Buriedbornes2 – Dungeon RPG: How to Avoid Running Out of Your Skill Uses

How to avoid running out of skill uses when playing because apparently people struggle with this.


Get damage boosts

Rerolling is now an expected part of the game and completely unlimited. Focus equipment spaces (helmet Icon), roll until you find something that boosts your damage or HP depending on what the gear is.

Even on the first floor new gear is like a 50% damage increase, which means your skills can take you 50% further

In addition skills that are more rare often deal more damage. It’s often worth re-rolling until you find a skill that deals more damage per use than one you have, and relying on only one damage skill is a good way to die to stun or status

Use free skills

Free skills are below average in power but have unlimited uses and generally charge your burst. burst generally makes skills deal more damage per use so finding a good free skill and weaving it into your gameplan is excellent.

Some of the better ones will also heal you or buff stats/reduce cooldowns, leading to higher damage even without burst

Also if your enemy is losing a health pip to status damage anyway there’s often no need to burn a skill use, save it for when they get their health back.

Stack repleneshment and -usage effects

Humans recover 3 skill uses when encountering an event and commoners are more likely to find events, so all starting loadouts have built in bonus skill recovery. several jobs and species have usage reduction, and even -1 usage will DOUBLE the number of uses a wizard gets from their damage skills.

Don’t ignore enemy resistances

Some enemies have a ♥♥♥♥ ton of resistance to a specific damage type, which you can see with the observation skill or other sources of scouting. Hitting a damage type they resist is wasted usage, so either have multiple damage types, the ability to escape a fight, or an ability to ignore resistances (wizard starts with a burst skill that does that)

Other enemies have skills that boost all their resistances for a few turns, so either use your free skill, healing skills, buffs, or resistance piercing when they do.


Now you should be able to beat the first dungeon without running out of skills. things can get more complicated later but most reviews complaining about skill usage limits have less than 3 hours playtime so I doubt they’ve gotten that far.

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