CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story – “Wildlife Protection” Achievement Guide

As the only guide for this achievement is in russian, this guide aims to provide an english source explaining how to get the “Wildlife Protection” Achievement.


What constitutes “Completion”

In Convergence: A League of Legends Story Levels can be accessed again after having gone through them for the first time via the Main Story.
If they are repeated some details in a Level can be a little different. For example you wont repeat the areas Bossfight.
In the case of the Sump Sewers this makes it easier to complete the level when repeating it. Especially convenient, when replaying the level, is that the buttons that normaly initiate a locked-in fight sequence are already activated. Meaning you dont have to repeat those fights.

Luckily despite these differences between a firstly-played and repeated Level completing the Sump Sewers only means entering and then leaving through the last available door.

It is not required to have gotten the achievement in your first try where the end of the Sump Sewers would have been the Fight with Warwick.
So, fret not: If you have not gotten this achievement your first time around you can still get it without starting a new save.

What can’t I kill?

Although the Achievements Text specifies not killing “a single Bat, Grub or Canker.” these are not the only enemy-types to be exempt from being killed.
This List given by the Achievement would have you believe only

  • Plague Bats
  • Stargrubs
  • and Cankers

    (aswell as their respective variants, which are not even present in the level) should be spared from your Swordbat and every other enemy was fair game.

    However the Achievement actually requires you to not kill any animalesque enemy.
    Those include

    • Rust Urchins
    • and Gas Bugs

    This unspeceficity is likely to be the culprit of anyones confusion when it comes to getting this achievement. I myself had tried to clear the level a couple of times only sparing the enemys listed by the achievement before I had a look inside the russian guide which luckily sports pictures of every enemy you are not allowed to kill for getting the achievement.

A Plague Bat’s Problem

Some of you who try their hand on getting the “Wildlife Protection” Achievement might witness a Plague Bat die even if you were extra careful not to touch them with any of the weapons in Ekko’s Arsenal.
This is because the Plague Bats will die after colliding with a wall. But not to worry!
Those deaths are not of your doing. Rather they are the natural end of a Plague Bat’s Lifecycle.

Whenever a Plague Bat dies this way it is not counted as you killing it, therefore not requiring you to restart the level.

Some Tips

It is worth noting that it is entirely irrelevant whether or not YOU recieve any damage from the afformentioned enemies. The achievement only tracks if you killed them not the other way around.

To broaden your chances of succes avoid unnecessary use of the Phase-Dive Ability as it is very easy to accidentally lock onto any of the “protected” enemies and killing them with it.

If you slip up and bash a Cankers Exoskeleton in or launch a Gas Bug into the depths of the sewers you can use the “Restart from last checkpoint” function from the ingame menu.

Similarly it might just be enough to just put Ekko’s time manipulating powers to use and rewind to a point where your slaughter has not happened yet.
(CAUTION: I have not tested this extensively so it might not be entirely correct. It really only comes from my memory of having killed an enemy accidentally and rewinding in the try I got the achievement.)

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