And the Hero Was Never Seen Again: Full Guide

The guide is based on my experience of my JP run and will be considering a Very Hard run
Guide in development will take approximately 7 days (30h)


Character Creation

There isnt Character Creation, but my suggestion is choosing whether you will play a virgin game or not, chapter 11 is a point of no return, you lose a lot of content

If I’m not mistaken, normal crafting is up to rank 5, the virgin gives you access to 6, the plans for gear rank 7 are obtainable in chapter 13

Chapter 1

1. Go to the guild

2. You can raise your ero level using expensive potions or doing H events … lvl8 is a must, because you need more abilities slots

3. Secret Room, codes are; 98431 and 32549

and you will receive 3 skins; baby doll, Idol (you can buy late), Sci fi

4. Being obvious, the volunteer H events require a conditions to access them, my suggestion is to raise them quickly to unlock the ability slot

5. If you return at Guild, you can do a fast training with the golem (only need 1 turn and flee) you will receive an ability exchange ticket (It’s free!!)

6. With this chicken you will receive a free ticket casual clothes, in general, speack with each chicken, there are rewards (one time each one)

6.5 You can reforge your weapons, but first you need unequip they

7. Look the field!!!, a Slime with stats x3 (catamity mode), where is the problem … X_X =( unbalance!!! jumping at Very Hard (stats x2 =/)
8. You can farm easy H xp cleaning bathrooms and late to the event in your bed room!!

9. vs Goblins Spam Ice AoE attack and heal with the hero, late report

10. Your dorm will invade, AoE spam, focus in maximize your Mc

11. You need a ladder, here

12. The boss is doable in Very Hard? nop, with 400hp and 3 hits KO, each hit is over 24dmg, time to switch at hard T_T

But there is a great Ruta’s backstory if you lose the battle and select event with Ima

Chapter 2

1. If you lost the battle, then you lost something important *wink*, now when you water daisies, you can decide if it is a safe day or not.

2. Travel at west

3. A world where Goblins do not attack priestesses of mother earth… even if it is their lore, -1 in-game score

4. Mimic
Astel; Pain + Normal Attack, Ima; Fire Lance
5. When you arrive to the prison, solve the assault in the prison, pick your gear in the gold chest and open the hole in the other jail

6. In the sewer you will alone, then a 1 vs 2 you will lose very easy in Very Hard if you cant oneshot your enemy
7. Sewers is a easy dungeon, but you need activate the lever in this ladder

8. Johnny, the best background guy character in this game, take note about Johnny, he will return

9. Boss 2; suggestion; Astel; Pain + Normal Attack, Ima; Arc Saber, use the Charge when do you need, doable in Hard, impossible in Very Hard

Chapter 3

1- Late the meet, you must catch the “monster baby”
I dont want do a spoiler, but do you remember this? If a monster is asexual, How there is a baby? Tun tun tun

2- Report to Ilze to progress the story
3- You received school uniform ticket, now you can free exchange they

4- Remember use [T], allways are fun, Ima, you are stray like a noodle, but when you are wet xD

4.5- Before the mission, sells your dupes and use lewd potions to release the lvl6, now buy Magic+ and buff Ima, you will need her AoE dmg
5- Baby will leave the party by a sec, follow her (left path) and late, yes, again at sewers

6- suggestion; when do you see 3 krabby, flee!!!, each one will hit +40 dmg

7- Do you like Monster Hunter? Each dungeon there is a optional boss, when do you hunt each, you will receive a great reward in the special room

8- Ok, first you must enter by this door and go to the center, there is an event and Disaster will join to the party

9- Continue the west by the hall, there is a house

10- Speak with the chicken to unlock the crafting (requiere play Hard mode or more)

11- Ask about the Cella at NPC

12- I am sure that you are a …. oh well, munchkin, you are playing Very Hard and need unlock the Disaster’s abilitiies … then unlock lvl8 to everyone 😉

13- Return at the first lab and click in this bookshelf

14- Cata is few long dungeon, but here you can sleep

There is a golem in this map, you can farm mana stone, but I dont see a difference between Normal and Hard (very Hard maybe is a bad idea)
15 Boss3: there is only a scene with Disaster with few information, save your time doing with each unit

Chapter 4

– Go to the bed in Cata 4, rest and now; go to sewer and Monster Hunter moment (normal), good luck
The boss3 in Very Hard is more easy that this boss in normal, but using Disaster’s skill Tailwind you can do it
– Go to the sewers closed door, few late rooms, there is a bed

– Why there are modern cars? well … Did you see the spaceship in the opening?
– Now you can work in the bathhouse, How I can return? well … late … with this chicken …
I dont remember, this game is few linear, the “open world” teleport between maps crashed saves when the game was released in the Jp

– Johnny is back, he is your best and only friend in this map 😉
– You must buy GT News here, there are public information (world building)

Note: this feature was bugged when the Jp was released, first time what I read the news XD
– If you do this event, there is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, do ti with each unit

– There is other event late in the woman dresser

The pregnancy change is 100%, fertile or not fertile

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