Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – Achievement and Spirits Guide

This guide will help you to find all Spirits in Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, so that you can achieve 100%.


Initial Achievements~ 🌟

Amateur Spiritographer

You have officially settled into your new home in Spirit City upon completing the tutorial. Welcome!

~ Just complete the Tutorial.

Amateur Spiritographer

Congratulations on your first level up, you have started your journey to becoming an accomplished Spiritographer.

~ Getting your first level.

Completing Tasks!

Complete your first Pomodoro Timer (Tomato). Remember to take a break afterwards!

~ Unlock this achievement by setting the in-game timer and letting the countdown complete.

Marking Achievements!

Check off your first task on your to-do list (and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!)

~ Unlock this achievement by adding a task to your ‘To Do’ list and marking it complete with a checkmark.”

Level Achievements~ ✨

These achievements are simple to understand: just reach these levels, to earn xp just complete the daily tasks and discovering new spirits yields a lot of XP. Additionally, you also earn XP over time while the game is open, albeit at a slower rate.

Erudite Spiritographer

Reached level 10, you begin to impress those around you with your knowledge about Spirits.

Proficient Spiritographer

Reached level 20, Spiritography has started to become something natural for you.

Veteran Spiritographer

Reached level 30, Spirits begin to gather near you thanks to your wisdom and care.

Expert Spiritographer

Reached level 40, your Spiritography colleagues see you as the expert of the residence.

Genius Spiritographer

Reached level 50, you are practically a walking encyclopedia for everything related to Spirits.

Achievements of the Spirits~ ✨

When you start your adventure in Spirit City, you already get a Spirit to accompany you. But the game is full of other Spirits for you to discover! To find them, just stay tuned to the clues the game gives you. They are the key to unlocking the mysteries and finding the hidden Spirits.

Additionally, it is important to increase your level in the game to unlock Spirit tips. By completing these tips, you will be able to find and acquire the corresponding Spirit. Remember: there is no point trying to complete the clues without having the necessary level to unlock the corresponding Spirit.

One last reminder: it doesn’t happen instantly. When you get the Activity, Lighting, and Sound exactly right for the Spirit, check the Spiritidex icon. If it is “charging”, it means the spirit is being attracted. So, you need to keep things like this until the spirit appears. This requires a little patience.

I will be updating the list according to my unlocking.⚠️

For example, let’s talk about Dust Bunny:

The clue you get is ” I’ve been hearing strange noises under my bed at night, I’m wondering what it could be. ” Now, think about it: what Lighting and Activity matches this tip?  .

Then that’s it! Explore, discover and have fun searching for your favorite Spirits in Spirit City! If possible, try not to see the answers right away. It will be even more fun!

Spirit Lover

Create a spirit pet for the first time. ~ Just enter the Wardrobe, and in the spirit tab create your first spirit.


Discovered Goopii

You have unlocked Goopii as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: My desk has been strangely clean lately, I even think I’m missing some supplies.

Answer: Activity → Desk.

Discovered Dust Bunny

You have unlocked Dust Bunny as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: I’ve been hearing strange noises under my bed at night, I’m wondering what it could be.

Answer: Lighting → Night, Activity → Bed.

Discovered Earlybirb

You have unlocked Earlybirb as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: The last few mornings, I’ve been waking up to a curious chirping sound.

Answer: Lighting → Morning, Activity → Bed, Sounds → Birds Singing.

Discovered Hedgelog

You have unlocked Hedgelog as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: This spirit seems to only live in hot, very hot places.

Answer: Activity → Fireplace, Sounds → Cozy fireplace.

Discovered Arachknit

You have unlocked Arachknit as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: As the light dims, I keep stepping on scattered pieces of loose knitting yarn.

Answer 1: → Activity: Knitting in the fireplace.
Answer 2: → Activity: Knitting on the bay window.

Discovered Chapterpillar

You have unlocked Chapterpillar as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: Whenever I’m reading, I feel the presence of something over my shoulder.

Answer: Activity → Reading in the bay window.

Discovered Moonpaw

You have unlocked Moonpaw as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: On windy nights, it almost feels like something is howling at the moon.

Answer: Lighting → Night, Sounds → Soothing Wind.

Discovered Drizzlefin

You have unlocked Drizzlefin as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: I heard an old legend about a spirit with watery eyes… “When the sky cries and the stars come out to play, you can find them swimming among the drops.”

Answer: Lighting → Night, Activity → Bay Window, Sounds → Gentle Rain.

Discovered Kettlebrew

You have unlocked Kettlebrew as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: There is a lot of talk about a spirit that greets the day with a cup of tea by the fire.

Answer: Lighting → Day, Activity → Fireplace (I don’t know, but the Kettlebrew layout is giving me a headache, I ended up leaving it like that, sorry, I don’t know why it’s like that…)


Discovered Trashnuki

You have unlocked Trashnuki as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: This hungry spirit may be attracted to the sound of cooking around lunchtime.

Answer: Lighting → Afternoon, Sounds → Pleasant Squeaks.


Discovered Bulbee

You have unlocked Bulbee as a new spirit companion.

Tips:During thunderstorms, I noticed lights flashing in strange patterns.

– Answer: Sounds → Roaring Thunder


Discovered Sunquill

You have unlocked Sunquill as a new spirit companion.

Tips: There is enchanted music coming from the forest when the sun sets.

– Answer: Lighting → Afternoon, Sounds → Night Forest

Discovered Vootodoo

You have unlocked Vootodoo as a new spirit companion.

Tips: This spirit haunts those who procrastinate too much in bed.

– Answer: Activity → Bed → Navigating

Discovered Inkster

You have unlocked Inkster as a new spirit companion.

– Tip: I heard about a spirit that could help me overcome my writing block.

– Answer: Activity → Desk → Writing

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