Cat Goes Fishing: Temporal Agent Achievement Guide

Fast&Easy guide for Temporal Agent achievement <3


PC – Setup

You need to set time on your PC to anythig Before (January 19th, 2015) – the game release date.

In Game

If we set date properly, we need to launch game

(There will be no internet connection, but dont worry achievement will pop up)

2. We need to start at the Coral Reef

and go deep down through space beetween rocks.

3. My fishing rod setup

Fish is super easy to catch, but get the:

  • Improved Crank
  • Gauge – always helpful.
  • Flick – its quiet easy to get stuck on rocks in here.
  • Sinker – is a must.
4. Shop

You will need only Lightbulb, (can add some bombs if neccessery).

5. Catch

One and only, difficulties are fish down there wich eats Lightbulbs. They are super fast but if you will keep moving your bait and don’t get caught at first second it is possible to keep distance and your lightbulb will not be eaten.

Even if you lost your lightbulb you can probably still barerly see anything down there,
catch fish and get to the surface.
Just aviod rocks and go stright up.


– There few fishes down there, if you lost all of them (Bombed them by accident or smthg – dont ask) just restart game.
-Remember to set back proper date after you get Achievement

I hope my lazy a$$ made a usefull guide <3 Leave some stars bro <3

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