GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-: Unverum Mods Guide for Steam Deck

Guide to mod several Unreal Engine 4 anime games using the Unverum Mod Manager on SteamOS.


Protontricks setup

You will need Protontricks, if you already have that installed you can skip this entire section after reading this.

Open up Discover and search for Protontricks then install it.

After that, search for Flatseal then install and open it.

Click on Protontricks on the left, scroll down to Filesystem then click All user files and give permission to /run/media under Other files.
What is Flatseal and what exactly am I giving access to?
Flatseal allows you to review and modify permissions from your Flatpak applications, we are giving Protontricks access to any external drive (like a MicroSD card) you may have in case the game is installed there.

Unverum Setup

Download the Unverum mod manager from GameBanana[] or Github[] and extract it wherever you want.
Within the folder you just extracted, Right-click on Unverum.exe and click Add to Steam.
Open up Steam and find Unverum.exe in your Steam Library. Click on the Gear Icon and then Properties.

In Properties, click on Compatability, check the box, and set it to Proton 8.0-4.

Unverum Prerequisites

Now click Play and you should get an error telling you to install .NET Desktop Runtime.

Click Yes and it should open this page
[]. Close Unverum if it didn’t already close itself.

Navigate to the file you just downloaded, Right Click on it and click Open with Protontricks Launcher

In the menu that pops up, scroll down until you find Unverum.exe and click on it, then click OK.

A new box will open and you’ll simply click Install and Close once it’s finished.

Game Setup

Although this guide is for Guilty Gear Strive, the process is the same for the majority of games supported by Unverum such as Dragon Ball Fighterz, Granblue Fantasy Versus, or My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Open up Unverum in your Steam Library and click Play. Once it opens click on Setup towards the top and point it towards your game’s exe.

You’re finished and everything should work.

Manually adding mods to Unverum

Downloading mods under Unverum’s Browse Mods works but can be jank, if you prefer you can install them manually.

Download your mod from Gamebanana or wherever and open your Unverum folder. Within the Unverum folder should be a folder named Mods, and within that folder should be a list of games you have set up.

In the folder of your game, make a new folder for your mod and place it in there.

The folder should appear within Unverum and when toggled on should work if it was set up right.

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