Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Beggar’s Tale Quest Guide (How to Unlock the Locked Door)

A quick way to solve the quest: A Beggar’s Tale
You don’t need to wait and can solve this quest whenever you want!
Could also be used in other instances where you need access to an area but only certain npc’s can enter.


No time for waiting

Normally you need to wait for the beggar, Albert, at the fountain to leave for his home, after it gets dark, but there is a quick way to solve this whenever you want.

Where to go

On the map, you see where his house is located.

Marked location 1 is his normal position at the fountain, and marked location 2 is his house.

Get his clothing from his house.

Just pick him up and run towards his house and set him down RIGHT in front of the door.

You can also push him a lil. This should unlock the normally locked door and you can enter.

Pick up his beggar’s clothes and decide what to do with it.

Outcome & Rewards

There are 3 options with different outcomes and rewards.
Just decide who you’re going to give his beggar’s clothing to.

1. Give them back to him. > 5,000 gold and 900 XP
Nothing happens. He continues his double life.

2. Give them to his wife. > 3,000 gold, one Noonbloom, and 900 XP
Wait til next day. His wife kills him and herself.

3. Give them to his mistress. > 3 Onyx stones and 900 XP
Nothing happens. You just get a different reward and dialog.

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