ROUNDS: Achievement Guide 100%

An achievement guide to easily get all achievements in Rounds



Currently most achievements can be got either through local or sandbox mode making it very easy to get those achievements if you have a controller you can use to connect a second player if not then there is lots of software available to emulate a controller using your keyboard or you could attempt to do these online/with a friend.


For this achievement you have to win 5-0, simply go into a local versus game and kill one character until you win the game and you get the Ace achievement this will also give you the Victory achievement.

Three in a row!

Again go into a local versus game and just win 3 games back to back


This can be easily done by going into sandbox and spawning a few Spray cards then shooting in the air

Destroyer of worlds

Go into sandbox and spawn combine a few times then kill the other player


Go into sandbox spawn defender a few times then spam the bIock button


This can be done in sandbox by spawning defender, echo, EMP and empower


Yet another achievement super easy to do in the sandbox, just spawn tank a few times

Expensive taste

This one might take a bit longer than some of the others since you can’t do it in sandbox but it’s still fairly easy. You just need to get 3 rare cards (purple corners) in a match, if you are having trouble getting you keep restarting until you get one as your first card then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get two more.


Go into a normal game and try to get Healing Field early on. Once you have it try to use it as much as possible in a single round and you should get the achievement. If you are trying to get this in online matches having cards which boost your health will help.


Seems to be broken currently

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