Rogue: Genesia – Building for Maximum Damage

A guide on how to build for very high damage while staying tanky. Able to do a 500 Corruption Start and do all challenges in the game easily.



This guide was last updated as of 0.10 Beta 4.a. If you’re in a later version a lot may have changed, but the general tips should apply to earlier and future versions for a while.

Build Basics

Currently there are two builds that are optimized for dealing as much damage as possible. Health conversion through Blood Transmutation, along with Crossbow into Ballista as regular Rog, and Railgun as Gunslinger for weapons.

Railgun has the highest damage potential in the game by quite a large margin, being able to deal 3 orders of magnitude more damage than Ballista. Ballista on the other hand start as the quite strong Crossbow and requires considerably less level investment.

Because we want maximum FPS to make use of the attack speed (as only one attack can be dealt per frame) be sure to cap FPS at 144 (I don’t recommend Unlimited for the sake of your GPU temperature) and Weapons to 2. For Gunslinger, the Bolt-Action Rifle (Rare-quality weapon, level 50) banishes the Pistol. For Ballista, I recommend taking Thorns 7 (for the Damage Mitigation). If you want to play with two weapons, I recommend 3 slots for Crossbow+Throwing Knife into Ballista, Death Aura and Fire Ring into Jaald’s, and Thorns last. Blood Transmutation is the highest scaling damage-dealing method.

Following this every challenge should prove to be relatively easy.


Weapon: Crossbow > Ballista or Pistol > Revolver > Railgun
Passives: Stellar > Solar > Fiery > Tainted Seal > Gilgamesh’s Legacy > Sun / Lunar

Gilgamesh’s Legacy allows us to take a guaranteed Blood Transmutation at level 15 and not fall prey to RNG.

Early Game (Zone 1)

  • You want to start at the Dawn Forest to get Clover. Clover may not seem much, but 4/5 Clover allows you to have exactly above 50% Critical Chance with Absolute Focus to enable Rune of Luck to drop.
  • Aggressively ban every card that is not part of your final build – a few exceptions might be Fold and Impenetrable because of the Damage Mitigation.
  • Plan the route with most Events – you want the Notice Board Event to kill two Champions (2 Artifacts) and, more importantly, Save the Villagers with less than 20 Corruption for Commoner’s Guidebook (massive HP and Damage increase).
  • Rush Ballista if playing as Knight Rog – your priorities should be Crossbow and Throwing Knife whenever they show up, unless a rare and key card shows up (Blood Transmutation, Fire Spirit, etc). Don’t level Ballista to 7, keep it at 6 so you can level it to 9 at the Blacksmith.
  • Take Thorns once Ballista is finished if that makes easier for you to level a weapon to 9. If the Blacksmith lock trip is available, take just the Crossbow.

Mid Game (Zone 2)

  • Level Thorns to 7 if you haven’t leveled up your main weapon to 9 yet.
  • Cap Pickup Radius. You want to have the final stat around at least 33 yards (keep in mind that Bookworm will reduce that, so check the Stats page), ideally 50 by Zone 3.
  • Start focusing on economy. If you’re not AFK, run diagonally and grab as many +Projectile, Projectile Speed (Hypersonic is your friend) and Projectile Size as you can so that you can destroy chests off-screen and pickup their gold.
  • Invest in Critical. If possible, take Absolute Focus 2, saving it until it appears in the shop then buy from card select and do the shop trick.

Late Game (Zone 3+)

  • Your priority is taking Durability and capping Attack Speed. At this point (mid of Z3) your build should be complete.
  • If you have saved cards to shop trick them into +1, take a look at the Zone 3 route. If there are not too many shops, don’t save them for Zone 4, and instead just take them anyway.

Aggressive Strategies

  • Don’t ban tainted cards. The reasoning for this is that with Commoner’s Guidebook, each Tainted Card adds to your health immensely, and they cycle in 3/3 (so 6 total, ban two tainted cards) for regular shops, 4/4 if you have Adventurer’s License. This is much hard to play around in the early game, but since the game works by choosing a card from the total pool instead of choosing a rarity first, then rolling a card from that rarity, it’s not as bad as it seems.
  • Ban everything that isn’t damage. I usually save Impenetrable and Fold and max them before taking Armorless (which bans them) but you can skip it.
  • Ban every weapon of the rarity you want to take that isn’t the weapon of your choice. While this increases only slightly the chance of them appearing, it makes much easier for rerolls. For Epic cards, ban the sin cards unless they’re Greed or Sloth, or if you really want one of them, as they pollute the pool enormously.
  • Beeline to the Blacksmith even if you can’t do the +2/+3 trick on the weapon yet. This is because the Blacksmith has a higher chance of containing Ban refills.


Your damage should easily get to the high Billions with Crossbow, Trillions and Quadrillions with Ballista, and Quadrillions to Quintillions with Railgun. It’s possible, using this build, to take on every challenge with Crossbow alone.

A 21 Quintillion Hit:

Railgun’s insane baseline damage:

2.56 Sextillion DPS with Ballista:

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