Raw Metal: All Achievements Guide

A written guide describing how to get the achievements in Raw Metal, with general tips & tricks.



Description: Deny a shot from a taser guard by shooting them with a taser dart.

What it says on the tin. Can be done in both stealth and combat.

Employee of the Month

Description: Trick a guard into knocking out two of their teammates in one fight.

This one can be a bit tricky and somewhat random. Get into a fight with 3+ guards, then just keep dodging (don’t parry!) and hoping for the best.

Easiest method: Let’s say guard 1 knocks out guard 2. Remember who guard 1 is, then just rough up or even break guard 3, and let guard 1 knock them out.

Going Up?

Description: Survive a 3-guard extraction ambush without using tear modules.

Elevator ambushes are based on player aggression, and how far the player descended.
The formula for elevator ambush chance is:

((PlayerAggression – sceneIndex/2) * 2)

or 10%, whichever is higher.

Player aggression is increased by:

  • +3 if the player initiated the fight (sneak attack)
  • +6 if a guard initiated the fight (player got caught)
  • +2 per additional guard in a single fight

You’re looking to increase your aggression all the way to 60 and up. Once that value is reached, every ambush has a chance to spawn 1-3 guards.

Blind Spot

Description: Stay in the radius of a radar guard for 5 seconds without being detected.

Radar Guards are encountered from level 2 onwards – they’re easy to distinguish from the other guards with the green goggles and the huge green circle around them. You’re only detected if you’re touched by the line within that circle, which moves extremely slowly.

Find a static radar guard, wait until the green line passes, then step into the circle. Once you step out of the circle, the achievement should get unlocked.


Description: Perform a stealth attack by closing the gap with a dodge.

Dodges are completely silent, and are, in fact, faster than crouching speed. This one should be easy.

Junk Dog

Description: Beat the game from start to finish without equipping any gear.

Godspeed. You can still collect gear and discard/scrap it! Don’t forget about using gadgets, too.

Raw Metal Alchemist

Description: Equip a set of fully upgraded, modified, and repaired gear.

Self-explanatory, really. You can fully upgrade your gear once you reach the Level 3 Forge (on L3F2).

Rounding Error

Description: Escape with a profit of 10,000 grymite.

Scrap as many pieces of gear and gadgets as possible at the Forges, get the best combat ranks possible (those affect loot drops!)

What if I need them later?!

Description: Hoard 30 items in your inventory.

Gadgets are your best bet for this – however, you can also discard or scrap them, if you want to make space for gear. You might even get this one naturally.

I Like Those Odds

Description: Win a fight against 5 guards without using tear modules.

Use cameras, noisemakers, and… well, yourself, to alert the guards and make them sprint towards you. You can also use Concussion Grenades and Taser Darts to temporarily stun guards. Kite them until you’ve got five guards in a single room.

During the fight itself, you’ve got many options for crowd control, such as any gadget that isn’t a tear module, heavy and running attacks, and friendly fire courtesy of those same guards. Good luck!

A Platypus?

Description: Parry 3 attacks in one second.

You can instantly cancel a successful parry into another parry. Alternatively, 3 enemies can hit you at once, which you can parry with a single parry. Point being, press the parry button at the right time. Parry, parry, parry.

It’s fine, don’t worry about it

Description: Reduce your Max HP to 1.

You are looking for two specific Gear items: Stealth Mesh Hood, and Bare Suit. Each of these decrease your Max HP by 1, leading to a -2 HP reduction. The achievement should pop up as soon as you equip them.


Description: Raise your total HP to 10.

Another gear-based achievement. You need:

  • Any Head gear with 1 armor.
  • Grymite Armor with all 4 armor pips (dropped by 1st boss)
  • Any Arms gear with 1 armor.
  • Any Legs gear with 1 armor.

Alley Oop!

Description: Launch 3 enemies with one attack.

There are three attacks with a Launch property: Heavy Punch 3, Heavy Kick 3, and Running Kick. That last one is the easiest to get this achievement with – just get in a fight with 3 guards, and slide into them. Alternatively, if you manage to get 3 guards into a corner, you can also launch them with any of the three attacks mentioned above.

Hazardous Materials

Description: Knock out a guard with a concussion grenade.

Concussion grenades are not lethal by themselves – you need to equip the Explosive Safety Gloves, which enable that gadget to do damage. Once you break a guard, simply toss a grenade in their proximity.

I guess that works

Description: Knock out a guard without entering combat.

Technically speaking, there’s several ways to do this one, and all of them include gear.

  • Critical Strike Gauntlets (dropped by 2nd boss) – the most likely way to do this achievement. When completely maxed out, instead of reducing a guard’s Max HP, they straight up knock out the guard instantly. Combine with Predator Mask for greater effect.
  • High Force Launcher – spam a guard with tasers, and they’ll go down soon enough.
  • Explosive Safety Gloves – I guess? Technically? You can keep tossing grenades at them until they go down, sure.


Description: Complete a sublevel without being spotted or entering combat.

What it says on the tin. Use tasers to disable lights and cameras, use noisemakers to lure the guards away, concussion grenades and magnets to stun them, that sort of thing. Tasers are especially powerful, though.

You can also use Critical Strike Gauntlets – more about that in I guess that works.

Don’t Mine Me

Description: Parry the first boss’ projectile attack.

What it says on the tin. The “projetile attack” being when he throws his pickaxe at you.

Topped Off

Description: Use a taser dart to your advantage against the second boss.

The second boss’ main gimmick is the metre that gets charged up with each attack – getting overloaded stuns him, and opens him up for damage. He needs to be overloaded specifically with your taser, so just keep dodging his attacks until his metre is almost filled up.


Description: Bait out a counter from the third boss.


Security Breach

Description: Defeat the Head of Security.

Beat Trevor Grymsdottir.

Stress Test

Description: Defeat the Mitrik Weapon.

Beat Aren Archer.


Defeat the CEO of Orpheus Technologies.

Beat the third boss.

Don’t Look Back

Description: Succumb to the depths of Charybdis.
Die during the finale.

Cooked Metal

Description: Survive the destruction of Katabase 6.

Beat the game.

Guardian of Charybdis

Description: Survive New Game+.

Beat New Game+.


Description: Nice job.

Place an Electromagnet, then get stuck on it. Congrats, you’ve trapped yourself.

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