Age of Empires IV: How to Group and Ungroup Units

You might been browsing the internet by searching how to ungroup your units. Or you just started playing and you’re new to the game. Here some tips that might help:   How to group units Select required units (you can also mix types) and press Ctrl+1 (or any other number … Read More

Age of Empires IV: How to Rebind Locked Hotkeys

Since we do not know when the devs are going to patch this, there is a way to gain access to specific hotkeys that are currently locked.   Tutorial Create a new control profile in AOE4. If anything goes wrong, you can delete this profile again. Make your desired changes … Read More

Age of Empires IV: How to Turn Off Chat Filter

Here is a simple guide on how to disable chat filter. if you think it is annoying.   How to Turn Off Chat Filter in Age of Empires IV 1) Go to C:\Users\((USERNAME))\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV 2) Scroll down to and open up this file, configuration_system.lua ,in notepad 3) … Read More