HUMANKIND™: Towns Merge Guide

Towns merge is rather complex and the game is missing a preview. This guide explains the basics but also how manage it, and various typical use cases. For now this guides doesn’t contain alternate methods that can replace merge, nor how manage your number of towns.   Merge basics The option is enabled when you … Read more

HUMANKIND™: How to Win on Humankind Difficulty

A guide on beating the game on the highest difficulty setting, Humankind.   Humankind Difficulty and General Strategy As described here: Though the player suffers no penalty themselves, on the highest difficulty the AI are given the following bonuses:+3 Food per Farmer on all Cities +3 Industry per Worker on all Cities +3 Money per … Read more

HUMANKIND™: City Guide (Resource Prioritization, Where to Build, Stability and Expanding)

This guide aims to help you understand basic strategies to make your cities prosper and make your civilizations last through the ages.   I- Resource prioritization 1/ The different resources: In Humankind you produce different types of resources: Food, Industry, Science, Influence, Money. – Food allows you to grow your population. The more population you … Read more