Knowledge, or know Lady: All Characters

The player is presented with five eastern beauties and one western one. They are all strikingly different in character and behavior, so it’s interesting to interact with each one. The names are chosen adequately and are easy to remember.


All Characters (Ladies’ School Prince)

If in Love Is All Around! In some places I made compromises regarding the appearance of the heroines, but here they are all very attractive, and their acting is top notch, they were able to maintain the given image to the end. I think that everyone can find among them a girl close in spirit. However, not all of them are introduced into the story at once, but enough time is given to each that you can get to know them well enough.

Avril Lin

An active and creative star of our history. At first she may seem overly modest or withdrawn, but this is due to her double life, where she is at a crossroads in order to make a fateful decision for herself where to move next. Behind Avril’s bright image hides an ordinary girl who likes the most ordinary things and just wants to be happy. Maybe you can become her happiness?

Serena Wen

The most playful girl in the entire university, when communicating with her I directly felt the onslaught of flirtation and entered into an invisible battle, where it was interesting which of us could withstand or go further. All the girls at the university dislike her, but there is a reason for this that has nothing to do with her character. She herself is an incredibly sweet and attractive girl. Serena Wen loves when a couple has trust in each other and complete confidence in their partner. She loves spontaneity and adventure, and is always ready for adventures.


An exchange student who stands out from the rest not only because of her nationality, but also because of her character. They tried to make it as strange as possible, but it wasn’t entirely successful. If you dreamed that a girl could understand you perfectly, then this is your option. She is presented not as a tomboy, but as someone who lacks femininity; she understands perfectly well what guys can think about, even their dirtiest thoughts. Her hobby is as strange as possible, but I think it suits her. Niko can definitely become your soulmate, but whether you want more with her is up to you to decide.

Leah Bai

In the game she is called “elder sister”, this should not be taken literally, here it is due to the fact that she is a year older, so she keeps an eye on order among the freshmen. At first, outwardly strict, grumpy and principled, Leah may soon reveal a completely different unusual side, which she is not ready to show to just anyone and wants to keep it secret. Undoubtedly, to a loved one who is ready to accept any of her, she will respond in kind and will also add sincere and tender love on top. Leah is a very hardworking, fragile and gentle nature, which hides behind the shell of an impenetrable and stern “elder sister”.

Nikita Xiao

Nikita Xiao’s rebellious and dominant nature can challenge even the most confident man. She is very pragmatic and loves when everything goes according to a planned and thoughtful plan, although she is ready to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. She herself is very active and enjoys kickboxing and motorcycle riding. In her case, I would not say that she does not have femininity, it’s just that household chores are not up to her level yet, but for the sake of a dear person, she is ready to try her best to do everything well and help him in everything. Thanks to her lively disposition, she is always ready to stand up for her own people, but secretly she is waiting for someone to tame this disposition. Are you ready for such an extreme and explosive relationship?

Ada Ouyang

The developers knew that the best cut diamond and the ripest cherry on the cake had to be saved for last. For lovers of older girls (she is still older than me) there is a wonderful option in the form of a sensitive and caring sweet teacher/nurse. In her company you will feel endless care and peace. For Ada, an excellent option would be a future with a man who wants a calm and measured family life with simple everyday joys. However, she has a small BUT in terms of sympathy for the main character, I will not reveal it, since this is a spoiler. This BUT can be dealt with, but this will happen outside the scope of the game’s plot. Ada is an option for an already mature and conscious relationship, if this is close to you, then go for it.

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