HAWKED: Official Guide for Contracts, Showdowns and The League

Complete Contracts, ascend the League, seize fortune and glory.



When the chips are down, it’s every Renegade for themselves out in the lawless wilds of X-Isle. Treasure hunters like to tell themselves that teamwork makes the dream work… but GRAIL’s top brass knows better. Bitter rivalries and a supersized dose of competitive play are also potent enough agents to keep the treasure and trinkets a-flowin’.

Ready your Traverser for a unique challenge: Contracts. Coupled with a new ranked leaderboard system called the League, this feature encourages fiercer competition, more gameplay objectives, and bigger rewards. Buckle up, Renegade!

What are Contracts?

Contracts are a special type of Quest issued by Nellie on the Riftwake. Available in 3-day and 7-day varieties, accepting them adds extra goals to Renegades’ matches on X-Isle, including gameplay challenges, specific requests, and criteria to fulfill.

Contracts feature several Tasks to tackle, with dynamic sets of requirements and rewards available at random. Depending on how your chips fall, you might get an easier run or face more adversity. You’ll receive rewards for every Task completed.

Example Contract

Here’s an example of a PvP-focused Contract with a list of possible Tasks and rewards (in-game Contracts, Tasks, and rewards may differ):

  • Bodhi’s Way: Eliminate 30 Renegades (Rewards: 400 Hawks, 300 Loyalty, 10 League Points)
  • Hop N’ Drop: Eliminate 6 Renegades without being eliminated (Rewards: 900 Hawks, 500 Loyalty, 20 League Points)
  • On the Fly: Eliminate 5 Renegades while in the air (Rewards: 1,300 Hawks, 800 Loyalty, 30 League Points)
  • No Escape: Eliminate 7 Renegades while they’re hoverboarding (Rewards: 1,800 Hawks, 1,000 Loyalty, 40 League Points)
  • Rival Wrecker: Eliminate 4 Renegades in a single match (Rewards: 2,200 Hawks, 1,300 Loyalty, 50 League Points)

Contracts might feature Tasks focused on extracting Artifacts or Trinkets, looting the Treasury, Chests, or Caravans, dealing damage with specific weapons, battling Disciples, and lots more. Check in with Nellie often to find out what the latest Contracts are!

What are Showdowns?

Contracts are available during Showdown periods. Showdowns occur several times per Issue and last for two weeks (with a one-week break between them).

Throughout a Showdown, Renegades will have access to a variety of different Contracts—they’re regularly refreshed, so keep a weather eye out for more challenges!

GRAIL Tip: Completed all Contracts? Unlikely! The final Contract is repeatable, so keep at it until the Showdown ends.

What is the League?

Wanna see your name in lights? In addition to regular rewards, completed Contracts also yield League Points. Accumulate League Points to rank up and progress ever higher in the League, a ranked leaderboard system for Renegades.

League Rewards are issued at the end of each Showdown, depending on your League placement. Remember, every Showdown is a race to the top—so don’t let yourself be overtaken! To keep things fair and competitive, League Points will be reset at the start of each Showdown.

If you didn’t manage to nab that League Reward reward you had your eye on, you’ll have another shot in the next Showdown (League Rewards are the same for all Showdowns within a single Issue). Keep pushing every Showdown for bigger and better League placements!

League Rankings & Rewards

Renegades can qualify in one of five Leagues depending on how many League Points they earn in a Showdown. Smash your way into the big Leagues by beating other Renegades to earn League Rewards at the end of each Showdown!

Top % of Renegades
League Entry Score*
League Rewards

X League Points
  • Diamond League Banner
  • 30,000 Hawks
  • 5,000 Wonderium
  • 20 GE-0 Cash

X League Points
  • Platinum League Banner
  • 30,000 Hawks
  • 4,000 Wonderium
  • 10 GE-0 Cash

X League Points
  • Gold League Banner
  • 30,000 Hawks
  • 3,000 Wonderium

X League Points
  • Silver League Banner
  • 15,000 Hawks

X League Points
  • Bronze League Banner

*League Entry Score depends on how many Renegades are in that League and how many League Points they have accumulated.

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