HELLDIVERS 2: SEAF Artillery Guide

A guide for munition identification, loading, operation, and deployment of the Super Earth Armed Forces Artillery (SEAF Artillery).



This guide aims to familiarize Helldivers with the operation and fielding of the Super Earth Armed Forces Artillery (SEAF Artillery) for increased distribution of Freedom.

Munition Identification

If you’re reading this, this is probably the section you’re interested in.

Bad news, yes smoke and mini-nuke munitions look identical until you’re close enough to read their information.

Mini-Nuke: Yellow Tip – Yellow Dot

Smoke: Yellow Tip – Yellow Dot

Corporate would like your assistance in identifying this munition!

Good news though, the two type of explosive rounds can be distinguished by the color of the dot on the side. Red tip with a white dot is a High-Yield Explosive shell, while the standard explosive has a red dot.

High-Yield Explosive: Red Tip – White Dot

Explosive: Red Tip – Red Dot

Now there are two types of munitions with a distinct difference in shape. These munitions look very similar to an armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS). The two munitions are napalm, and static field munitions.

Napalm: Red APFSDS – ??? Dot
(I currently only have an image for the static field, bear with me)

Static Field: Blue APFSDS – Blue Dot

And there you have it, these are all of the munitions you will run across in the defense of Democracy for Super Earth!

SEAF Operation

Initiate Systems
Interact with the SEAF artillery terminal, then enter the startup code when prompted. The loading of munitions will be possible when 5 empty circles appear on the terminal.

Load Munitions
Choose you munitions and recall the order they are placed. Keep in mind, the first shell in will be first shell launched, and so forth.

When all five munition slots are filled, you will be prompted to raise the signal level. It is easiest to do this by reaching peak signal with one mode before swapping to the next. By default, the modes are modified using the W/S and A/D keys respectively.

Once the signal is peaked, the system will finalize its setup and be ready to distribute Freedom.

Distribution of Freedom
The first munition in is the first munition launched, and so forth. In the following photo, the order will be:


    [1] Mini Nuke
    [2] Mini Nuke
    [3] Explosive
    [4] Explosive
    [5] Static Field


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