Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to Extract the Images for Your Camera Photos

Have you ever wanted to extract the photos of your camera without taking screenshots of them and then cropping? Here’s the guide.


The good stuff

This is a pretty simple process if you’ve ever extracted the photos of any other Dragon engine games. This works too for 6, Kiwami 2 and the judgements.

  • Press the windows key + r
    Search run on your search bar and run the program called “run”
  • write %localappdata% in the text box and click OK

  • You should come to a folder similar to this one on C:\Users\[Your name here]\AppData\Local. Just find the “SEGA” folder and open it

  • Once inside C:\Users\[Your name here]\AppData\Local\SEGA, just open up the game you want to take your photos out of. In this case, its Like A Dragon 8

  • Done! you can now take out the images and use them as any other jpg

Have fun!

Use these silly images as you wish and have fun sharing them with the world!

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