SteamWorld Build: Guide & Tips for 100% Completion

SteamWorld Build 100% guide, including tips and tricks! I have 100% of the trophies and I want to give some recommendations to help others.


100% of trophies in general

In general the trophies are easy, but there are a few that are difficult. I have all the trophies for this game and I hope to share some general ideas. In the photos, the theme is Jungle Bolts and the language I play in is Spanish. (I speak English and Spanish)

What are the tumble weeds?

The trophy to obtain 100 tumble weeds is a little difficult, as I had no idea what they looked like or how to find them. In general they spawn in the outskirts of your city and factories. If you need this trophy, don’t build anything on a section of the map and every two minutes or so one will spawn. Visit this space on the map to collect them easier. In my experience, there are two on the map at once. There is a light/glow around the tumble weeds so you can find them easier.

New game

Your choice of the map is important, because there are rewards for winning on each map. In the photo, the reward is a reduced time before the train comes to your city.

The store

The store refreshes every time the train passes by and it offers upgrades and boosts for your city. As I mentioned before, there are rewards for completing maps. One of the rewards creates discounts in the store and another creates a chance for a free item!

Free roads

The trophy for placing many roads is difficult without the reward from the map called Grand gully, the reward is all roads become free! In my opinion, this is necessary for the trophy.

The enemies and the trophy for winning without using turrets
The enemies are in the mine. When there is a attack incoming, the enemies appear in the “base” which is a pit/hole (its in the photo).
For the trophy for winning without using turrets, I recommend using the wooden support beams to act as a shield for the rest of your mine. Place many, many of them around the spawn point and let them be destroyed while your troops kill the enemies. You will need many logging camps for this.

The city

You can move your buildings at any time for free, Don’t have any fear trying new layouts in your city!

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