Bitburner: DevMenu Achievement Guide

Some code to get the achievement hackers! Instructions below! Go to your home computer and type this: nano devmenu.ns Now just copy and paste the code from this guide into it and save it. Then you can go to your home computer again and run it: run devmenu.ns Now you should see that you got … Read more

Bitburner: Automation for Hacknet Nodes

Full Automation for Hacknet nodes that is looking for the most profitable upgrade and choosing it. How it works Algorithm is looking for the most profitable ratio. Ratio = Production growth divided by Upgrade Cost Production growth = Production after upgrade divided by Current production I recommend you to pass bigger loop iteration time (e.g. 100 000) or leave the default to let hacknet … Read more

Bitburner: Early Hacknet Auto Management Script

Early Hacknet Auto Management Script.   Early Hacknet Auto Management Script NOTE: This script will buy new nodes or upgrade your current nodes depending on which you can afford. Create a script: nano WhateverTheNameIs.js Copy past the code: /** @param {NS} ns **/ export async function main(ns) { while (true) { for (var i = … Read more

Bitburner: Early Game Guide (Spoiler Free)

Finished the tutorial and wondering how to progress? Want to improve your hacking script or maybe you want to start automating other parts of the game? This is a spoiler free guide that points you in the right direction.   Hacking scripts: How to improve 1: Follow the tutorial In addition the the ingame tutorial, … Read more