TEKKEN 8: How to Remote Steam Play

There was official support for steam remote play during the demos and beta version of the game.
however the official version of the game today does not have steam play enable.

This guide is for people that want to 1 v 1 their friends that don’t have the game or don’t have a powerful enough PC for the game.


Remote Play Whatever

This application will be your best friend during this guide as only the host will need to download this and not your friends, as your friends will just need to accept the invitation to remote play.

(this guide can be applied on any game on steam that doesn’t have steam remote play just like Tekken 8)
(This can also work to remote play games that are non-steam games on steam)

Part 1

Download the latest version here:

(Make sure its the one that is .zip at the end)


Part 2

Extract zip file to your desktop and open exe file.

Part 3

Open “RemotePlayTogether” exe. file and choose your invitation method.


Now try and not sugarcoat your friends

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