Fantasy Amusement Park: Collection / Achievement Guide 100%

Complete Walkthrough of “Fantasy Amusement Park”


Combat Tips

This game’s combat is essentially fruit ninja minus the bombs plus the hero’s skill. Theoretically, you want to be slashing the circles that pop up quickly to prevent them from damaging your character while trying to get a ‘combo’ by slashing through circles in a specific order to activate your skills.

However, I have found that you can cheese the combat by moving your mouse in a large circle very quickly (while holding the click button, of course) until you win. This is very powerful because:

1. You will be destroying the circles (elementals) very quickly, preventing any damage to your character.
2. You will be charging up your character’s mana very quickly, resulting in powerful skill.
3. You will also randomly proc the ‘combo’ sequence, especially during your character’s mana skill.

If you play through the game while using this method, you should naturally earn the “The Controller of <Element> – Kill 1000 <Element> Elementals” achievements.


When you launch the game for the first time, you should click “start” button right away without touching any other buttons such as “recall” or “settings”. Clicking the other buttons glitched my game and it might glitch yours as well. If you encounter this glitch, simply close it and re-launch and it should work fine.

Either read or skip through the first prologue, then you will be prompted to choose one of the three girls. This choice does not matter as you will have to do a total of 4 playthroughs – one for each girl and one for the true ending. Thus, feel free to choose whoever you like best. The beginning of each playthrough will give you an achievement (Holy Messenger / Worker / Demon Fox Girl) depending on who you chose.

Each playthroughs are essentially the same with slightly different story and ending, plus the fact that you are building ‘favorability’ towards different heroine. Here is what you should do:

1. As soon as you start your playthrough, go to “the pirate ship”. While you can go to either of the four tier-1 bosses (pirate ship, trampoline, small park, and haunted house), the pirate ship boss has the least HP and is thus the easiest first encounter. However, given the combat cheese, you will be fine no matter where you choose to go first.

2. Intentionally lose your first battle. This will unlock a CG (01: Vivien Defeat CG / 02: Joan Defeat CG / 03: Cicio Defeat CG) and an associated achievement (Fall of Light / Dissipation of Thunder / Darkness of Fire). While you can do this at any time, I recommend doing it early as it will take much longer to intentionally lose once you begin to level up.

3. Look at the top-right corner for the ‘quest’ that tells you where to go next. You will have to visit the four tier-1 locations and defeat those bosses before progressing to the next phase. The first time you defeat each boss will unlock two CGs (13-20) and an associated achievement (Legend of the Daoker / Ten Thousand Years Zombie King / Desire entanglement / lit. beat a dog and watch the owner).

4. After defeating the four tier-1 bosses, you will be sent to the divination house, the square, and the door, in that order (except for Joan playthrough, where you will b e sent to the divination house, the door, and the square, in that order) to defeat the tier-2 bosses. The first time you defeat each boss will unlock two CGs (21-26) and an associated achievement (Evil Wizard / Paradise Controller / Angel Working Record). Once you defeat all bosses, you will unlock an ending and an associated achievement ( Failed work! / Successor? / Run! ).

5. Congratulations! You just completed a playthrough. You will be returned to the first screen. Click the “start” button again and choose a different girl this time. You will have also gained favorability LV3 with the girl, unlocking 3 CGs (4-12) per girl and 3 associated achievements (Holy Virgin / Celestial Master / Demon Power LV.1/2/3).

Once you have completed a playthrough for each girl, you will see the 2nd prologue. This will be the true ending run. In this run, you will be running with all three girls, unlocking the “I want it all” achievement. Similar to the previous runs, you will have to defeat four tier-1 bosses then three tier-2 bosses. However, each of the tier-2 bosses now award a special CG (27-29) and an associated achievement (Sisters over rice / The Fall of Holy / Heavenly Seal). Once you defeat all bosses on this playthrough, you will see the true ending and be awarded “Come work together!” the achievement and the 100% completion. Congratulations! Now, if you haven’t already done so, go enjoy the CGs that you have unlocked 🙂 You can do so through “recall” button from the main page or “go to” button at the top of your screen from the map.

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