Bitburner: DevMenu Achievement Guide

Some code to get the achievement hackers!
Instructions below!

Go to your home computer and type this:

nano devmenu.ns

Now just copy and paste the code from this guide into it and save it.
Then you can go to your home computer again and run it:

run devmenu.ns

Now you should see that you got the achievement!
Don’t forget to kill the script with:

kill devmenu.ns

THIS is the important code to get the achievement:

 /** @param {NS} ns **/

let getProps = (obj) => Object.entries(obj).find(entry => entry[0].startsWith("__reactProps"))[1].children.props;
let hasPlayer = (obj) => 
		return getProps(obj).player ? true : false;
		return false;

export async function main(ns) {
	let boxes = Array.from(eval("document").querySelectorAll("[class*=MuiBox-root]"));
	let box =  boxes.find(x => hasPlayer(x));

		ns.tprintf("INFO className: \"" + box.className + "\"");

		let props = getProps(box);

		// get a 10% cash bonus = * 1.1;

		//  open dev menu

By Scrzbbles ⸜(ؔᶿധؔᶿ)⸝

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