The Adventures of The Black Hawk: Achievement Guide 100%

A guide to complete the game unlocking every achievement, for speedrunning and/or second (or later) runs.


A little foreword and previous considerations

  • This guide is intended to get every achievement by speedrunning (as much as that concept is possible on a graphic adventure), but not to enjoy the game as it was conceived, because it will make you skip conversations and descriptions that are honestly worth seeing. Do not follow it until your head is really spinning and you cannot even tell your right hand from your left one anymore.
  • I will specifically mention only the missable trophies (or those obtained at a very specific moment during the game) and not each one of the twenty-five that the game has, because most of them are achieved by your normal game progression.
  • Look at everything, use everything, and talk to everyone (several times if necessary). Remember that many dialogue lines and/or actions get unlocked only after other previous talks or actions, so if you get stuck, make sure you have exhausted all those paths, as what may be blocking your progress is precisely that you have not talked to someone or repeated an action that your character previously could not find purposeful.
  • Save your game frequently, every time you can and/or make a small progress, because you can get a game over many times during your gameplay.
  • Consider making a cheat sheet with the codes, on paper or on your phone, as the game will ask for a code every time you start it and this way you won’t have to always open the manual pdf. This is especially useful if you are playing on Steam Deck because, although the device perfectly supports this game, this title is designed to be played on PC, so you won’t be able to open both the game and the manual at the same time on your Steam Deck.
  • If you really feel like speedrunning (or you are doing an extra run to get all the achievements), remember cutscenes can be skipped by pressing ESC, and conversations can be sped up by clicking your mouse or directional keys from your keyboard. Also, and only in the case I mention, I recommend speeding up the game so Jean Pierre and Violette will run as the count’s horses when they are really high on Fire Grog (in such case, I play with the speed three quarters up).

Part I

Once you have control of Jean Pierre (right after the initial scenes), start by picking up several items in the courtyard of the country house: the crowbar (among the tools leaning against the stable), the laundry (to the right of the stable) and the mushrooms (at the lower right end of the scene, next to the river). Then, open the door of the house (or, rather, try to) and talk to Mathieu to ask him for some help to get in. He will give you a wire that you will use as a lockpick to enter the premise.

Now that you’re inside the house, take whatever is in the sacks and the scissors (on the shelf above them) right next to the door. On the nearby bookshelf, take the bottle of wine and the recipe book (take a look at the books, then pick it up). From the next shelf (the one between the book shelf and the fireplace), take the frying pan and the rag hanging from the basket (on the floor). Take the jar from the dining table and, behind it, the corkscrew (some good old pixel hunting there). Also, take a sword from the display above the fireplace.

Open (or look at) the recipe book you just picked up from the shelf three times, until you see the drawing of the “Sleeping Beauty” recipe and return to the yard, where you must take an egg from the nest (inside the henhouse) and place it on the plate on the courtyard table. While you wait for it to rot, open the bottle with the corkscrew, use it with the jar, and use the mushroom with the frying pan. Also, use the clothes you have in the inventory, automatically storing your Black Hawk outfit there. When the egg shows up as “rotten egg”, take it from the plate and use it with the frying pan, then return inside the house to use the frying pan on the fireplace. You are now ready to leave the country house and head to the village.

After watching LeComeau scolding the cops at the checkpoint (at the forest crossroads) talk to both agents to find out that you need a safe conduct to access the village, and offer the big guy to bring him something to eat and drink. Then use the frying pan with the log-table and give the jar to the big guy. In seconds, they will fall like the walls of Jericho and you will be able to hit the town (on the left side of the screen).

As you reach the village, you will see the town crier and a party of three people listening to him. Talk (several times) to the lady carrying a basket of lemons until she tells you she is looking for her father and knows positively he is in the tavern but does not want to go in there. Being the gentleman you are, offer to look for her father for her, but do not enter the tavern yet. Instead, enter the house with the big door, to the left of the tavern, which happens to be Jean Pierre’s mansion in the village.

Once inside the mansion, and after the scene with Marie, head to the arch on the far right of the screen to access the garden and pick up the bucket. Return inside and go up the stairs, entering the door on the right (Jean Pierre’s bedroom). Open the wardrobe to take the evening suit and also take the black tulip from the vase on the table in the center of the room. Then examine the painting on the right (partially covered by the bed canopy) and try to open it, then use the crowbar on it and look inside the secret stash you just discovered. After taking everything in there, close the painting and leave the house.

Go to your left, where you will see a young man standing guard in the neighboring house, next to his faithful dog. For now, we will ignore this boy and continue to the square and church of the town. Look at the sign next to the church door and try to open the entrance. Return to the young lad with the dog and exhaust all possible conversations with him.

Now, enter the tavern. After enjoying the most strange (and offensive) welcome from the little chubby man in green (Hubert Hulot), talk to the patrons as you make your way to the bar, remembering to ask them if they are Julie’s father (they will all deny such thing). In the middle of this round of conversations, a stunning young redhead lady will enter and scold the guy in green who greeted you so rudely. Ignore her for now, because we need more information on her (although she will eventually talk to you to apologize for the behavior of the aforementioned little man, who turns out to be her father, and thank you for not reporting him). Before talking to that statuesque ruby goddess, it is vital to talk to the man standing by the fireplace (Pascal LaBaguette), because he will tell you more about the girl (such as her fantasizing about the Black Hawk and what her favorite flower is) as well as finding out that Olivier (the boy with the dog) is also the city’s altar boy. Then, having asked all the customers at the tables if they are Julie’s father, head to the bar and give the flower to Violette (thus obtaining the achievement “La Vie en Dutch”, which can only be achieved at this point in the game). Exhaust the conversations with the three characters at the bar (tavernkeeper, Hubert, and Violette) and notice the sign on the right column of the bar (the menu), under which, yet again with a little good pixel hunting, you will find a piece of charcoal. Take it and use it on the “wanted” sign near the entrance of the tavern (you can use it on any of the signs in the village, throughout the first act, but this way you will unlock the achievement “Like One of Your French Girls” without even leaving the premises).

Leave the tavern and return to Olivier, to whom you will ask about being an altar boy and if he can open the church for you. Talk to him again so that he reiterates that he wants a reward, but, on this second occasion, he will tell you exactly what he wants: his dog is hungry, so Olivier wants you to bring him food.

Since you’re on the street, take the opportunity to tell Julie (the young lady with the lemon basket, next to the town crier) that you could not find her father in the tavern. She will now tell you the necessary data to identify the rascal.

Return to the tavern and look at the drunkard who has a huge food bowl before him and occasionally drinks from a jar. Position yourself nearby so you can grab the leftovers from his bowl just as he takes a sip (he always wipes his mouth with his sleeve before drinking). Then go to the central table with two customers and talk to the one with his back to the fireplace (the gray-bearded man with the orange striped shirt) to discover that he is Bastien (Julie’s father) and, thus, deliver the message from his daughter.

Go out again to the street to talk one last time with Julie and let her know that you have fulfilled her request, a favor she will thank you by giving you a lemon. Return to the tavern, give the lemon to the tavernkeeper (who will cut it in half for you) and head to your country house.

Use the bucket with the river next to the house and enter it, where you will use the lemon on the scroll and then this one with the candle on the table. Read the text on the scroll and return to the village, where you will go straight to Olivier to give the half-rotten leftovers to the poor dog, who will devour them in a flash. Olivier will then trust you with the key.

Open the church entrance with the key Olivier, get inside, and try to take the little bell from the wall (next to the entrance) which will result in you only taking the rope (what we were actually interested in). Head to the confessional, look at it, and use the bucket on it. When the hungover priest comes out, exhaust every conversation with him and then give him the coins you took from the stash behind the painting in your bedroom. Ask him again about the gossip of the town, which he will sing like the great late Alfredo Kraus (even with an encore).

Now head to your bedroom in the mansion to use the evening suit, so you can attend the party at Montluçon Palace. There will be a small but important cutscene after which you can head to the party in question.

Part II

Talk to everyone about everything, take the candle extinguisher from the side table, try to access the hallway next to the mirror (until that butler, Alfred, tells you he won’t leave his post without a written order to do so) and talk to the host (the guy in black in the first group of three men) until he tells you that the Marquise is in the piano room.

Go upstairs and talk to the guard until you tell him that, to honor his intelligence, you will tell him the whereabouts of the Black Hawk. He will leave immediately. Look at the two paintings in the hallway and try to open both doors. Pick up the quill from the table and use it with the inkwell (again, pixel hunting), then use the quill with the notebook. Pick up the note and go downstairs.

Talk to the ladies to find out where the piano is and then give the note to Alfred (next to the mirror), who will reject it because it is not sealed. Go to the Marquis to have him seal the note, which he will not do.

Head upstairs and knock on the right door (which happens to be the one on the left), exhausting every possible conversation with the Marquise, after which you will go back to the party.

Talk to the ladies, to the gentleman with the cane and then to the Marquis, to get the juicy story of the characters from the portraits in the upper floor. Now armed with fresh gossip, go upstairs, knock on the door and let the Marquise know your findings, after which she will let you in. Once in the piano room, use the candle extinguisher with the candles and, while it is dark, take the wig and dress (and combine them in your inventory). Then ask the Marquise to seal the note because the Marquis asked you to, because it would be an honor to have something from her, continuing with “has it been so evident?” and top it all by asking her to seal it so you can keep it “as a token of our undying love”.

Once we get the sealed note, go downstairs and talk to the man on the left of the trio at the far right of the room, to learn a few things about a lodge in the village. After finishing that conversation, give the sealed note to the butler by the mirror and, once he leaves, open the mirror, get in the secret corridor, close the mirror, and head to the painting right behind our host’s group (the portrait of Robespierre). Now having all the intel we need, go back to the mirror, but do not open it. LeComeau will enter looking for Jean Pierre, and we should wait until we hear the harpsichord melody again to open the mirror and exit safely. Leave the Palace now.

Note: If Jean Pierre refuses to leave the party, it means we haven’t talked enough with the guy who should tell us about the lodge. Once Jean Pierre knows everything he needs, he will allow us to leave.

Jean Pierre will then sum up everything he has learned so far. We must then use the lady outfit we stole from the Marquise and head to the tavern. Before entering, the guards we drugged at the beginning of the game will show up, but believing us to be a helpless damsel, they will leave us alone. You will get a game over if they find you dressed as Jean Pierre.

We will now enter the tavern and talk to the tavernkeeper about everything, enduring his shameless harassment until he agrees to let us make a trial menu, after which we will go to the kitchen and exhaust all options with Bruno, the cook. Once Bruno tells us that he is only waiting to serve the omelet to go home, but he is missing an ingredient, we will leave the kitchen and head to the base of the tavern’s entrance stairs, where we will look at the sacks, then ask the tavernkeeper for the final ingredient, and he will deny that it is the one we just saw. Return to the sacks and repeat the operation twice until we ask if the missing ingredient is gasoline, which he will agree upon. Head back to the sacks, take the gasoline, and talk to the tavernkeeper again to tell him we know he is lying. Get in the kitchen and talk to Bruno about everything possible until he spills the beans about the lodge meetings. After exhausting all his conversation, we give him the gasoline so he will finish the omelet and leave. Then, we push the pantry cabinet (to the left of the kitchen), revealing a hatch that we will open to access the basement.

In the basement, after the initial scene, we will put on our Black Hawk outfit and, after some new phrases, the matching mask. After the surprise and disbelief of those present, we will use our sword. Then we will see a mournful cutscene from Jean Pierre’s childhood, after which we will talk about everything with everyone (starting with the two characters on the left) until we know that Violette is as happy as can be since she spoke with Jean Pierre and, most importantly, that one of the guys can get us plenty of gunpowder for our future plans. We will then talk with Hubert Hulot, exhausting all options and talking to him again several times until we establish that the group’s plan will be blowing up the bridge the next morning, as the royal carriage passes by. Everyone will agree to meet at the bridge in a few hours, so we will pick our sword from the portrait and use the ladder to leave the premises.

As we leave the tavern and head towards our country house, we will have our first sword fight. After defeating the enemy, we will be able to go to our country place to rest for a little while (now for real).

After the scene with Mathieu, we will use the wire on the storage cabinet (near the fireplace) and then, pull the rope and use it from the inventory with the little spike next to Jean Pierre; that will open the secret compartment where we will get our musket from. We will then get to the yard and pick the saw from the side of the small storage shed next to the house and also take a wood log at the opposite side of the property (next to the woodshed). Head to the village and, once there, to the bridge (through the arch next to the tavern), then to the opposite side of the bridge.

Try to lift the checkpoint barrier until a threatening rifle emerges from the sentry, then talk to the hat until its owner comes out and tell us of his lovesickness, for what we will venture every possible solution. Then say goodbye (“I forgot to purchase the bread”) and return to your country house, where you should use the scissors with the rag and, then, the yellow dye with the proto-vest resulting. Dip that into the washbasin (at the country house living room). Once it has become a tinted vest, pick it up and go to the forest crossroads to use it with the purple flowers in the center of the screen. Head back to our little friend and give him the high-visibility (and lavender-scented!) vest. After that, talk to Napoleon again until he asks you for something to make him taller without looking feminine. Use the saw with the log and the resulting two wood blocks with the rope. Give him the stilts and he will leave, leaving you free to roam around.

Go down the left end of the screen to the riverbank, where some lodge comrades await you. Exhaust all dialogue options (with all characters), then use the corkscrew with the gunpowder barrel that your companion has just given you and try to use it with the base of the bridge. Jean Pierre will refuse because the ground is wet, so look at the base of the tree and take some dry leaves, then use them with the base of the bridge. Then use the gunpowder barrel with the base of the bridge (or with the dry leaves), and again the barrel with the base of the bridge so he places the remaining gunpowder there. Talk to Violette and, after the short (but emotional) chat, Pascale will come down to warn that the royal carriage is approaching, at which point you should use the musket with the gunpowder on the ground. After succeeding in blowing up the bridge, give your musket to Violette and go back to the checkpoint, where you will see a cutscene that will conclude this part.

Part III

You will now control Violette. Talk about everything with Hubert and Pascale. Then, take her to the open door in that screen, and once inside, talk to the baker about everything. Take a bread roll from the shelf, the cutting board from the table, and after closing the door, the broom. Open the sack on the counter to get a rope. Use the broom with the cutting board and the rope to get a baking shovel, but don’t give it to the baker yet. Leave the bakery.

Head to the tavern and, once again, exhaust all dialogue options with the tavernkeeper until he gives you the whereabouts of Adelaide and promises to reveal a secret route to the prison. Before leaving, pick up the business card (a small green one, under the bench) and look at the sacks under the stairs to try to grab their contents (Violette won’t do it).

Leave the tavern and talk to the beggars by the door (again, exhaust every option). Then go to the house where Olivier was standing guard before and knock on the door. An old woman (Adelaide Margot) will come out, whom you must convince to reveal the Fire Grog recipe (the right phrases are: are you Adelaide, forgive me you’re right, he acted in good faith, I agree, he asked me to blackmail you, this is not what you think, I only need to know if you are Adelaide, help me kind lady, what if I could get you a job? and I leave you to rest).

Now you have to go back and forth to the bakery and Adelaide’s, and sweet talk them both until the baker hires the lady and she, upon knowing she has a job, provides you with the Fire Grog recipe inside her house. Take advantage of the visit and steal a garlic right by her door, and also the nearby lantern from the wall (open it to see that it still contains kerosene).

Return to the baker, ask him for some flour (which he won’t give you) then give him the shovel you crafted before, taking advantage of his consequent absence to pick up a handful of said flour.

Go back to the tavern and take the chili pepper from the green plate on the table with a tablecloth, then enter the kitchen and take the slice of pepperoni stuck to the wall and the gasoline from the pan. Look at (and try to pick up) the sacks under the stairs, next to the entrance, to learn the beggars have already taken all the red dye.

Head to the church, get to the altar and look at the chalice. When the priest has left the screen, pick the chalice up and use it with the garlic, flour, chili pepper, pepperoni, gasoline, and lantern (the Grog Fire ingredients you have obtained so far). Before leaving, use the chalice with the baptismal font to add the ‘mystical elixir’ needed for the recipe.

Return to Adelaide’s house, go upstairs, and open the window to overhear an interesting conversation between the priest and the cook.

Upon leaving, talk again with the beggars until they give you some red dye, which you will add to the chalice (don’t try to talk to them before you have the chalice, because it won’t work even if you already know the Fire Grog recipe).

Go to the forest crossroads and take the road to the prison, where you will come across a juggler cop who wants you to play darts at his fair stall (again, exhaust the conversation). Pick up each dart and then tell him you are very bad at darts and want to try your luck again. Then use the musket with the bullseye. When the policeman leaves, head to the fair.

At the fair, look at the sign at the base of the Ferris wheel, take the stick from the side of the ‘Canards’ machine, and then talk about everything with everyone until you discover that the boss is the guy in the yellow vest. Give him the business card and, once he says you are good to hop in, use the Ferris wheel. At the top, talk to the worker until Violette gets fed up and unties his rope. Back down, take the rope and head for the church.

Once there, move the arm of the statue with the sword to access a tunnel and pick up the Templar tunic. The tunnel puzzle is solved by looking at the side of the tomb and the wall next to the statue, but the solution is moving the second, fifth, and fourth levers (in that order). Enter the new tunnel to reach the prison yard. Use the stick with the tunic to scare the guards, take the anchor (in the fair stall) and a worm from the plates on the patio table. Add the worm to the chalice and leave the yard, the tunnel, and the church.

Return one last time to the tavern and use the chalice with the green booger from the moose head. Look at the chalice to confirm you have completed the Fire Grog recipe, and if so, give the chalice to the tavernkeeper, who will vanish before your very eyes.

Head back to the prison, save your game and talk to the guards about everything (careful: they don’t like the idea of women in law enforcement) until you discover that the little one is afraid of redheads and that the big guy is quite conceited. Scare the little one and use the grog with the big one so they will both leave. Then, circle the building (along the left path) to reach a screen with two barred windows. Pick up a stone, use it with the right window, and repeat on the left window (if you try to aim directly at the left one, Violette will object). Then talk to Jean Pierre until you agree to plot an escape plan through the forest, and then you will control Jean Pierre again.

Inside the cell, talk to your cellmate about everything, then do the same with Beelzebub. Insist over and over until he brings the cheesecake, which you must use with the hole on the wall. Reach into the hole to get a file, and talk again with your buddy so he’ll make noise while you use the file on the window. Once you’ve filed the bars, you’ll switch back to Violette and throw the hook at the window.

Return to Jean Pierre’s country house and look at the straw in the stable to a needle with which you will prick the poor horse with. You will appear under Jean Pierre’s cell and must pick up the hook rope from the floor (Violette will then tie it to the saddle). Go to the bakery, take the baking shovel you crafted a while ago and return under the cell window to give the horse a good smack with it. Once again being Jean Pierre, ask your buddy for his shackles and use with the hook. You will escape only to get caught again and have your execution scheduled immediately.

As soon as you appear on the next screen, save your game. You now have two choices: talk or punch your way out, and each one of these unlocks an achievement. If you choose eloquence, trick the policeman into believing that you were looking for mushrooms to make a truffle and parmesan risotto and that you will obviously bring him a plate over. If you choose brute force, the controls are like those of sword fighting. Reload the scene to get the other achievement (if necessary) and proceed to the left of the screen.

Take Violette to the square, where she will talk to Mathieu. Exhaust the conversations with Pascale, Adelaide, and Olivier (he’s at the back, on the right) but don’t talk to the beggars yet. Click on Jean Pierre (only to get told to leave the scaffold as soon as you climb up) and again, talk to Adelaide (exhausting everything). Save the game again (in case you have to repeat the end of the game) and talk to the beggars. Once you regain control, talk to Olivier and quickly click on Jean Pierre. If you are fast enough, you will have freed him; if not, you will have to talk to Olivier again, then to the beggars, quickly give Olivier the bread from your inventory to click on Jean Pierre as soon as Olivier has done his part. If you still can’t rescue Jean Pierre, reload the game or go to the bakery for another bread roll to repeat the process.

After the scene, you will arrive at the final fight with LeComeau. When you defeat him, he will beg for mercy and you’ll concede, only to realize that he’s fake as a three-euro coin. Quickly, use the sword from your inventory. You will then witness the end of the game, the credits, and a short post-credits scene.

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