ANIMAL WELL: How to Catch the UV Bunny

Catching the UV Bunny (#7) can be tricky. This guide shows the bunny’s complete path around the map and explains it’s behaviors to help you catch it.


Preparing for the chase

Spoilers ahead. The guide assumes you have already solved Layer 1 (Find the flames) and Layer 2 (Find the eggs) and are focusing on Layer 3 (Find the bunnies).

Step 1 – Get the UV lantern

You can’t catch this bunny unless you have the UV lantern. To get the UV lantern, you need to

  • Light all 9 candles
  • Get the E Medal
  • Enter the Eel Temple and play the Eel’s song
  • Go through the Eel’s mouth and collect the UV Lantern
Step 2 – Make sure you didn’t already catch the bunny

It’s actually pretty easy to collect the UV Bunny without realizing it. If you are running around the map with the UV lantern on you might run into it when a screen transitions and not even realize it. I accidentally caught the bunny twice when I was deliberately trying to NOT catch it to capture footage for this guide.

The best way to verify whether or not you have caught the UV Bunny is to use the Torus to travel to space and go to the 7th bunny pillar from the left.

And then you need to TURN ON your UV lantern to check if the bunny is there or not. Lots of players forget this step and spend a long time hunting for a Bunny they already have.

Once you’ve confirmed that the UV Bunny is actually on the loose, it’s time to track it down.

Finding the bunny

Step 3 – Patrol the bunny’s stomping grounds

The UV bunny has a predetermined route that it will not stray from. It spans from about halfway into bottom of the Dog area on the Left and most of the way through the bright part of the jungle on the Right. I’ve outlined it on the map for easy reference.

And here’s a more detailed view that shows the route through each room.

There are a few parts of the bunny’s path are tricky / annoying to follow it.

  • The sausage dog room is annoying because you have to switch off your UV lamp to throw a frisbee
  • When the bunny is taking the upper path across the main well room, it flies through thin air. If you’re really good at frisbee riding you may be able to follow, but it’s not really worth it.
  • In the jungle there are two temple towers that the bunny will run up into and you can spend a lot of time chasing it back and forth without getting closer to actually catching it.

So I recommend patrolling a slightly modified route that avoids these problem areas.

Remember to keep your UV lantern all the whole time.

Step 4 – Follow the sparkles

When you start looking for the bunny, your first goal is just to get a sense of where it is and which direction it is travelling in. As it runs, it leaves behind sparkles in it’s wake. Over time these sparkles fade from very bright to barely visible. This means that if you are seeing brighter sparkles you are likely getting closer to the bunny.

After a couple laps of the patrol path you should have hopefully caught sight of the bunny and determined which way it’s going.

Catching the bunny

The bunny will try to avoid you

If the bunny is running towards you, it will turn and run away before it gets too close.

Luckily you are faster than the bunny, if you get it running down a straightaway, you’ll be able to catch up within a screen or two. If that doesn’t work there’s also one foolproof spot to trap the bunny.

The bunny trap

At the bottom-right of the bunny’s path there is a spot in the room with multiple hedgehog platforms where the bunny will get stuck if you are nearby. Basically the bunny does a u-turn at the question mark statue. If you are nearby when the bunny gets to that point, it will get stuck. Moving in either direction on it’s path would make it closer to you, so it just keeps going back and forth in the same spot.

Now walk over and catch that bunny!

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