Dead by Daylight: All Secret Golden Toolboxes Locations 2021

This time i’ll be showing you all the current golden toolboxes location across all the maps.


Haddonfield – Lampkin Lane
This is where all began, the first golden toolbox was added in the Halloween chapter back in 2016 when finding these were really easy.

Pale Rose – Backwater Swamp
Second toolbox added only in the Pale Rose under one of the stairs to the upper floor of the ship

Gas Heaven – Autohaven Wreckers
We can find this one among the junk cars

Father Campbell’s Chapel – Crotus Prenn Asylum
This one is hidden on the carriage wheel

Badham Preschool – Springwood
This one is easy to spot but it’s only available in “Badham preschool I”, you won’t be able to see it on Badham Preschool II or III.

Fractured Cowshed – Coldwind Farm
This one is really easy to ignore since it’s on top of the Cowshed

Groaning Storehouse – The MacMillan Estate
This one is hidden behind a box in the storehouse

Family Residence – Yamaoka Estate
This one is on top too but way more discernible

Mother’s Dwelling – Red Forest
This one is really hard to get by accident, it’s really well hidden among the bushes and you can see it partially

The Game – Gideon Meat Plant
The next Golden Toolbox is under the bed of Jigsaw’s room

Léry’s Memorial Institute – Treatment Theatre
This one is one of the most difficult Golden Toolboxes to find, it’s behind the fourth chair in a crack of the wall

Midwich Elementary School – Silent Hill
In order to see this golden toolbox you must follow some steps:
1: Get one survivor downed before triggering the end game collapse
2: Trigger the end game collapse (By repairing all gens or just closing the hatch)
3: Go to the chemestry room and wait until the final phase of the end game collapse
WARNING: The survivor must remain downed in order to make the end game collapse last as much as possible.

Hawkins National Laboratory – The Underground Complex
Same as midwich in order to see the Hawkin’s golden toolbox we must trigger the end collapse.
The toolbox is inside of one of the boxes in the otherside portal room

Dead Dawg Saloon – Grave of Glenvale
This golden toolbox is a mystery, it’s located inside the water tower and can be seen during a short period of time through a crack in the wall at the very beginning of the match

Some people believe that there is a way to trigger something in order to get that golden toolbox out of the tower but nothing has been found yet.
Here it’s before it starts moving:
And here it’s after it moved all the way up and down:
As you can see the golden toolbox changed it’s position, i’m not sure if this means something or it was just a coincidence or not.

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