Blood West: Locations for Undead Pieces and Annabelles Weed

Location of the Undead pieces marked on pictures of the map as well as Annabelle’s fire weed.


undead pieces

skull is the easiest probably. its right next to the church you can sleep in in the graveyard to the west.

this one was the hardest to find for me. i marked what i found to be the easiest path with the blue line. you’ll have to face a deathstalker following this path but it’s easy enough to sneal around if you arent up for the fight.

the hat is mercifully easy to get to but there are a few of the axe guys you gotta keep an eye on. i marked my path in blue on this one again.

Annabelles weed

Anna’s weed is kinda outta the way but ya girls feenin bad so if you’re so inclined to help a sis out it’s up in the NW corner of the map after you save the priest and Twen.

the whole place is overrun with deathstalkers so stealth is recommended unless you want that sweet sweet xp or them juicy green hearts or both.

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