Mineko’s Night Market: Crafting Materials Guide

Confused what crafting materials you’re missing for something you’re trying to create? Not sure where to find them? Then this is the guide for you!



This guide is written for Mineko’s Night Market version, and as such, may become outdated in the future if the game is updated with new crafts, changes to materials used in crafts, and/or new ways to obtain crafting materials.

This guide is written with the intention to be as spoiler-free as possible, however, it does spoil the names of locations that will be unlocked throughout the main storyline (as well as how to unlock them) when that location provides crafting materials.

Mostly, I was inspired to write this guide because I saw some materials on certain crafts that I couldn’t identify and so had no idea how long it would be until I unlocked the location to get them.


Flower Crafts
Cat Bouquet: 4 sakura flower, 3 plum flower
Kokedama: 5 sakura flower, 6 plum flower
Beehive Terrarium: 4 plum flower, 6 blue flower, 4 white flower
Box Flowers: 4 sakura flower, 4 plum flower, 5 wood
Dog Bouquet: 4 sakura flower, 6 blue flower, 8 white flower
Little Zen Garden: 2 kudzu flower, 4 wood, 5 dullite rock, 6 sand, 3 mulberry branch
Garden Fountain: 5 wood, 6 bamboo, 4 sand, 3 mulberry branch
The Nikko Temple Flowers: 5 sakura flower, 5 plum flower, 5 sunflower, 5 daffodil flower, 5 wood
Small Fishing Pond: 8 wood, 10 dullite rock
Deluxe Bouquet: 7 plum flower, 7 sunflower, 6 blue flower, 6 dianthus flower, 6 daffodil flower
Frog Bog: 6 wood, 6 bamboo, 6 dullite rock, 5 mulberry branch

Paper Crafts
Origami Nikko: 5 paper, 1 red dye
Card Game: 8 paper, 4 dullite rock
Lantern: 4 washi paper, 4 wood
Sakura Fan: 6 paper, 6 wood
Pug Paper Doll: 6 paper, 2 brown dye
Feelings Journal: 8 paper, 3 washi paper, 1 black dye
Sakura Journal: 8 paper, 3 washi paper, 1 pink dye
Paper Plane Talisman: 8 washi paper, 2 wood, 1 blue dye
Bug Diorama: 20 washi paper, 8 wood, 5 blue dye

Sewing Crafts
Plush Nikko: 6 white hairball, 1 red dye
Cat Purse: 8 black hairball, 1 black dye
Yokai Face Zipper Pouch: 5 white hairball, 5 gray hairball, 1 metal ingot
Hank the Hunk Tote Bag: 7 white hairball, 7 gray hairball, 1 brown dye
Family Windsock: 5 white hairball, 5 black hairball, 5 gray hairball, 1 rainbow dye
Flower Apron: 8 white hairball, 7 orange hairball, 2 red dye
Boy Band Boyfriend Pillow: 8 white hairball, 8 orange hairball, 2 pink dye
Tent: 8 white hairball, 8 black hairball, 8 gray hairball, 8 orange hairball
Raccoon Bedroll: 8 white hairball, 8 gray hairball, 2 black dye
Magic Cape: 10 black hairball, 3 gold hairball

Wood Crafts
Window: 6 wood, 5 paper
Mailbox: 6 wood, 3 paper, 1 red dye
Planter Box: 14 wood
Baseball Bat: 10 wood, 5 paper, 1 red dye
Recycling Box: 14 wood
Ant Farm: 6 wood, 4 washi paper, 3 sand, 1 blue dye
Shop Sign: 12 wood, 2 brown dye
Work Desk: 18 wood, 2 bamboo, 2 paper, 2 washi paper
Tree House: 20 wood, 5 bamboo, 4 mulberry branch
Yokai Hunter Sign: 10 wood, 3 rainbow dye
Mori Necklace: 8 wood, 8 bamboo, 8 mulberry branch
Concert Stage: 14 wood, 8 bamboo, 2 washi paper, 1 red dye

Art Crafts
Sumi-e- Flower Painting: 5 paper, 4 wood, 2 black dye, 1 pink dye
Upcycled Art: 6 paper, 4 wood, 5 metal ingot, 3 metal rock
Pop Art Bottle Painting: 6 paper, 4 wood, 3 blue dye
Cubism Cat Painting: 6 paper, 4 wood, 1 brown dye, 2 rainbow dye
Scroll Sky Painting: 6 washi paper, 6 wood, 2 blue dye
Yokai Painting: 6 washi paper, 6 wood, 2 rainbow dye
Band Sign: 10 wood, 3 red dye, 3 blue dye
Family Portrait: 8 washi paper, 4 wood, 1 black dye, 1 pink dye, 1 rainbow dye
Sumo-Man Poster: 10 paper, 2 black dye, 2 red dye, 3 pink dye

Gem Crafts
Raccoon Charm Bracelet: 5 metal ingot, 2 emerald
bOY$ Bracelet: 2 gold, 5 metal ingot
Pug Necklace: 5 metal ingot, 1 gold, 2 black opal
Cat Earrings: 5 metal ingot, 3 rose quartz
Jewelled Headband: 4 metal ingot, 2 gold, 1 diamond
Punk Bangles: 5 metal ingot, 4 metal rock, 4 dullite rock, 2 diamond

Pottery Crafts
Terracotta Planter: 6 clay, 2 red dye
Fancy Dishware: 8 clay, 2 black dye
Dutch Oven: 8 clay, 3 blue dye
Brick Oven: 12 clay, 6 dullite rock, 3 metal ingot
Cat Ring Holder: 5 clay, 3 pink dye, 4 metal ingot
Cat Sculpture: 8 clay, 6 dullite rock, 4 black dye
Ceramic Bowls: 12 clay, 2 blue dye, 3 red dye
Cast Iron Teapot: 4 clay, 2 black dye, 3 gold

Location Unlocks

Home: Starting area. Available from the beginning.
The Gardens: Unlocked at the beginning of the main storyline.
Birch Forest: Purchase Paper Axe.
Dark Forest: Purchase Wood Axe.
The Dock: Purchase Fishing Rod.
The Caves: Purchase Pick Axe.
Cat Farm: Complete Dark Forest, The Dock, and The Caves.
Orchard: Purchase Paper Press.
Metal Cave: Purchase Smelter.
Beach: Purchase Shovel.
Bamboo Forest: Complete Beach, Orchard, and Metal Cave.
Cliffside: Complete the location unlocked after the Bamboo Forest.
Frozen Lake: Complete the location unlocked after the Bamboo Forest.


The best places to find flowers are Home and The Gardens. However, you can also find a few at The Dock and The Caves. Each season has 3 different flowers available, but only 2 of them are used in crafts.

Spring: plum flower, sakura flower
Summer: blue flower, sunflower
Autumn: dianthus flower, kudzu flower
Winter: daffodil flower, white flower


Hairballs can ultimately be collected from nearly all locations: Home, The Gardens, Birch Forest, Dark Forest, The Dock, The Caves, Cat Farm, Orchard, Metal Cave, Beach, Bamboo Forest, Cliffside, and Frozen Lake. Before unlocking the Cat Farm, the best places to get hairballs are The Gardens and the Dark Forest (which seems to have a higher than average spawn rate for the rarest type, gold hairballs).
Once you’ve unlocked the Cat Farm, this is a good way to get a number of hairballs quickly. Another reliable way in mid- to late-game to get your desired color of hairballs is unlocked by buying the “magic” toe bean seeds from Ruby, the traveling merchant, and growing those in your backyard. (Ruby and your backyard are unlocked around the same time as the Cat Farm.)

Black Hairball: near black cats
Gold Hairball: chance of being found near any color cat; “magic” toe bean seeds have a small chance to grow something that will guarantee gold hairballs spawning in your backyard
Gray Hairball: near gray tabby cats
Orange Hairball: near orange tabby cats
White Hairball: near white cats

All dyes come from squeezing fish, but not all fish can be squeezed for dye. All fish that can be squeezed for dye can be found year-round, and fish providing all colors of dye can be found by fishing at The Dock. (Some colors can additionally be found at the Dark Forest or Frozen Lake.) For more information on when and where to catch certain fish, I highly recommend checking out M. Doucet’s fishing guide here on Steam.

Black Dye: cuttlefish, octopus
Blue Dye: blue fin tuna
Brown Dye: urchin
Pink Dye: jellyfish
Rainbow Dye: rainbow trout
Red Dye: red snapper

Wood and Paper
Bamboo: chop bamboo stumps in the Bamboo Forest
Mulberry Branch: harvest from trees at the Orchard
Paper: chop birch tree stumps in the Birch Forest
Washi Paper: use the paper press to turn 3 mulberry branches into 1 washi paper
Wood: chop tree stumps in the Dark Woods

Rock and Metal
Black Opal: chance to get when mining in the Metal Cave
Diamond: chance to get when mining in the Metal Cave
Dullite Rock: mine in The Caves
Emerald: chance to get when mining in The Caves
Gold: chance to get when mining in the Metal Cave
Metal Ingot: use the smelter to turn 3 metal rocks into 1 metal ingot
Metal Rock: mine in the Metal Cave
Rose Quartz: chance to get when mining in The Caves

Clay: metal detecting at the Cliffside
Sand: metal detecting at the Beach

Secondary Methods to Obtain Materials

Many materials have a secondary way to obtain them. Because many of these methods are fairly reliant on chance, and the one less reliant on chance requires you to have already unlocked the location to obtain the items, I decided to put them in a separate section.

Night Market
Miyako’s Store: sells a variety of crafting materials such as flowers, dyes, and hairballs
The Fish Market: sells various fish, some of which can be squeezed for dye
The Flower Stand: sells various flowers, and is one of the very few ways to obtain flowers currently out of season
Octo-Pull: chance to win a variety of crafting materials, including certain flowers which are out of season; see the guide by Stephinfection here on Steam for more information on Octo-Pull wins

Metal Detecting
When metal detecting at the Beach or Cliffside, there is a chance of getting an additional item in addition to the sand or clay, such as metals and dyes. Since most of these materials are easier obtained by fishing or mining, if you’re specifically looking for metals and dyes, this is typically not the best method for obtaining them. The exception to this is that I have had better luck getting Rainbow Dye from metal detecting at the Cliffside than catching Rainbow Trout at The Dock.

Around the time you unlock the Cat Farm, you will also unlock a character who is able to help you gather a variety of materials. The character will typically return with around 10 of the material (the range seems to be roughly 5-15).
This character can help to gather wood, paper, flowers, rocks, metal, mulberry branches, bamboo, and sand.
If asked to gather flowers, the character will gather one of the two crafting flowers available that season, but there isn’t any way to select which type of flower the character will gather. (I have never had the character return with the non-crafting flower from that season, nor an out of season flower, in the dozens of times I have asked the character to gather flowers for me, so to the best of my knowledge it is only the crafting flowers within that season that the character will gather.)

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