Dead by Daylight: All Reward Codes

This is the most simple, straight forward guide for current and all upcoming codes and anything important to Dead By Daylight.   ALL WORKING CODES # MakeMeCryo = Frosty Eyes for The Oni and The Plague # COLDSTARE = Frosty Eyes for The Twins, The Blight and The Deathslinger # ICEYYOU = Frosty Eyes for … Read more

Dead by Daylight: All Menu Screens

This guide shows (hopefully, eventually) every main menu screen throughout Dead by Daylight’s history If you have pictures to add leave a comment so I can get them from you! Additionally if you find any dates are inaccurate make sure to let me know. This list is not exhaustive and is a work in progress … Read more

Dead by Daylight: Free Bloodpoints and Charms Redeem Codes (October 2021)

October 29 | I’ll post the latest codes as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss on any juicy bloodpoints and charms then make sure to follow the guide.   Current Codes Bloodpoint codes: SCREAMSTREAM ⮞ 100K Bloodpoints [Expires 2021.10.29] WITCHPLEASE ⮞ 1 Bloodpoint [Expires 2021.10.31] TREATYOURSELF ⮞ 100k Bloodpoints [Expires 2021.10.31] HALLOWHOOPS ⮞ 1031 Bloodpoints [Expires 2021.10.31] NOTATRICK ⮞ 100k Bloodpoints [Expires … Read more