Cloud Meadow: How to Farm Money

This guide helps you get a millionaire in about a game’s week.


What You Need

The guide was made in version Beta and may not work on future updates.

To this method you need some amount of money to start, the more the better, but 100 is enough.

It consists in exploiting the in game monster essence trade market, that’s why you need some initial coins to start with, if you have none just go clear a level in the Savanna.

Stock Market

At almost midnight, go talk to Montalvo (the stork) (location below) and select to look at the essence market.

Then use ALL your money to buy the cheapest essence available to you; if you have enough money, you may repeat to get more than 999


After the clock hits midnight talk to him again and see if the essence that you bought went up in price, I recomend a least a +5 but more is also possible, if the price lowed or didn’t went up enough just reload the save. When you got the price that you wished just sell all of your essence, in my case it went from 5 to 10 so +5.

So, in this case, if you bought 999 essences, you should have cashed 999 * 5 = $4995.
If you do this every night, you can get a million in less than a week, depending on your initial D investment.


Doing this, I got a ridiculous amount of money in no time, I stopped doing when to use all my money I had to click the buy button like 500 times and realize that more is not needed

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