Peeping Dorm Manager: Full Walkthrough (All CGs and Achievements)

Guide to help you get through the game unlocking all CGs and achievements


Helpful hints and Tips

Making Money
There are 2 main ways to make money, selling polaroids and doing daily missions (Cleaning, fixing washing machine and sorting the trash).

1. Polaroids – I would recommend buying quite a few of the fake coins and putting these down whenever you can to make easy passive cash from the polaroids.
2. Daily missions – If you want to make this as easy as possible id recommend buying the items from the store. They are quite cheap and you’ll always make the money back plus more by using these. At Gentlemen level 3 you can buy upgrades from the supermarket which let you do these tasks instantly give $500 each time.

Stealing Panties/collection
Once you know a girl’s routine you can steal their panties when they are doing laundry, however if he machine is broken when they are doing this, you wont be able to steal them.
Misaki – Monday, Wednesday, Friday (all morning time)
Mirai – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (all afternoon time)

You can also get 1 pair of panties from each of the daily routine minigames by getting 3000 points. This is considerably easier when you have bought the work proficiency upgrade from Mentor and you use the consumable items from the supermarket to make it as easy as possible.

Blue Text
When in conversations with others, doing web searches or other interactions, there will be blue text that may appear. When you see this, be sure to click it each time to add it to your information on a character. This is critical to progress with story lines or missions.

Time skipping
There are 4 periods of the day, Morning, Afternoon, Night and Late night.

At each of these different times, characters may be specific places or some areas might not be available to visit. If you find that you have nothing to do at a specific time, doing daily routines (minigames) is always a good way to pass the time to make some extra cash, however if you dont need cash or just simply want to move on quickly, clicking next period at the top left of the screen will move the time of day on.

Starting off – Tutorial

Get the 1st mission from the noticeboard outside your room. The first thing you will need to do is set up 5 cameras.

1. 1F hallway near the middle
2. 1F hallway next to the garbage
3. 1F Lounge
4. 2F hallway near the middle
5. 2F hallway next the the washing machine

Once all 5 are set up, you can now view them on your computer in your room, web searches can also be completed, however at this point there is nothing that can be searched.

Leave the apartment and go to the supermarket and talk to the cashier (Ms Mango). Once done, leave the shop and you will automatically go through some footage caught on the cameras.

Tutorial is now complete!

Getting to know everyone

Immediately after the tutorial, leave the apartment and go to the supermarket to view an event and meet a new character (Kenmo) giving access to visit the nightclub, which can only be visited during the night and late night periods of the day.

Go back to the apartment and you can do your first web search. Click either the search bar or the address bar to bring up the investigation window. Click on Ms Mango and then ‘Ms Mango won the Miss Mango Pageant’ to bring up her profile.Scroll down the page and click any text that is blue.

At this point nothing can really be done, click next period to move on in the day. The first daily routine mission should now be available on the noticeboard. Click it to receive it, however I would recommend finding the girls and interacting with them before starting as doing any daily routine moves the time of day on.

Have a look about to find the girls. The first girl, Uehara Mirai (pink hair), should be in the lounge playing on her phone, click her to view her. The second girl, Akizuki Misaki (glasses) should be standing at the bottom of the stairwell interact with her to learn her name and some more information about her. You’ll now be able to search some new information on the web, but first we can do the cleaning.

On the 2nd floor next to room 2-C there is a brush and dustpan, click this to start the cleaning minigame and make your first bit of cash. Depending on your score, you will get a 1 time reward. These can be earned on future tries, so don’t worry about getting over 3000 points on your first try.

It will now be night and the Nightclub will be open, pay it a visit and Kenmo will greet you. After speaking to him he will now act as a shop. You can buy a poloroid camera from him for $999, this should be a priority by as it will help make some easy cash. Once bought buy the fake money traps which can be put in the stairwell of your apartment to snap some photos to sell back to him. It’s a really good return of investment so buy these whenever you run out.

There are 2 other Characters of interest here, Inui Masahiro (big dog guy) and Mentor (guy in pink on the bottom right corner).

Inui – He can give helpful hints on how to progress with either of the 2 main girls in exchange for their panties, although hopefully you wont need to use him with this guide…
Mentor – This guy can sell you upgrades buy these when you can.

After visiting the nightclub, go back home. Remember to periodically check the noticeboard for new daily routine missions to get some cash.

The following day (Tuesday) in the afternoon, make sure to go up the washing machine to introduce yourself to Mirai. If you’ve taken the fixing the pipes daily mission, be sure to do this in the morning to be able to steal her panties!

Akizuki Misaki

Assuming you haven’t already, start a web search and look her up, click all the blue text to be able to visit the park, learn her classes routine and the drama club.

Click on the address bar to bring back up the investigation window and click on relationship on Misaki and then on drama club. Again, click all the blue text to learn her boyfriends name and stage name. Search both his real name and stage name to learn details on him and the drama club. This will give access to the University, which is essentially just the drama club.

When you get a chance talk to her at the washing machine on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings to learn her laundry routine.

Go to the supermarket and buy the Chewing gum. You can also buy the Drumstick here, but we wont be using that til later. After you have the Chewing gum wait til either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday night and visit the University. Go over to the blue bag and click this. You can choose to take the key here to get the ‘Go to jail’ achievement, don’t worry you don’t need to start a new game. Choose the ‘Key mould’ option to get a mould of Misaki’s key. Go to the nightclub and buy the key making ability from Mentor and you will now have a key to Misaki’s room!

Upon entering Misaki’s room for the first time, you will rank up to Gentlemen Level 2!

Now we need to make some cash in order to buy some more cameras to set up in Misaki’s room. You can put 2 camera’s in each girl’s room, so we only need $398 right now, however feel free to buy the other 2 just now if you have the cash. You’re also going to want to buy the cartoon lamp as we’ll need this for later, but you don’t need to buy it straight away.

Once you have the cameras, enter Misaki’s room again to install these. After the camera’s are installed, we will need to learn more about Misaki through a number of different interactions.

1. Watch her Masturbate on the toilet via the camera, shes normally doing this at night.
2. Watch her argue with her boyfriend on a night he is over (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
3. Watch her whilst she is watching TV in the lounge (make sure to click ALL blue text)
4. Speak to her whilst she is in the lounge whilst watching TV.

After all 4 of these have been done talk to her again, if you left the lounge interactions for last you can just talk to her there again. After the conversation, wait for her boyfriend to come over again and watch them argue again.

After viewing the argument, talk to Misaki in the lounge. Wait until late night on Saturday to enter her room. There will be bags on the bed and you can place Mirai’s panties inside, assuming you have some. If you don’t have these, they can be stolen from the washing machines. Upon putting the panties in the bag, they will return home early, hide in the closet and watch them have sex. Skip to the next period and Misaki will be in the Lounge and Akira will be smoking outside. Speak to them Misaki first then Akira. If you already have the Cartoon lamp bought from the nightclub, speak to her again to give her this.

Once you have given her the lamp, you will need to wait until she is on the phone on her bed to view the next interaction, this will happen at night, she breaks up with Akira. Akira can then be found in the park. View Misaki in the morning in her room and a new mission will be available on the noticeboard to visit her in her room to fix the sink. Once in the room speak to her then click on the sink to fix it. Afterwards you will have sex with her.

You will now have to interact with her on 5 separate occasions outside of her room to bring her lewdness up to 100. This is fairly easy to do each time, just ensure the yellow bar doesn’t reach max or the interaction will fail. There isn’t a time limit for this so take your time and make her ♥♥♥ each time.

Once you reach 100/100 lewdness, a new mission will appear on the noticeboard as her sink is broken again. As before, enter her room when she is in to start this interaction. She will get back together with Akira. Speak with her again to learn her sink is broken again… Wait until Akira is over to visit her (Monday, Wednesday or Friday night).

Misaki is successfully dominated now and you will rank up to Gentlemen level 3!

Uehara Mirai

Once you have interacted with her initially and found out she streams, do a web search on her name, nickname and site she streams on ’18live’ clicking on all blue text and downloading the live-stream software.

By this point you will probably have already done the recycling minigame and found a note to someone’s mother that was thrown away. You will find out in this note that there is a spare key to room 2-C under the doormat which can be picked up at any time.

Next you are going to have to watch Mirai’s streams on each separate day she does this, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday late night. As always ensure you click on all of the blue text that appears. There are 2 things that need to be done in order to get the passcode to her room, after watching live-streams.

On Wednesday mornings a delivery man will be standing outside of her room. Interact with him and click on the note on the parcel to get the last 3 digits of her phone number, 420 Get the key to 2-C and drill a hole in the wall and look through it. Wait until she is undressing and interact with her to find out she lied about her size on stream and that she has added 5cm to her bust, it is actually 85cm. The passcode is 85420.

When you enter her room, its time to set up some cameras in her room, 1 in the shower and one by the diffuser in the bottom left corner of the room. If she is sleeping on the floor when you enter you will not be able to put the camera up by the diffuser and will need to come by another time to do this. Whist in the room make sure to interact with both the gaming chair and the teddy bear on her bed.

Once the Cameras are set up in her room, interact with her whilst she is taking a shower to get some blue text of her humming. Do a web search on this tune to find out its from a website. Search the website and find out its a drug website. Next you will need to interact with her whilst she is in the lounge and be met with quite the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ attitude. Interact with her in the shower again to get a new name and do a web search on it to find out about this new girl. Do a web search on Meshu Dan to find out he was the previous dorm manager. Watch her live-streams again on each separate day.

BUG- There is a known issue here when doing web searches on Mitsui Aya where the blue text doesnt appear specifically for Meshu Dan’s name. If this happens and you are stuck, change the language and search again and you should be able to get the blue text.

Go to the park and speak to the guy sitting there, this is Meshu Dan. Give him the $200 to view a past event. He will give you a necklace after he leaves. Go to the nightclub and speak to Kenmo, presenting the token of authenticity, to find out that Meshu is his brother. He will give you hacking software to hack Mirai’s computer. Enter her room and click the computer to install the hacking software. Go back to your room and load up the hacking software from your laptop.

Click the messages and read both from ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Mitsui Aya’. Click the Receipt to view a purchase. There is some blue text you need to click in the messages with Mitsui Aya. Lastly as it is essential to complete the game, click the GIF *wink wink*. When she is sitting at her computer before a live-stream, watch her through the camera to find out she plans to get you arrested.

If you haven’t already purchased the awakening and love fragrances from Kenmo in the nightclub, now is the time to do so. Enter Mirai’s room and interact with the diffuser setting the aroma flavour to awakening fragrance and the timer to night.

Alternatively, if you didn’t previously get taken away by the police during Misaki’s arc and want the achievement, now is your last chance on this play-through. Don’t set the diffuser to anything.

Accept the mission from the noticeboard and visit her on the night of one of her live-streams, just before she starts (night, not late night). She will knock you out with a drug, but the diffuser will activate waking you up and then you will force her to suck you off.

Now it is time to get her lewdness up. Through the exact same process as with Misaki, we will need to interact with her when she is out of her room to get her lewdness up, however it won’t be as simple as the first time and her lewdness amount doesn’t go up as much.

Once her lewdness reaches 54 (after the 3rd interaction, assuming these were all done on separate days), interact with her again for her to reject you. Now it’s time to set the diffuser again. Enter her room and change the aroma flavour to Love Fragrance and the time to night. Click on the teddy bear in her room and enter it. Fast forward to the night of a stream and she will be masturbating on the teddy. Click on her to reveal that you are inside and start having sex with her.

After having sex with her dressed as a teddy bear, its time to get her lewdness up again. Once at 90/100 interact with her for her to reject you yet again. Next go to the supermarket, you may need to skip to a different period or come back the next day, depending on the time of day. Once you see her there, interact with her to have sex in the supermarket.

Her lewdness will be at 100/100 and it’s time to make her your plaything. On a night she is live-streaming, enter her room during late night have sex with her whilst she is streaming.

Congratulations both girls have now been made into your playthings!

Side Girls

There are 3 side girls you can make into your playthings, none of them require a lot of work or interaction to complete, however require you to buy various items

1. Helen – Requires the trophy from Mentor. Once bought visit the University and talk with her.

2. Ms Mango – Requires Gentlemen level 3. Buy all available items from the store.

3. Kinoshita Yuri (park girl with Dog) – Buy the Dog translator from Kenmo in the nightclub and the drumstick from the supermarket. Visit the park until you see her with her dog (top right corner of the park). She wont say anything to you, however if you talk with her dog give him the drumstick and clean his poop, he will tell you to visit the park on Sunday late night. On Sunday late night a coat will be sitting on the park bench next to where she normally stands. Interact with the coat.

All CGs

Getting all Cg’s require both the main and side girls to be made into your playthings as well as having bought all skills from Mentor.

1.1 – Main Story
1.2 – Snap a picture of Misaki trying to pick up a fake coin
1.3 – View Misaki when she is watching TV (not an interaction)
1.4 – Snap a picture of Misaki when she fell in 2F hallway requires ‘Mr. Super Cleaner’ Skill
1.5 – View Misaki when she is stuck in the washing machine, requires ‘Modify Washing machine’ skill
1.6 – Main Story
2.1 – Main Story
2.2 – Main Story
2.3 – Main Story
2.4 – Main Story
2.5 – Main Story
2.6 – Main Story
3.1 – Have sex with Misaki in stairwell when she’s trying to pick up fake coin, requires ‘Stairwell H’ skill
3.2 – Have sex with Misaki in Lounge, requires ‘Lounge H’ skill
3.3 – Have sex with Misaki whilst she fell in 2F hallway, requires ‘Mr. Super Cleaner’ and ‘Trip Master’ skill
3.4 – Have sex with Misaki when she is stuck in the washing machine, requires ‘Modify Washing machine’ and ‘Washing machine H’ skills
3.5 – Have sex with Misaki whilst she is sleeping, requires ‘Night Crawler H’ skill
3.6 – Have sex with Misaki when she is masturbating on toilet, requires ‘Restroom H’ skill
4.1 – Speak to Misaki when she is doing laundry and have sex with her
4.2 – Misaki’s Epilogue – Requires all other CGs of Misaki
4.3 – Main Story
4.4 – View Mira when she is in the lounge (not an interaction)
4.5 – Snap a picture of Mirai trying to pick up a fake coin
4.6 – Snap a picture of Mirai when she fell in 2F hallway requires ‘Mr. Super Cleaner’ Skill
5.1 – View Misaki when she is stuck in the washing machine, requires ‘Modify Washing machine’ skill
5.2 – Main Story
5.3 – View Mirai when she is sleeping on the floor.
5.4 – View Mirai masturbating on her teddy through the camera. Set diffuser to love fragrance and time to night.
5.5 – Have sex with Mirai whilst she is sleeping, requires ‘Night Crawler H’ skill
5.6 – Main Story
6.1 – Main Story
6.2 – Main Story
6.3 – Main Story
6.4 – Have sex with Mirai in stairwell when she’s trying to pick up fake coin, requires ‘Stairwell H’ skill
6.5 – Have sex with Mirai in Lounge, requires ‘Lounge H’ skill
6.6 – Have sex with Mirai whilst she fell in 2F hallway, requires ‘Mr. Super Cleaner’ and ‘Trip Master’ skill
7.1 – Have sex with Mirai when she is stuck in the washing machine, requires ‘Modify Washing machine’ and ‘Washing machine H’ skills
7.2 – Have sex with Mirai when she is taking a shower, requires ‘Shower H’ skill
7.3 – Speak to Misaki when she is doing laundry and have sex with her
7.4 – Mirai’s Epilogue – Requires all other CGs of Mirai
7.5 – Main Story
7.6 – Ms Mango ♥♥♥♥♥ licking
8.1 – Ms Mango sex
8.2 – Train Helen
8.3 – Kinoshita Yuri sex

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