lever.
Animate the next corpse and go all the way right to pick up the next pipe, go left and use it on the next prompt to place the pole in and pull the lever
Return to Angie and go up the stairs and go left.
Kick the barrier, take out your axe and take out the next barrier (3 hits.)
Go left, press the prompt and continue left
Cut scene
Go right (I’d recommend saving here), jump down, equip your axe, continue right
Mini Boss challenge
This is also a pain, keep going right and swing on each barrier (3 hits each, 4 doors total.)
If you slow down at all, she will get you
Now dash through the next obstacles. (Total 2)
Go right and grab the shot gun, shoot her.
Go to your inventory and load the bullet into the desert eagle, then go to the next area.
Boss fight
There’s 2 achievements that can be made here.
Fast Runner

For this one you need to get captured by the monster and say Milla, a cut scene will happen and you’ll be able to take over Mary’s corpse. Chase the monster down, and if you’re quick enough you can mow him down before you get lured into a trap.
The Goddess of Axe

This one is brutal, if you shoot the monster with the desert eagle it makes up (20 hits of the axe.)
If you do it just with the axe alone, it takes (70 hits). What makes this worse is the previous save being the mini boss scenario with Mary. However there’s a trick to it, when the monster is coming close and the prompt “Run + Space” pops up while you’re holding your axe, press space in time with the start of the prompt. You’ll know if you missed it if the “Run + Space” stays. Then keep pulling back and swinging and if the space is getting too close, dash past it.
Cut scene
Go right and jump
Go right and use your axe on the barrier (3 hits) Continue right
Cut scene
Go right
Chapter 5 Achievement

Complete chapter 5

Chapter 6: Mr Fox

Go right into the house and head upstairs into Jenny’s room.
Pick up the beer bottle by the boombox. Talk with Ciaran and Jenny and try to get her to talk to you.
Go behind the barn and wait for Jenny
Go left and confess to George
Cut scene
Go left and pick an outfit. Go to your room and put on the clothes
Head to the kitchen, Don’t talk to Mr. Fox.
Pick up the frozen lump on the counter and give it to Mr. Fox
Varied Diet Achievement

Give Mr Fox all the food you’ve been hording. Cupcake, Kebab, Beer, Frozen Lump, and make him any sandwich (strange sandwich is okay)
(You can’t get the golden ending when getting this achievement)
Head to the barn and continue going right to Richard’s pen.
Go left
Cut scene
Follow Mr. Fox
Put a finger to your lips, then run up to Ciaran and put your hand on his mouth
Continue left and pick up the shovel as you pass it
Use the shovel on the spot
Jump down
Go right and turn off the lights, then go left and push the wardrobe.
Then head right and put in the code for the briefcase (Or just go straight to the briefcase, it’s the same code)
Briefcase Code:
Satanic symbol, Arm with Cross, Pitchfork
Use the key on the door.
Go all the way right through the door, and continue right
Cut scene
Go left, grab the light bulb from the lamp and go all the way down the stairs, go right through the door, and continue right and head up, go left and to the wardrobe and push it all the way right. Go left, unlock the door and exit.
Head down and go through the right door. Head to the hole and drop down.
Go left to the table and pick up the shotgun. Unbolt the door now if you want.
Now go right and keep going
Cut scene
Pick up the shotgun shells
Keep heading right
There’s 2 enemies, shoot them (1 shot each)
Pick up the shotgun shells as you pass
There’s 3 enemies ahead, shoot them (1 shot each)
Keep heading right
Search the box and take the shotgun shells
5 more enemies, shoot them (1 shot each)
Head up and go into the Luke’s coffee shop
Go right and grab the scissors
Continue right and grab a cup from the cup pile
Use the cup on the coffee machine and make an espresso
Grab another cup, and go right and use the wrench on the water valve.
Use the cup on the coffee machine and make either a cappacino or a latte to get a cup of milk
Leave the coffee shop and go all the way left, past the apartment building and kick the street light
Head down and continue going left, unbolt the door (If you haven’t already) and go back to the room with the woman (Mitzi) All the way up
Go past her and place the milk in the bowl
Now go to Mitzi and give her the espresso you made
Mmm… Coffee… Achievement

Offer a coffee to Mitzi
Now go left and stop at the lamp and take the light bulb (If you haven’t already)
Continue to go left and go down the stairs and go through the left door
Go all the way to the back and turn off the lamp and take the light bulb, replace it with the purple bulb and turn it on
Use the scissors on the corpse and look inside
Take the glowing key
Go back to the room Mitzi is in and use the key on the piano
Choose “Improvise using only white keys”
Cut scene
Mr. Moonlight time
Jump up and head over to the right to the apartment complex next door
Once inside jump over and head right
The items you need (Baby socks, Silver hair, Wedding ring)
Go all the way to the bottom (Head left, then right to fall down, head left and climb onto the kitchen table, then onto the shelf, then jump on the fridge and jump through the hole on the left ledge. Jump through the hole and go right, then continue right and wait for the lever to be pulled.)
Go right and jump on the stroller (Baby socks)
Go right and jump up, then head left and manuever up to the third level, the door entrance with the umbrella outside of it.
Jump onto the table, then over to the shelves and climb up them (Silver hair)
Go right and knock over the lamp to head outside, climb up to the roof then head left
At the first set of vents, climb up the support poles to where the bird is (Wedding ring)
Return to the scales by going back right and heading back inside through the window and climbing up to the level with the red door, and continue left (This jump is tricky, you need to sprint and jump to nail it)
Then head right and put the items on the scale
Cut scene
Head left and pick up the box
Cut scene
Run left and dash through the bricks
Head left and face the spider
Cut scene
Use the box on the rock, open it and look inside
Use the scissors
Cut scene
Chapter 6 Achievement

Complete chapter 6

Chapter 7: The Lab

Cut scene
After talking with George and Ciaran in the kitchen, grab the chips off the kitchen counter and bring them to the living room
Sit down beside them
Cut scene
Leave the room and go right
Cut scene
Head downstairs and go right
Cut scene
Head right
Cut scene
Right all the way right (There’s 2 walls you have to dash through, the darkness backs up a tad to indicate they’re coming)
Continue right and jump down
Go right and talk to Jenny
Make Jenny a martini by running left and grabbing all the bottles
(Vermouth + Gin)
Take the martini to Jenny
Face the spider
Cut scene
Examine George and take the flashlight, now head to the basement
Equip flashlight and head into the door
Go right
Cut scene
Go right
Turn on the generator then fix it.
Note for the next achievement you need to get the skill checks perfect, for my DBD enthusiasts this should be easy (Remember “E” is the action button)
Gen Rush Achievement

Got all 3 skill checks without fail
Head all the way left
Cut scene
Turn off the generator
Cut scene
Head right (You’re invincible to the corpses)
Go past the prompt to climb up
A big corpse will come out, go left and lure it that way (The corpse won’t hurt you either)
Cut scene
Now go to the ledge and climb up it, then head right
Jump down and contiue right
Grab the axe and go right, use it on the pole
Head right and jump down
Go all the way right
Cut scene
Grab the gun from the corpse and go right
Jump down
Grab ammo from the corpses
Shoot the spider (You can’t kill it, but you’re chasing it further right each time)
Once the spider falls down, go right and pull the lever
Go left to jump down the hatch
Go left and jump down
Go all the way right and up the stairs, continue right and take the cloth from the hole in the wall.
Wrap your axe with the cloth
Go back down and go left, and swing your axe in oil
Now swing the axe on the burning corpse.
Continue left and dash through the wall playing music
Swing the flame axe on the pile of flesh and go through the door
Cut scene
The Mask

Recieved Walter Green’s mask
(Needed for the golden ending)
Go right and swing your flame axe on the oil fountain
Fire Starter Achievement

Set the oil fountain on fire
Go right and head up all the stairs
Now head left and swing the flame axe on the spider
Cut scene
Go all the way left
Cut scene
Go right but don’t run, you will be shot
Cut scene
Pick up the gun
Go back downstairs
Go all the way right
Cut scene
Go left
Cut scene
Go left
Cut scene
Shut the door
Cut scene
Block it with the bookcase
Cut scene
Now you can choose the ending you’d like by offering the cigarette to Jenny, Joyce, The Boys, or yourself
Chapter 7 Achievement

Complete Chapter 7


The Last Cigarette Achievement

Don’t give the “Special Cigarette” to anyone, smoke it yourself.
I Only Smoke When I’m Drunk Achievement

Give the “Special Cigarette” to Jenny when you’re sitting at the table with her and Joyce. She will refuse, but if you persist she’ll take it.
Golden Ending Achievement

Give Arno the mask
Cut Scene
Give the cigarette to the bald boy.

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