Persona 5 Tactica: All Hideout Conversations

In this guide I will list you every Hideout Conversation and when you unlock it.   Introduction Persona 5 Tactica has 30 Hideout Talk Conversations. Watching all of them unlocks the “Quality Time at Leblanc” achievement. They unlock automatically during the game and you access them in your Hideout in the “Talk” window. There will be a … Read more

Persona 5 Tactica: All Quests List

In this guide I will list you every quest in the game Persona 5 Tactica.   Introduction This list shows all the Quests available in Persona 5 Tactica. Completing all quests unlock the Conqueror of Kingdoms achievement. They unlock automatically from story progress. Finishing them will earn you either GP for your characters or their final skills. They … Read more

Persona 5 Tactica: All Awards List

In this guide I will list you all awards of every level in Persona 5 Tactica.   Introduction Persona 5 Tactica contains so-called “Awards” that are unlockable from missions. Earning all Awards will unlock the Grand Thievery Achievement. Each non-bossfight mission has 3 awards. They mostly require you to finish the mission within a certain number of turns … Read more