Remnant Records: 100% Achievement Guide

A quick guide to earning 100% Achievements in Remnant Records

This guide is based solely on my experience, there may be better ways to earn some of the more tricky achievements but this is how I earned them! If you are looking for a particular Achievement, use Ctrl+F & type it into the search bar for more direct info.


Progression – Meet the Ghosts

These achievements are all straight forward. You will unlock the following after playing 1 game against each individual ghost type.

Note: You will ONLY unlock the ability to encounter every ghost type from Player level 10.


Meet the Runner.

Play 1 game against the Runner and this will unlock win or lose

Play with me

Meet the Orphan.

Play 1 game against the Orphan and this will unlock win or lose

Red light, green light

Meet the Mannequin.

Play 1 game against the Mannequin and this will unlock win or lose


Meet the Shusher.

Play 1 game against the Shusher and this will unlock win or lose


Meet the Anomaly.

Play 1 game against the Anomaly and this will unlock win or lose. Unlocked at Player Level 6.

Mirror on the wall

Meet the Reflection.

Play 1 game against the Reflection and this will unlock win or lose. Unlocked at Player Level 10.

Progression – Milestones/Grind

Most of the following achievements you will earn from progression but some of them are a little more annoying to earn.

The Explorer

Unlock all the maps.

You will get this at Account Level 9 when you unlock the 3 Castle Map Variants

The Expert

Buy all perks for a role.

Straightforward, just use the perk points you get from levelling up your class into the various perks & abilities until you have them all for a single class.

The Investigator

Read 100 texts.

Again, this one is fairly straightforward you will easily get this when getting the necessary levels for ‘The Librarian’ achievement.

The Librarian

Buy all tips from the exorcist diary.

This will more than likely be the final achievement you unlock in Remnant Records.

You get 2 hint points per Player Level and unfortunately, it requires a large amount of exp to level up your Player Level to get enough hint points to unlock all hints. I played a lot of 5/5 difficulty to try to level up as fast as possible. Playing 5/5 as the Cartomancer I found to be quite quick and the exorcisms are rapid in single player.

You’re Special

Unlock all the special conditions.

Special conditions are unlocked when you reach Player Level 5. You actually unlock these win or lose on a contract and there are 14 in total. This means that you can essentially run in and die to the ghost earning the Special Condition unlock easily. Note: If you commit suicide using the key bind or give up in the menu it DOES NOT unlock just put something incorrect in the exorcism board and let the ghost kill you to rapidly earn these until you have them all.

The modifiers are as follows:

  • Broken fusebox
  • Cheap flashlights
  • One soul in two ghosts – This is required for another achievement
  • Fill-in the blanks
  • No role abilities
  • No electricity
  • No sprinting
  • Death in one hit
  • Only one exorcism try
  • Limited time
  • Zero gravity
  • Tethered – You can unlock this in single player, the effect however is multiplayer only.
  • Trick of treat
  • Trickier treats

Role Achievements

Strangely, only two classes actually have specific achievements associated with them and there is an achievement for playing as every class. One of these achievements requires multiplayer but for the most part they are easy to achieve.

The Jack of All Trades

Play each role at least once.

This is super simple. Just play one game as each role and this will unlock.

Morning Routine

Wake the Runner up using the bodyguard’s decoy.

This is straightforward, unlock and equip the decoy ability as the Bodyguard, use custom difficulty to play against the runner, find where they are asleep and drop a decoy right on them and the achievement will pop.

Here’s Johnny!

As the bodyguard, destroy all the doors in a mission.

Easily done on any of the smaller maps. Personally, I did this on Eastwood House. The ability sometimes doesn’t work for whatever reason. Just sprint into every door including wardrobe doors until there are none left in the map.

I’ve got your back

As the bodyguard, free 5 friends from an entity’s grasp.

This requires at least one other player. The ability to save someone can be a bit finicky and it is unclear sometimes whether you saved the player or they broke free themselves. I found it easiest to farm this by using the custom difficulty to set the ghost to the runner and having my friend play the piano on the Villa and then freeing them after. See below.

Caught you!

Trap an entity with the cartomancer’s card when it’s very close to a player.

Thankfully this can be done in single player. I set the ghost to the runner and while it was sleeping I walked up to it and placed the card at my feet. See below.

Sorry Little Guy

Use the cartomancer’s helper card when there’s nothing left for it to find.

This one can feel a little inconsistent, my friend got this without trying and it took me a few attempts solo to earn this one. You must use the Hint card when all relevant items are on the Exorcism Board. You will know you were successful as the card with shred into confetti.

My tips for this one are as follows:

  • Set the ghost to a type you find easy – for me I did the Orphan.
  • Play on a small map
  • Try to play a high investigation/low ghost difficulty – A high investigation difficulty will make the correct items more scare which helps there is less to find for the exorcism and the low ghost difficulty should give you more time to ensure everything is correct before using the helper card.
  • Read every note – The helper card will sometimes run to unread notes even if you have all the items on the board.
  • The cartomancer’s hint card is quite valuable at finding the correct evidence – Remember to ignore red/white evidence here as the helper card seemingly only searches for blue evidence.
  • I brought the Hint, Helper & Trap cards as this for me helped to buy me time and correctly get the evidence.

Difficulty Achievements

I didn’t find too much trouble with these achievements but your experience may vary depending on skill and RNG. I’ve included some tips and videos with each one to help people with the following.

Baby Sitter

Successfully complete a mission without ever angering the Orphan.

Speed is key. Set the difficulty to 1/1 and find a small map. The exorcism is so generous on 1/1 difficulty that you only need 1 or 2 items to succeed. So find some evidence rapidly and complete the exorcism to get this.

If the Orphan drops their toy at any point return it to them ASAP to prevent them from becoming angered.

Brave Sir Robin

Successfully complete 5 missions at the 5/5 difficulty level in singleplayer.

The most difficult achievement that is grindy but luckily we can do a few things to make this easier for us.

Firstly, the achievement tracker doesn’t show it but you CAN use custom difficulty to unlock this. Find a map & ghost type you’re confident playing against. For me the easiest is Runner as long as you are patient but I did a majority of my 5/5 runs against the Shusher as the exorcism is fast and easy.

Play as either the Bodyguard or Cartomancer. These are by far the best roles in the game for solo and Cartomancer specifically will help you dial in the clues/evidence for the exorcism. The Bodyguard is pretty good for smash locked doors though so this may be preferable.

All exorcisms are faster/easier in solo, as an example you only have to find two bell pieces for the Runner instead of 3 which makes it way easier.

If linked a video of me completing this challenge below for reference it can sometimes be down to RNG on the clues/evidence but this is actually quite doable.

Perfection in the dark

Successfully complete a mission at the 5/5 difficulty level.

You will have to do this anyway if you go for Brave Sir Robin so please refer to that for any tips.

Multiplayer Achievements

Other than the I’ve got your back achievement there are a couple of other achievements too but all can be achieved with just one other player.

One for All

When playing with a squad, successfully complete a mission as the last investigator alive.

Fairly easy, have everybody else die and finish the mission. You can bind a suicide unalive key in the settings. If this doesn’t happen naturally have your coop friends die just before the exorcism completes and this will pop.

Together Forever

When playing with a squad, have all players die.

Easy to do and will hopefully happen naturally but just have everyone die on any mission and this will pop.

Miscellaneous Achievements

There are some secrets in this game but 99% of these misc achievements can be achieved fairly easily.

Open Sesame

Find a secret passageway.

As far as I can tell there is but one secret passage and it is on the Castle (full) & Castle (right) maps. Select the Castle (right) map and as soon as you spawn in follow the screenshots to find the secret passage. See the screenshots below to see how to open it, the achievement will pop as soon as the passage is open.

Thanks, I guess?

In a game with two ghosts, get shushed by the Shusher when the other ghost is the Runner.

One of the more complicated and RNG heavy achievements in this game. Set-up a custom difficulty contract with only the Shusher & Runner enabled and the One soul in two ghosts condition enabled. Set the difficulty to whatever you like and load into a contract, I found more luck doing this in multiplayer as getting the Shusher the actually shush you can be frustrating. It is completely random from my experience and can just be a waiting game for it to happen. Me and my group of friends just played 6-7 games until we had all unlocked this achievement but in my experience it was harder for the host to be shushed, so maybe try alternating hosts if you are struggling.

Tic Tac Toe

Win a game of tic-tac-toe.

This one is actually quite hidden. On the Role select screen in the lobby you will notice a tic-tac-toe board on the back wall towards the Engineer. Clicking on it will place alternating X’s and O’s just win one game against yourself and this will pop


Find the cat hidden in Gamara Villa.

You may need to crank the gamma to see this one depending on your monitors brightness. Load up a contract on Gamara Villa and before entering the house look up at the pillars to the left of the front door. You will see a jet black cat on top of one of the pillars, approach it from below and put your mouse cursor over it. You should hear some meows and the achievement should follow.

Beethoven’s Last Symphony

Play the piano in the last five seconds before your death.

This is easy to earn. Set the condition on the custom difficulty to death in one hit and remove all ghosts except for the runner. Find a contract on Gamara Villa, head upstairs and just start spamming the piano. The runner will sprint over and kill you, unlocking this achievement.


When playing darts, hit the bullseye with a dart from at least 5 meters away.

This can only be done on the Farm House map. In the lounge on the ground floor there is a dart board and marked white line that you have to stand behind. Grab a dart from the table near the white line and throw it with right click towards the dart board.

This achievement is actually really generous with the dart position. It doesn’t have to hit the bullseye just the middle section of the dart board. I found a reliable way of getting this by lining up against the white line on the floor of the farm house and aiming roughly where the wall meets the ceiling.


Throw an object on the exorcism table from at least 6 meters away.

This is easy to get using the zero gravity condition. Just grab an item and throw it across an open space. I used the garden on Gamara Villa to do this.

Final Thoughts

All in all, most of these achievements are fairly easy to get it took me about 16 hours to get everything except The Librarian and then about 20 hours total for 100%. Depending on how long it takes you to grind for The Librarian it may take a little longer.

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