Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy: How to Get Achievements on Steam Deck

This guide explains how to get achievements in Getting Over It on Steam Deck.


How to Get Achievements on Steam Deck

• Step 1
Click on the Settings icon for Getting Over It

• Step 2
Click on the ‘Properties…’ option

• Step 3
Scroll down to ‘Compatibility’ and tick the box for ‘Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool’

(Make sure it says ‘Proton Experimental’, it should be on this by default)

• Step 4
Beat the game.
The ending screen should now look like this and you’ll get the achievement:

If you have beaten the game before without enabling this, those wins will not count towards the achievements.

Worried that your gold pot is gone? Disabling this option will bring you back to your Steam Deck save file.

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