DeadPoly FAQs (Gameplay, Online PVP, adn Developement)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for DeadPoly.


General Gameplay

What are spark plugs for / where do I find them?
Spark plugs are found as random drops on zombies, dumpsters, on the ground etc. They are not found from hitting cars while salvaging scraps. They are used as a component to create the Item Salvager tool.

What is the Item Salvager and what can be salvaged?
This tool is made at a basic work bench and is used to recycle unwanted objects and returns metal, brass, plastic and wood depending on objects recycled. Currently guns are the primary objects that can be salvaged (a few other items can also be scrapped) but more is planned for the future. When in doubt; just try to scrap something.

I can’t craft the Item Salvager but have all of the parts?
The recipe calls for the Blue car battery, the orange battery will not work. Additionally make sure to have the required tools (in addition to the component pieces). Make sure all parts are in the inventory of the workbench before attempting to craft.

What is the “Box of Nails” for?
Right click and ‘open’ it to receive 25 nails. Nails are used to build various items at the work bench. Nails can also be crafted with metal at the Anvil tool.

How do I get into Bunker 11/24 and the flower shop?
Keys are hidden amongst a few locations throughout the map. Whether or not they appear at any given time is random (but the possible locations are the same). The #tips-and-tricks section of the Discord has a map pinned with all known locations.

What’s inside the shipping crate hanging over the junk yard (the crane)?
Nothing yet.

How do I get metal(s)?
1. Hit cars to retrieve scrap
2. With a wirecutters in your inventory; walk up to a light post and ‘salvage’.
3. Put recyclable objects in the Item Salvager

Where do I find ______?
Chances are it’s a random drop. Keep looking and you’ll find it.

What is ______ used for?
Some items in the world are only used for selling to traders. Such items include orange car batteries, flash drives, floppy disks, etc. The Twinkle Pastry can be eaten as a regular food but holds more value when sold to the food vendor, he really likes them.

Can I stash things in dumpsters, on bodies, etc?
Yes but not for long. They will de-spawn each night.

What is the best food to keep stock piles of?
Bananas for a well-rounded use case. Pumpkins for greatest quantity of hunger revived.

How can I loot faster / Is there anything better than ‘drag and drop’?
Hold the CTRL button on your keyboard while clicking items being looted.

What do the different numbers for armor rating mean?
The first number is the general armor points for the gear item. The second number (in parenthesis) is the value against armor piercing ammo. Ex: A trench helmet of “10 (2)” provides 10 points to general causes of damage such as zombie hits and the (2) protects from AP bullet damage.

Map (Garden City):
Credits on the map go to Jaypkral#2763, Kuty and Mantaloh.

Online PvP

How do I find out someones name?
You either ask them or read it on their dead body. There are no plans to add usernames on the living (hovering over head / etc.)

I keep getting killed, how do I stay alive?
Sneak more, run in the middle of the street less.

What’s the best gun for PvP?
1. The one you have ammo for
2. The one that has a silencer
3. The one that fits the needs of your mission
Assuming all those criteria are met try this:
Bunker Raiding: Any sword
Player Base Raiding: AK is slightly better than M4
General Supply Runs/Looting: Mosin (they’re common and powerful, losing your gun on death isn’t very detrimental)
Base Defense: Anything

What is the difference betweek the AK203 and the AKM?
AKM has slightly higher rate of fire and slightly more recoil.
AK203 has slightly less rate of fire and slightly less recoil.
Which is better? Personal preferences…

What is the difference between the SCAR-H and SCAR-L?
Ammo type. L is 5.56 and H is 7.62.

How do I quickly reload during a fire fight?
Pre-pack some spare magazines and use “R”. Using R without additional loaded mags will not work.

How do I shoot faster (full auto)?
Guns that support full auto default to semi-auto. The default button to select fire is “B”.

There are two 9x19mm suppressors in the game: what’s the difference?
The short 9mm sup. works on the 1911 and the long sup. works on the Vector.

How can I craft armor piercing ammo?
AP ammo can only be acquired via random drop. If you do not use a given type of AP ammo it can be recycled in the Press tool for brass and gun powder.

What’s the best way to secure a base?
There’s nothing you can do to fully stop someone who truly wants to get in- all you can do is buy time and test their will to bother raiding you. Here are some broad tips to help:
1. You base is only as strong as it’s weakest point. Making a ‘bigger’ base doesn’t make it stronger (it may actually make it weaker)
2. There’s no nead to wall off windows if people can’t fit through them. It’s cheaper to board them up (to prevent people seeing in) than using full metal/wood/brick walls.
3. Metal > Brick > Wood
4. Get a Base Flag up ASAP. Prevent people from building into your zone.
5. If you don’t have a roof you don’t have a base.
6. Leave some select ‘cracks’ to shoot through. If you can’t shoot out of your base you won’t be able to defend it from inside.

How do I save my base?
Base fortifications don’t really de-spawn from the world unless your base has been raided by another player who destroyed your walls/doors. You can craft a “Base Flag” at the basic work bench. This flag, when placed, will prevent other non-team members from building in the zone and can add teammates to the base who may build and respawn at its location. There’s an option to see the radius of your buildzone while interacting with the flag – check it quickly though as everyone nearby will also be able to see it.


How big is the development team?
So far it’s a one man project brought to you by Kamron#0024.

What are the player models/art style from the game?
The models are from Synty Studios. Kamron (the dev) owns every pack they offer and pieces from each can be found throughout the game.

Will there be more/bigger maps?
Yes, they are being worked on right now (June 2022).

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