Paradiso Guardian: How to Get the Eye Accessories

This is a simple guide for explaining how to find and/or spawn the Third Eye, Left Eye and Right Eye accessories.


Third Eye

This is the easiest of the three Eye accessories to acquire. It does not have any particular requirements beside being able to reach it. Directly before the boss, as you ascend there will be a gap in the wall to the left pictured below. You can go through it and fall down to the roof of an earlier area. To the right of the Golden Knight, you can find the Third Eye.

Third Eye effects: This causes the damage numbers to be replaced on most enemies (everything except the G. Granite Knight) by their remaining health. It also causes breakable walls to have a pulsing light effect.

Left Eye

This is on the U shaped section directly before the boss, but will only spawn if you have found every hidden room on the map. If you haven’t fought the final boss yet, you are aiming to reach a 99.7% rate of map completion. This will cause the eye to spawn.

Left Eye Effects: This causes the game to slow down to half speed, making it much much easier to dodge attacks… but tedious to play otherwise. Use as you can stand it.

Right Eye

Found in the same place as the Left Eye (but on the left side of the U). In order to make the Right Eye spawn, you must get all 19 bond skills, including both the hidden bonds for Raikoh and the Shadowlord.

Right Eye effects: This causes the dodge button to instead cause you to spend mana to go into the Holy Flare mode at will. Extremely overpowered if you use the Overwhelming Mana file name. You cannot benefit from this while wearing the Left Eye,


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