Manor Lords: Fast Starting Build Guide

A fast start guide for intermediate players, people who can make a town when given time, but struggle to quickly become happy and draw immigrants on higher difficulties.   How far are we going with this build? This is a guide for people who can sort of play, but want … Read More

THE FINALS: Advanced Tips for Each Class

DISCLAIMER- not a comprehensive guide, only contains important and/or lesser known tricks and tips for gameplay to enhance skill   General Tips Always slide before jumping on a launch pad. Jumping off ziplines early allow you to retain some momentum. Always knock cashout over by throwing an arena carriable at … Read More

ELECTROBASIS: Chip Collector Achievement + Secrets

A small guide to show the location of the casino chips, alongside a couple of really cool secrets I stumbled upon. Enjoy!   Chip Locations The whole point of this guide! In the following sections you will find the different locations of each and every casino chip in the game. … Read More

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: 100% Collectibles

This is a guide for the locations of every collectible in Ty 2   Introduction Hello! I wrote up this guide while working on the hardcore 100% achievement. I started writing this after already collecting a few things, so let me know if there’s anything missing or unclear. A couple … Read More

RAID: Shadow Legends – Beginners Guide for Clan Boss

Quick Guide for Efficient Progression in Raid: Shadow Legends   What is Clan Boss and What Does it Do? The Clan Boss is a formidable opponent in Raid: Shadow Legends that players face in Clan Boss battles. The Clan Boss has multiple difficulty levels, each offering better rewards but also posing greater challenges. It … Read More

Fictorum: All Runes List

Simple list that to give information on the effect of runes, their broad numbers, as well as notable interactions with the runes.   Spell types While I won’t be talking about spells in general, the three broad catagories are worth a page mentining. Projectiles Projectiles are always cast from you, … Read More

Baldur’s Gate 3: Easy Infinite Food Source For Act 1

Are you struggling to find enough food in the beginning of your BG3 Honor mode or Tactician run? Do you wish you didn’t have to pay those greedy merchants extortionate prices for their food? Do you wish you could get unlimited food in act 1 in a completely legitimate way? … Read More

Knowledge, or know Lady: All Characters

The player is presented with five eastern beauties and one western one. They are all strikingly different in character and behavior, so it’s interesting to interact with each one. The names are chosen adequately and are easy to remember.   All Characters (Ladies’ School Prince) If in Love Is All … Read More

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – Achievement and Spirits Guide

This guide will help you to find all Spirits in Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, so that you can achieve 100%.   Initial Achievements~ 🌟 Amateur Spiritographer You have officially settled into your new home in Spirit City upon completing the tutorial. Welcome! ~ Just complete the Tutorial. Amateur Spiritographer Congratulations … Read More