DAVE THE DIVER: Blue Hole Depths Map (Items and Seahorse)

Here is a detailed map for finding seahorse or items in ‘Blue Hole Depths’. Before releasing the map, I’d like to explain the brief information. * As you can see, there are two deep-sea types, and there are three arrangements for each type. * ‘White seahorses’ might appear in up … Read More

DAVE THE DIVER: How To Find/Get The Runaway Seahorses

Where specifically to find each seahorse in the sea people village 🙂   Bug Net To be able to catch the seahorses, you have to complete the “Reticent Girl” quest, which unlocks the bug net. An NPC named Lichen (found in the arcade) will give you this quest. Hedgehog Seahorse … Read More

DAVE THE DIVER: MARINCA Completionist Guide (All Fish)

This guide will walk you through each page of the MARINCA to help you find the fishes that you’re missing. It also goes over special conditions for catching certain fish, and explains how to get ⭐⭐⭐ quality fish. To use this guide, start by jumping to the section of the … Read More