DeadPoly: How to Find Bunker 11

Below is a concise handbook designed to assist individuals in locating the bunker. It particularly benefits those with neurodivergent tendencies who may find visual aids more comprehensible than textual instructions, as well as others seeking guidance if they encounter difficulties. Please bear in mind that the Bunker 11 key-card can … Read More

DeadPoly: Secrets, Easter Eggs, and Achievements Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to get all secrets, easter eggs and achievements. Spoiler Alert!!!   Secrets / Easter Eggs How do I get the Open the Press tool and hover over the blank squares to the left of each ammo type. It’s hidden in one of them. … Read More

DeadPoly FAQs (Gameplay, Online PVP, adn Developement)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for DeadPoly.   General Gameplay What are spark plugs for / where do I find them? Spark plugs are found as random drops on zombies, dumpsters, on the ground etc. They are not found from hitting cars while salvaging scraps. They are … Read More