Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099: Timers, Important Notes and Endings (DLC Cages)

Hi! Before I begin, I might say English is not my first language, but I tried my best to explain and put the game in English so it matches with this guide. Also, if there is something else to add on this guide, please let me know and I’ll update with the respective credit.
Let’s begin:

Spoiler Alert below!!!


Dino Family Cage


10:00 – First time the family enters the ship.
20:00 – Second time family enters the ship.

Important notes

The main objective of this cage is to help them get to their destination. For that, we need to get the route map and guide the father. For that, we need to combine oZinc + Beta-FUN 19 Sector (that text is founded in the middle of the window of the ship), and this will open:

To bring the family to their destination safe, we need to ignore the Magnetic explosions and Asteroid field zones, marked in red. For that, this is the route:
CIR-3 to wormhole -> DIN/0 to Hydra-s wormhole -> Way-4 to Kepler.


This Cage has 3 outcomes if we participate:
• Give them the correct instructions: They will get to Kepler safe and the father will reward us with 75¢.
At the end screen, it explains how they get lost in space on their way home.

• Give them the wrong instructions: If instead to tell them to go to Hydra you say it’s the third system on route DIN-0, they will end up on a Dino park. That will excite the little kid who wanted to see the dinosaurs, but with a different outcome. The kid gets disappointed, but the father feels glad his son is over his obsession, and he will send us the toys of the kid, which you can sell for 40¢

At the end screen, they explain how it was their best vacation of their lives except for the little kid, who started developing his skills in the yoyo art.

• Give them the wrong instructions (red zone): If you make him go to any of the red zones, there will be a newspaper that explains how an accident killed all the family members except the father.
There are no end screens for this one.

Veggiewafflies Cage


11:00 – Shop opens and customer starts coming non-stop.
14:35 – Activist comes and talks, you can get info there.
18:00 – Delivery man comes

Important notes

There are 2 outcomes I saw here: report about the fishy strategy of the shop to the activist group, or not. To get their contact, we just need to search the ADWR from the poster on the wall.
So it’s important, to proceed to the cage, get the Wilder’s from the box the delivery man gives. After that, you can tell the activists about how WafFree Shop is doing fishy things. That will trigger the manager of the shop to thread us and to keep the mouth shut in exchange for getting 20¢ every day. To get extra info for one of the endings, we need also to see the conversation with the delivery man AFTER the accusation to the activists.


• Apologize to the activist: If we say we were lying about the accusations against the WafFree Shop, the cage will go pending. After that, the manager of the shop gets promoted to President, and he closes the activist group.

As a reward to keep silent, the manager will keep the 20¢ payment every day.
At the end screen, it explains how the WafFree Shop got great success and Wilder’s take it well.

• Reveal the identity of the manager: Once we find out who the manager is, we can explain to the activists, which they will apologize for laughing on you, and they will send you a magnet.

At the end screen, they explain how the activists turned their actions more violent to people who eat Wafflies.

And that’s it! Hope this helps, and as I said before, if there is anything I’ve missed, please let me know.

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