The DeLuca Family – Season 1: Walkthrough for VN-only Mode

Walkthrough for the VN-only mode.



◈Start a new game
◈Name yourself
◈Skip introduction (you can also read it if you want)

My DeLuca life! – Finish the introduction

◈Yes, that would be nice
◈It’s a nice room
◈I don’t really think it’s huge
◈Visit Luna
◈What are you doing?
◈Something I could help you with?
◈Visit Isabel
◈Visit Gracie
◈Need some help with your dancing?
◈Continue story
◈It’s been okay
◈{Continue story}

Poisonous Food – Story 1: The Dangerous Dinner

◈No choice… Hidden cameras
◈Visit Luna
◈I got the jeans
◈Actually, I did it for you
◈Visit Gracie
◈I’m ready!
◈Continue story

Look Or Listen? – Finish Story 2: The Hidden Recorders

◈Just wanted to see how you were doing
◈Do you need anything?
◈I got you the bottle of wine
◈I got you another bottle of wine
◈You don’t owe me anything, Isabel
◈Yes to view Floating Pink
◈Go through all options
◈I like the both of you too
◈It’s late, let’s go to sleep
◈Stay silent
◈I will go out there

The Punishment – Finish Story 3: The Punishment

◈Disagree x3
◈Visit Luna
◈You going anywhere?
◈Go through all options
◈Be more daring

Tickle Tickle! – Be more daring when tickling Luna during your Musala hill hike

◈Visit Gracie
◈You’re looking great today, Gracie
◈I’m here to do what I promised
◈Go through all options
◈Visit Isabel
◈So, I thought I could maybe help you again?
◈Continue story
◈He got what he deserved

Poor Traitor – Finish Story 4: The Traitor

What A Hero! – Choose to sacrifice yourself for the girls during story 3

◈Go through all options
◈Go through all options
◈None of your business!
◈He deserved to be shot
◈Visit Luna
◈What are you doing?
◈You seem worried. Something wrong?
◈Do you know where Luna’s knife is?
◈I need Luna’s trust. I accept
◈I have your knife right here
◈I know the knife means a lot to you
◈Touch her butt

Gentle Touch Only! – Avoid making Luna mad when you hug her

◈Relax, you are doing fine, Luna
◈Visit Gracie
◈I love your pajamas
◈Do you want to hang out?
◈Visit Isabel
◈Get ready to be amazed
◈Turn head
◈Stop it
◈It’s important

Rude Boy – Finish Story 5: The Proud Fazio

◈Touch necklace

Nice Necklace! – Touch Luna’s Necklace while comforting her

◈Got the high heels
◈What’re you doing?
◈Go through all options
◈Touch thighs

Lovely Thighs – Reassure Gracie during the drive

◈{Continue story}

Blizzard Queen – Finish Story 6: The Blizzard Queen

◈Do you need anything?
◈About what happened…


◈I do not regret it

Non-Friendship Route – Choose the non-friendship route

◈It was good
◈Put hand on breast

Naughty Boy – Be a bit more daring when with Isabel

◈{Continue story}

Mommy? – Finish Story 7: Mother?

◈Go through all options
◈Prove it
◈You look pretty today
◈I got some yoga clothes
◈Your butt
◈Hey, how was your friend trip?
◈Hey, how was the movie?
◈Hey, about that movie I suggested you watch…
◈Isn’t it time to try out some new dances?
◈New clothes!
◈Grope breast

Nice Dance – Go a bit further when dancing with Gracie

◈Ready to watch some movies?
◈Go through all options

Hey Buddy – Finish Story 8: The Kaskar Family

◈I’m going to release you
◈Go through both options
◈Grope butt

Stress Relief – Find a way to release some stress with Luna during Story 9


First Blood! – Finish Story 9: I’ll Protect You

◈About the situation with the Bonans…
◈I wanted to ask about Luna
◈Keep going

Pincy Pincy – Keep going during you and Luna’s fun time in the living room

◈For the future!
◈<Your choice between full or short version>
◈{Continue story}

Tough Love – Finish Story 10: I Love You My Son

◈{Continue story}

Broken – Finish all Luna Events

◈Contract Mission: Burn The Ombras
◈I would like that
◈{Continue story}

Scorpion Princess – Meet Siobhan during the rescue contract

◈Hey, mind if I sit?
◈I need some advice
◈Go further
◈Kiss her
◈Ready for a second round of yoga?
◈<Your choice>
◈We’ll still be friends
◈Go through both options
◈I don’t think it’s weird
◈Do you regret it?
◈{Continue story}

Cogwheel – Finish Story 11: Cogwheel

◈Yes, you should be allowed
◈We just needed to send a message
◈Yeah… Take it…. ($1000)
◈Give package
◈I’ll talk to her
◈She should
◈Yes I do
◈Would you kindly… stop?
◈You have a strong heart!
◈{Continue story}

Princess – Finish all Gracie Events

◈Don’t want to know

Free Bird – Finish all Isabel Events

◈{Continue story}

Death of a Princess – Finish Story 12: Death Of A Princess

◈I regret it

Friendship – Choose friendship route

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