KinitoPET: Achievement Guide 100%

There is another guide but this one goes into more detail for some of the more complicated achievements


Power On

Just start playing the game and you will unlock it

My friend Kinito.

Play the game up to the chapter where you hatch Kinito

Welcome to the Web World.

Play up to the part where you enter the Web World

Welcome to the club!

Play the game up to the part where you join Kinito’s friendship club

A world for you.

Play up to the part of the game where Kiniko makes you your own world

No escape

At the end of the game, choose to not stay with Kinito


At the end of the game, choose to stay with Kinito

Computer Whiz

On the computer desktop open every app and folder


Open the Pinball app and keep playing until you get a score over 9999999

Loud Enough?

In settings, set all the volumes to 100%


Open the Minesweeper app and beat the game
(if you are struggling with this achievement then just use a minesweeper solver on google)

Not today.

Close the game right after Kinito hatches


Go to the chapter ‘Web World’
Wait until Kinito opens the world and when he does keep clicking the fountain until the fish on it fall off
After they fall off then click on the rope in between the trees above the fountain
You will then be taken to the lost land of the web world and get the achievement


You will get an email called ‘There is a way to stop it.’ in that email you can click on AppData\Roaming\KinitoPET\Files link to open the folder.

After that you need to find 5 files. You need to use the lense app to see the files
This is where I found mine, idk if its the same for everyone
1. Around the middle of the screen
2. Use chapter select and go to the Meet Kinito chapter and check the bottom right (might not appear straight away)
3. In middle left of the screen in the Hide and Seek chapter when Kinito starts pulling over the game
4. At the top of your screen in the chapter ‘Feedback Hub’
5. Do the same steps as you would to get ‘???’ and then check the top left of your screen as you enter the lost land of web world (stay in the lost land for the next step)

Once you have all 5 files go to the lost land of web world
Then one by one drag and drop each file onto the screen, it will play an animation and then turn the file into a text file

Then go to the chapter ‘Permission Granted’ and when you open Command Prompt type in ‘/delete_all’
When it asks for credentials, open credentials.txt and copy the text (without the brackets)
Do that for the rest of the things it asks for
Then when you enter the confirmatory code it will start deleting Kinito and you will get the achievement


Go to your PC settings and change the year to 1993 (if you cant go to 1993, change it to 1994, then change it again and 1993 will become an option.)
Then load up the game and you will see a toy on your screen, just wait a few seconds then close the game
Change your year to 1996 then load up the game, wait a few seconds then close the game
Finally, change your year to 1998 then load up the game, wait a few seconds then close the game
You will then get the achievement

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