Pixel Piracy: How to Cheat 2024

A text and video guide showing you what cheats are available and how to use them.


Cheat Menu

This is a short guide on how to access cheats in the current version 1.2.33 of Pixel Piracy on the PC in January of 2024. As of currently writing I will make note that activating the cheat menu does not seem to disable steam achievements.

First, to active the cheat menu press the F8 button. From here the buttons you push will be singular numbers and sometimes numbers with a combination of letters or modifier keys.

1 – Heals everything which includes the captain and crew health, hunger and morale.

2 – Teleports captain and crew back to ship.

2 AND SHIFT – Spawns a loot chest at the captains current location.

3 – Spawns a cannonball to mouse cursor (be careful not to blow up your own ship)

SHIFT and 3 Issues a kill command to all enemies on the current map

4 – Teleports only the captain to mouse cursor

5 – Gives supposedly random items, weapons and gold. (in my limited experience the ranged weapon category only spawned tomahawks)

6 – Levels up all crew.

7 – Makes the Captain poop.

9 – Spawns three random crew members. Use this at your own risk as spawning TOO MANY crew members can cause severe amounts of lag and slowdown.

9 AND SHIFT – Spawns an animal companion. Beware animals can be volatile and fight with your crew.

L and O – Puts 5000 extra gold in your captains pocket.

L and P – Produces all passive items in a quantity of 999 while also making the captain 80000 gold richer.

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