SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! – 100% Achievement and Upgrade Cards Guide

Achievement Guide, and Card Library guide for v1.0 of the game.
Let me know if updates require changes or if mistakes were made.
Oh, and Spoilers.


Toot Achievement
Found the Toot Button
Relieve the buildup of natural pressures in the gastrointestinal tract through quick, albeit semi-musical, bursts of gaseous release.

Clearly the most important achievement requiring it’s own section. The default key is C, on your keyboard if you are unable to find it. It can be remapped in the options, if your C key is broken, or you’re using a different language keyboard.

Story Achievements(Unmissable)
Weed Killer
Defeat Kyle in his sacred grove.

Complete Chapter 1

Bastardly Behavior
Defeat Princess Kenny at the Town Square Ampitheater.

Complete Chapter 2

Fully Worthy
Become an honorary Marshwalker.

Complete all maps prior to taking on the boss of Chapter 3

Dragon Killer
Defeat Stan at the playground.

Complete Chapter 3

The Cursed Bloodline
Defeat Liane at the church.

Defeat the miniboss of Chapter 4

Inevitable Betrayal
Defeat Cartman in the foothills.

Complete Chapter 4

Everyone Needs Ambien
Defeat Mr. Hankey.

Complete Chapter 5

Boss Fight Achievements
Impotent Vengeance
Toot on an enemy faction leader while dead.

I’m sure you’ve found the Toot button, if not find the related achievement.
What we’re essentially trying to do is press the toot button, while being close enough to an enemy leader that just killed us. Many of them will push us away after incapacitating us.
There are multiple bosses to attempt this on, starting from the hardest to the easiest:
Kenny: He flies around, good luck catching him.
Cartman: Arena is huge, and difficult to catch the guy you spent the game chasing.
Kyle: Doable, while being downed, you can still be affected by the trampolines, drastically giving you much more mobility. So when he teleports, you can find trampoline to bounce yourself to him,
and if you miss, try to bounce yourself to another trampoline.
Stan: The easiest. Due to his low mobility, and ability to stunlock you to death, you can end up near him upon being incapacitated by him, spam that toot button, or, as a friendly revives you, he’ll go after them, so he’ll be in your toot radius soon enough. You can work with a friend to make this easier.

No Tears Now, Only Dreams
While Invisible, defeat a human boss with a melee attack.

Easy with any boss. Required that you draw the invisibility Bullsh!t card.
Best done with Double daggers for the mobility to jump-dive-stab them.

Defeat Stan within 25 minutes of starting your run.

Chapter 3 Speedrun
There are 2 combinations of 3 maps I have encountered for Chapter 3.
1. The Construction Yard
2. Jimbo and Ned’s errands
3. 5th Grader’s Junkyard
The Construction Yard is the fastest, and can be achieved running past enemies entirely.
Jimbo and Ned’s Errands requires teamwork and communication to cover the player who is
the mule for the fetch quest.
The 5th Grader’s Junkyard requires a damage dealing, speed killing, crew. Less communication
is necessary. If you have no friends, or are playing solo, I recommend a combination of 5th graders Junkyard and the construction yard. The Invisibility Bullsh!t card will be helpful for the Construction yard speedrun, while maxing out weapon damage in perks would help take out everything faster. The bubble shield will keep projectiles off you too. If you have friends, do jimbo and Ned’s Errands, just don’t dawdle or spend time exploring or looting, and it can be done easy.
I think the Movie Theater map, and Stan’s arena map is a requirement.

Know Thy Enemy
Defeat Cartman without damaging any stationary decoy.

Chapter 4 Boss fight.
It is recommended to attempt this solo, with bots. After you damage Cartman enough, he’ll spawn multiple decoys. Keep your bot team healed and avoid fighting decoys entirely. Let them shift through the decoys for you, until they find the right one. Then just kill Cartman when he’s revealed.

Clean Underwear
Kill 50 Pooplets in one battle.

Chapter 5 Boss fight.
Mr. Hankey will send endless little pooplets your way. They have low HP, so using the Axe’s swing attack or any AOE weapon will clear them easily for this achievement.

Coop Achievements
Grave Dancing
Dance while reviving an ally.

The default key for emotes on the keyboard is “Z.” hold down that key, and then left click, any dance or emote while reviving an ally.

Socially Transmitted Distraction
Start a run with someone who has Socially Transmitted Distraction. They say it started in a lab out in California somewhere.

I assume matchmaking randomly, or joining a friend who has this achievement will grant it. Ask and add people in the discussion forums also might work. You can add me and comment down below, and I’ll help you with it.

Weapon Achievements
Tap That Maple Syrup
Kill an Ent with Bleeding damage.

The Double Daggers weapons is probably required for this, which apply bleed on hit.
Ents, are 3 kids, stacked up pretending to be trees. Mainly encountered in chapter 1, but possibly a few in chapter 4 and beyond. Attack them to low health with your daggers, but don’t kill them. Allow the bleed status effect to get rid of them.

Death From Above
Defeat 10 enemies with weapon strikes from the air.

The best weapons are the Double Daggers or the Two-handed axe. Just keep jumping and dive bomb your enemies until the achievement pops.

Fields Of Flame
Set 4 or more enemies on fire with no more than 2 seconds in between each.

recommended to be done with the Wand ranged weapon, though can be done with other weapons. Upgrade cards can help if you’re really stuck with it.

Pirate Ship, Please!
Kill 3 enemies with cannonballs.

After Chapter 3, Henrietta Biggle(aka that fat goth chick) will spawn out of boredom next to the porta-potty. If not, progress the game further. She’ll offer several arena fights, where you take on waves of enemies. Cannons are found here, with cannon balls in large supply. It’s recommended to attempt this in arena fights, as cannon balls are generally precious for breaking frozen loot in the main campaign.

Power Achievements
Powdered Cheese Bath
Heal 150 points of damage with a single Healing Totem across any number of allies.

Requires the Healing Totem Power.
Best done in Coop. Communicate with friends, and play on Hard difficulty, they’ll rush to your Healing Totem when they are inevitably dying. Perks for increased max health as well as Upgrade cards for the Healing Totem are helpful but not required.

Put the Ass in Assassin
Fart on 3 Assassins using Fart Escape.

Requires the Fart Escape Power.
Assassins are encountered in just about every chapter, skulking around near the end of battles after your main fights with the swarmers. They’re invisible but make tracks through the snow. Spawning often in groups of 3, fart escape as soon as you encounter one, as it tracks.

The Green Seas
Make at least 4 enemies Vomit with no more than 1 second in between each.

Requires the Fart Escape Power.
Easily done, running into a swarm that has just spawned. If you’re really having no luck, the Suck @ss, or Lingerer upgrade cards might help.

Upgrade Card Required Achievement
Increase the rarity of 10 upgrades to Rare or better.

As the goal is quantity, rather than quality, pick uncommon rarity cards, and raise them to rare. Ignore rarer cards, unless you’re flush with toilet paper, and want to keep going. Recommend you have the Sweet-talker Perk, found at the bottom of the perks web so it would cost 30% less.

Acquire a Legendary Upgrade.

See Ultra-Legendary Below for more details

Acquire an Ultra-Legendary Upgrade.

The Sweet-talker Perk is always good. Power Bias Perks make the chance of drawing a legendary card higher. As well as the Ace in the hole Perk too. Usually, most players have enough TP by the end of any run to upgrade a card to Ultra-Legendary.

I’ll Do It Myself
Damage an enemy in your Event Horizon using your own projectile.

You are required to have the Gravity Bomb Power, and draw the Event Horizon Upgrade card.
Upon activation of the power, fire projectiles from your ranged weapon, into the orb as it travels forward. As I understand it, the Orb must cleanly move forward, damaging enemies, but without hitting a wall and explode for the achievement to pop.

Middle Management
Revive an ally with a Cheesed Necro.

You are required to have the Cheesing Power, and draw the Cheesy Zombies Upgrade card.
I am unsure of the exact conditions, beyond having a teammate downed, and them being revived by an enemy that your brought back to life to fight for your side. I recommend you find a glass cannon build friend, attempting to tank a horde, or have a bunch of friends leave the last enemy of to kill them. Cheese that enemy, and cheese some already dead enemies who are nearby, and have your friend keep close to those cheesed zombies for the revive. The AI is unpredictable, making this a little hard to orchestrate, So make sure they’re swarmers, as those enemies are quite predictable.

The Escher of Necromancy
Use Cheesy Zombies on a Necro.

You are required to have the Cheesing Power, and draw the Cheesy Zombies Upgrade card. And also, you need to be on Chapter 4 or higher.
Necromancers appear during and after chapter 4. Defeat them, and then Cheese them back to life.

Bullsh!t Card Required Achievements
Kill an enemy with an aerial attack after floating with Moon Jump for at least a second.

You are required to draw the Player Bullsh!t card “Moon Jump.” Upon activation, Jump, and melee an enemy who has lower health to kill them. Best pick the two-handed Axe for this, for the higher damage.

Van Helsing
Defeat 10 Vampire Kids.

Pray to RNGesus and hope that on your run, that the enemy picks the “vampires” Bullsh!t Card. If they do, you usually have 2 opportunities to take down 3 of them each time. Usually affecting Swarmers.

New Game+ Achievements
A New Rule
Finish a map with one extra Rulebook applied.

Upon completion of the game, you’ll be find Nicole, who will spawn on New game+ offering mutations to your run.

Find and activate every Rulebook across an entire run, and live to tell the tale.

Find Nicole every time she spawns, and beat the run.

Card Library and Upgrade Guides (wip)
I’m currently cropping and uploading all the cards INDIVIDUALLY, and it’s taking a long time. I hope to be done within a day.
But for now, here’s the pictures for ants

Page 1
Page 1 maxed out

Page 2
Page 2 maxed out

Page 3
Page 3 maxed out

Page 4
Page 4 maxed out

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