TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: 100% Collectibles

This is a guide for the locations of every collectible in Ty 2



Hello! I wrote up this guide while working on the hardcore 100% achievement. I started writing this after already collecting a few things, so let me know if there’s anything missing or unclear. A couple of notes beforehand:

Collectibles found outside of level instances (like the Wobbygon Beach area, or just outside airlocks) are considered part of Southern Rivers when looking at the in-game point total screens. In the guide, if they’re outside of a level (like The Never Never or Outback Oasis) I’ve listed them in that section. Otherwise, they’ll be in Miscellaneous. Additionally, the in-game totals include Bush Rescue HQ and Burramudgee Town in the same section. For ease of finding, I’ve separated them into their own sections.

You MUST complete the Spy mission before being allowed to identify any of the collectible spies. That’ll be covered in the next section.

Orbs can be used to buy maps from Madam Mopoke in upper Burramudgee which can reveal the locations of Lost Steves, Bilbys and Cogs on the mini-map. You will also need one of the x-rangs equipped for them to show up on the map.

A note on equipment requirements: I’ve tried to list the individual required rangs for a collectible when necessary, that being said, the X-rang requirements are a little bit of a weird case. There’s a lot of collectibles that require you to find invisible boxes or platforms, but you don’t NEED an x-rang to interact with them or find them. That being said, one of the two x-rangs is REQUIRED for locating spies.

Starting the Spy Mission

Requirements: one of the two x-rangs, and completion of the Burramudgee sewer mission.

Once you have the two above requirements, speak with the cop in Burramudgee, on the roof of Trader Bob’s building. He’ll tell you there’s a frill spy in town sending information to Boss Cass and wants you to look into it. With an x-rang equipped head over to the sandpit by Dennis’ house, and kill the spy you find there. Report back to the cop. After that, speak with Ranger Ken down by the sewer. He should tell you that there’s a bunch more spies hidden around Southern Rivers, therefore enabling you to go and identify them. Spies will always appear with the blue koala tradies (blue outfit, yellow hat).

If this should fail at any point, try making sure you play through the whole of each conversation – I had problems on the PC version where the conversations didn’t count if I skipped through it.

Bush Rescue HQ

Bilbies: 4
Cogs: 1
Frames: 43
Orbs: 1

REQUIRED: WARP, LASH, A Smashing rang, a freezing rang

FRAMES (33) (SMASH)(LASH) – There’s a lot of frames distributed across the wood and steel crates inside the Bush Rescue HQ building. They include:

  • Three wood crates in the upper room
  • A steel crate in the ground floor side room
  • The steel crates on the catwalk in the hangar
  • The top most, slanted roof in a steel box.

BILBY 1 – Behind the chimney, on the west side of HQ’s roof

COG and FRAMES (3) – They’re on a floating platform near the HQ building. They can be reached by hopping across some invisible platforms from the top most part of the HQ roof.

BILBY 2 and FRAMES (4) – On the roof of the flight control tower a little down the road from the HQ building. Climb up the ladder, then go around the back to a second ladder to the roof.

ORB 1 (FREEZE) – There’s a dock down by the lake, on the east side, and an orb on a wooden structure a little ways away, on the water. Use one of the freezing rangs to make platforms out to it.

BILBY 3 – There’s a Bilby on the island in the lake that supports the take off ramp. I got to it by going onto the raised cliff peninsula between the creek and the road down to the lake and jumping from there to the one lake island to the next one.

FRAMES (3) (WARP + SMASH) – Go up the hill to the observatory. There’s warp point behind a fence, behind the building. Warp inside the fence and grab the frames from the steel boxes.

BILBY 4 – At the observatory, go to the cliffside and swing the camera around to look down. There’s a wood platform attached the cliff side. Hop and glide down to it for BILBY.

Burramudgee Town, Lower

Cogs: 1
Frames: 24
Lost Steve: 1
Orbs: 3
Spies: 2


Spy 1 – Next to the sand pile, behind the building where you speak to the cop Koala.
Spy 2 – At the top of the stairs that lead down to the creek and sewer entrance.

Lost Steve – In the sewer.

Frames (24) – Spread throughout the sewer in x-ray boxes. Be thorough in keeping an eye out for them – if you’re missing frames, this section is likely to be the culprit.

ORB 1 – There’s a bit of rock south of Dennis’ house with a button on it. Hit the button to make some platforms appear over the creek. They’re on a timer, so hustle across them for the orb

COG 1 – Get to the top of the south eastern most house. Use the bite orbs to get to a platform with the COG.

ORB 2 (LASH) – There’s an orb on a platform floating near the bridge out of town. There’s a couple-ish ways you can get to it – both require lashing. One is to start at the roof of the ice cube building, lash across the hooks to a stationary platform, wait for a moving platform to come around and jump on it, and wait for it move toward the hooks leading to the platform. Alternatively, you can also reach the moving platform from the highest point of the lyrebird/Rang Shop roof.

ORB 3 – It’s on a cliff, between lower and upper Burramudgee. Option A) Climb on top of the Trader Bob/Cop house and jump over to the cliffside, or B) just take the walking route to upper Burramudgee and walk over

Burramudgee Town, Upper

Cogs: 2


Cog 1 (SMASH) – Climb up the large building across the street from Madam Mopokes. There’s a room at the top with a button hidden inside a steel box. Hit the button, jump to the roof and take a grind rail to a cog on a platform. The platform is on a timer, so you’ll want to hustle.

Cog 2 – The next cog is at the haunted manor. You may need to speak to Clarence the frog and start his mission to get in. The intended path is to hit the button at the back of house, which will turn on the wood pillar out front, and use it to hop across the platforms to the roof. Alternatively, if you don’t break the opal boxes, you can just jump up to it.

Outback Oasis

Bilbies: 2
Cogs: 2
Frames: 13
Lost Steve: 1
Orb: 1
Spies: 1

REQUIREMENTS: A smashing rang, LASH

SPY 1 – After you park, but just before you enter the level. There’s a group of koalas sitting at a picnic bench, to the left of the entrance. One of them is a spy.

COG 1 (SMASH) – Immediately to your right after entering is a smashable rock that leads to a watery path. You’ll come to a fork just after the bunyip markers. On the right and next to the checkpoint is another smashable wall, hiding a cog. The next four collectibles are also found in this side area.

ORB 1 – Continue along the side area that was opened by smashing the rock mentioned above. As you go along it, you’ll run into several uber purple lizards. You’ll also come across some wooden towers that lead to a bunyip. You can use the bunyip to kill the ubers, or higher level rangs. Once you’ve killed them, the orb will spawn where you found the bunyip.

SPY 1 – With the koalas near the bunyip spawn.

BILBY 1 – At the end of the path full of uber lizards is a well with a bouncy cloth pulled over it. Jump on it to reach the bilby in a tree.

COG 2 – In about the same area as Bilby 1. There’s a steel box on top of a bench – the cog is in a little alcove just behind it. This is the last collectible for this side area.

BILBY 2 – Pass the first saw blade after the level entrance. Use a rock next to the saw blade’s wall to jump on top of the same stone wall. jump on the grind rail, and then the floating platform. From the platform, jump on the archway of the level entrance to find BILBY 2.

SPY 2 – There’s some wooden structures between the first and second saw blades. Find the amogus with the koalas there.

COG 3 – There’s some wooden structures between the first and second saw blades. Jump to the top of the tallest one, and then over a nearby rock wall. There’s a cog behind it.

Frames (3) (WARP) – Between the first and and second saw-gates there’s an opening in the wall to the right, that shows a warp point behind a fence. Warp over, and you’ll find three frames guarded by a handful of lizards.

ORB 2 – Pass all of the saw blades to an open area with some water. Jump to the top of wood structures at the entrance to this area, and then onto one of the floating platforms above. Ride the platforms to the second group of blue tongues. There’s an insivible platform between the ring of platforms and the orb near this spot. Use it to reach the orb.

BILBY 3 (smashing or fire rang) – Take the path between the two ponds. Pass a doorway with a yellow switch. You’ll find a cavern filled with platforms floating over a pit of sleeping uber frills. There’s a red button on a column in the middle of the area. Navigate to a platform that will allow you to hit it. This will activate a trail of platforms leading to the a bilby on the right side of the chasm. CAREFUL – the new platforms will intermittently disappear. Some of the platforms are also occupied by ice blocks. Use a smashing or fire rang to take them out

SPY 3 – Inside the cavern, if you look to your left from the entrance to the platforms, you’ll find a spy in the corner of the fencing. I was able to jump over the shorter part of the fencing from the pathway and land on the ledge he hangs out at.

Frames (10) – There are ten frames in the lower part of the Cavern, in invisible boxes. The lower area is split into three sections, so you may need to do some navigating above in order to reach all of them. Beware the uber frills!

Lost Steve (LASH) – In the cavern, go to the platform you use to hit the bilby 3 button. From this platform, use the Warp rang to navigate to the opposite side of the cavern, where there’s another red button. (you’ll need to use the moving platform on this far side of the cave). Hitting the button will unlock an underwater door back in the main open area of this level. Make sure you’ve gotten the other collectibles in the cave before leaving! You’ll find the unlocked door in the pond that doesn’t have an opal trail floating above it. Swim through and speak to Steve.

COG 4 – In the central area, follow the orange flags as though you were heading toward the mission. You’ll come to an area with a bunch of wood towers – navigate the wood and floating platforms to a cog. Mind the rocks being thrown by the blue tongues below.

Mount Boom

Bilbies: 2
Cogs: 2
Frames: 1
Lost Steve: 1
Orbs: 1
Spies: 2


NOTE: After completing the Volcano rescue mission, you can enter the level from either side of it. For guide clarity, the entrance and exit will be referred from the perspective of the mission.

NOTE 2: In order to reach all collectibles, you’ll need to progress through the level as though completing the rescue mission, until you reach the upper level of the first room. Past the generator is a red button, which lowers a ladder to a catwalk near the upper level’s bunyip spawn point. Climb onto the catwalk and hit the three green buttons to start the platforms moving. Navigate the platforms to start up the generators strewn around the upper level (there’s three). The generators open up various doors in the under-lava tunnels. You’ll probably need to go back and forth between the platforms and catwalk buttons a few times, to change their positions.

SPY 1 – Right at the level entrance, surveying near the lava.

BILBY 1 (LASH) – In the upper level of the first room, there’s some Lash hooks that are accessible via the floating platforms. Swing across them to a bilby hanging from a cliff by the wall. You’ll need to grab it while gliding – be careful of what’s below you.

After starting all of the first-room generators, jump into the lava pool (in the bunyip!) and pass through the first two lava doors. Then enter the one immediately on the right (there’s a blue light + no ceiling wire running to it). You’ll emerge into a small room with a warp point, leading to a red button and COG 1. Hit the button to unlock another door. Mind the explosives.

Return to the main lava tunnel. Proceed forward, ignore the locked yellow-light door on the left, and go to the one on the right, the red-light room. In this room you’ll find COG 2 and a generator. Use the Warp point and navigate the catwalks and buttons. Along the catwalk path you’ll find BILBY 2 and a hook to COG 2 on a floating platform. At the end of the catwalk path is a new bunyip you can use to hit the remaining two generators for this room. Before leaving, use the new bunyip to hop into this room’s lava pool to ORB 1. Backtrack to the main lava tunnel.

Continue on to the last room. There’s a cliff near where you exit the tunnels with a button on it that will open the door we skipped. You’ll have to navigate across a series of hot rocks to reach it. I think you’re supposed to do it out of bunyip with a freezing rang, but I was able to do it inside the bunyip. After hitting the button, backtrack to the tunnels to the yellow-light door we skipped over, where you’ll find ORB 2 and STEVE. Continue on to the level exit for the second spy, single frame, and end of mission.

SPY 2 – At the very end of the level, with the koalas you rescue in the mission. Cast him into the fire, destroy him!

Frame – the single frame in this level can be seen on a cliff at the level exit. Carefully approach the cliffside behind the koalas. Turn the camera to notice the the launch flower below the research team. CAREFULLY jump off and make a hard glide angle to the flower. Jump off the platform you’re sent to and collect the frame! There’s a lash hook on the underside of the platform you initially land on that can take you to the exit. Whew!

Frill Neck Forest

Bilbies: 2
Cogs: 1
Frames: 15
Lost Steve: 1
Orbs: 1
Spies: 2


NOTE: The level is separated into five tiers of increasing height, which are visible on the map.

SPY 1 – BEFORE entering the level, there’s a spy by the sand piles.

Lost Steve – BEFORE you enter the level, he’s chilling in the shade of the big tree.

Frames (5) – There are five frames distributed around the vines at the very beginning of the level. Looking up in first person mode, with an x-rang equipped, can highlight their locations, although you cannot use it while climbing.

COG 1 – First tier. Simply hop down to the netting and go around the back of the big tree you enter out of. You’ll find a grind rail which will take you to the cog.

BILBY 1 – First tier. Go back to the netting. There’s a tree near the Cog 1 grind rail with some wood platforms attached to it. Use your MAD PLATFORMING SKILLZ to climb the tree and resuce the bilby.

Frame 6 – Second Tier, just after the check point. Jump the broken bridge and take note of the tree with the yellow arrow. There’s grind rail coming off the back of it, which will take you to this frame.

Frames 7 and 8 – Second tier – continue past the frame 6 spot and stop before you hit the segment with three drooping bridges. Look to the right and you’ll see a frame across from you, and one on the right side. I used the lash hook to get the right one first, and then the across one.

Frame 9 – Third tier – just past the first spiky pendulum. Instead of following the trail right, go straight and grab the frame one platform up.

Frame 10 – Third tier. Looking forward from the checkpoint, you can see a frame to the left: that one is number 11. Ignore it for now and go forward to the platform with the yellow arrow. There’s a ladder round the back – climb it to #10.

Frame 11 – From #10, Jump toward the opal bag. This jump is a little tricky to land, but thankfully Frames do not require exact hitting. You’ll want to jump off, turn toward the platform, then glide, but even if you miss, so long as you’re not too far off, the frame should get picked up.

Frame 12 – third tier. Continue a little ways forward from #10, and you’ll see it ahead. Stop before the three descending platforms on the main path. Simply jump to the platform with the frame, to the right.

ORB 1 – Fourth tier. Before you hop down the three tethered platform on the main path, look left. There’s some lash hooks leading to the Orb. Swing and glide across to it.

Frame 13 – It’s right below the orb, simply hop and glide down to it, similar to #11.

Frame 14 – Fourth tier. Hop down to the netting, from the orb/ frame 13 spot, and you’ll find it in the corner, near the tier 3 drop. If you don’t have the fourth tier checkpoint unlocked, you’ll need to drop down to third tier and go back to the main path afterward.

SPY 2 – Fourth/fifth tier cusp, along the path right after a spiked pendulum.

Frame 15 – On a tree stump along the path, fifth tier. Beware of ninjas!

BILBY 2 – With frame 15 on the left, there’s a hook to the right. Lash over to the platform holding the bilby.

BONUS: In the final couple bends of the trail, there’s a tree with a single wood platform above the trail. Jump on it and follow the platforms to a nice little 3000 opal bag

Sulphur Rocks

Bilbies: 5
Cogs: 9
Frames: 22
Lost Steve: 1
Orbs: 7
Spies: 3

REQUIREMENTS: LASH, WARP, Lifter Bunyip, A freezing rang
Kaboom or deadly rang not required but recommended.

NOTE: This area is pretty big and a little confusing to navigate. Apologies if I miss anything or list directions in a bad order.

ORB 1 – BEFORE entering the level. There’s a platform puzzle outside the entrance. You need to hop on the platforms in a specific pattern in order to reach the Orb. Starting from wood platform, hop to the nearest platform. Orient yourself such that Ty on the minimap is pointed to the northeast. From here go straight, Left, Straight, and then right, which should take you to the platform closest to the Orb.

SPY 1 – From level entrance, jump on the plateau and travel across the tops of the wooden structures to the area with the bunyip markers. There’s a fence with green tarp straightahead – go around the other side of it, climb the yellow netting, and use an invisible platform to reach a spy on the plateau.

FRAMES (4) – Follow the yellow arrows below spy 1 across a bridge to a blue shipping container looking thing with a button. Hit the button to drop a ladder elsewhere. There are two invisible boxes above the blue container, containing two frames each.

COG 1 and Frames (5) – go to the left of the blue shipping container and climb up the yellow netting on the green fence. Drop down to the lower area for the cog and three frames in plain view. To the right, there’s an invis box with two frames.

Frames (4) – There’s a yellow shipping container you would have walked past when going across the bridge. From the top of the shipping container and Ty facing north, there’s some invis boxes trailing off to the left, holding one frame each.

COG 2 – Return to the top of yellow shipping container if you left. Take the black ladder to the cliffside, and then look for some lash hooks. Follow them around the corner to the second cog.

BILBY 1 – Climb up the two ladders that were unlocked from the blue container button. Go right, and you’ll find the Bilby guarded by some lizards.

BILBY 2 – Return to the cliff at the top of the two ladders. Looking north with an X-rang, you can see some platforms leading to Bilby Two. There’s an intended path to this Bilby you can take farther along, but it’s easier to just jump and glide to it from this cliff.

COG 3 – You can glide directly down to this cog from the Bilby platform. If you didn’t glide from the platform, it’s just behind a saw blade gate after the yellow shipping container area.

ORB 2 – Continue a little ways down the path from Cog 3 until you hit the checkpoint. Jump up the wooden platforms on the left, climb the vines, go right across the platform at the top, and over the bridge to an orb guarded by an uber frill.

COG 4 (Lifter Bunyip) – Facing north from the ORB 2 island, hop across to the bridge, ignore the bilby for now (or not, I’m not your mom) and continue into the bunyip zone. Grab the Lifter B, move the big grey rock and collect your cog, guarded by two frills and one uber.

BILBY 3 – Exit the Bunyip zone and hop over to the aforementioned Bilby, if you haven’t already.

BILBY 4 – Return to the island where Orb 2 was. Hop down to the ground beneath the bridge on this island. Bilby 4 is down here on a wood stack

COG 5 (WARP) – Climb the fence netting out of this area. Follow the path going left until you hit a ladder. Jump up the woodstacks on the right. Look toward the tunnel entrance with the neon green arrows – there’s a warp spot above them to COG 5

ORB 3 – Turn around and spot the yellow netting on the top half of a fence. Climb it, and jump through the tree branches to the cliff on the other side. If you’ve got an x-rang equipped, you can probably see the invis platforms a little ways away. Navigate the wood stacks and bridge and cross the invis platforms to ORB 3

BILBY 5 – The next Bilby can be easily seen below on the water.

ORB 4 / SPY 2 / FRAMES (2) – Follow the curved waterway to a bridge that leads toward the blue flags. Just follow the path, over the wood stacks and through the windmills to the area with orb 4. While standing on the tallest wood stack, note the koalas by the sand piles, below and to the left. One of them is a spy! There’s also a couple frames in the canyon. You can collect them if you fall, or after collecting the orb.

ORB 5 (LASH) – Exit the blue area and continue along the waterway path to the left. Climb either the netting on the fence or walk a little farther to the actual entrance in the fence, cross the spider pit to the cliffside, lash a couple hooks and you’re on your way to ORB 5.

SPY 3 and 3 FRAMES (LASH) – Continue along the path past the spider pit toward the warrior mission, but stop before you run into Princess Orchid. There’s a hook above that you use to swing into a nearby fenced in area, containing the spy and frames

FRAMES (4) – There are two invis boxes in the air in near Princess Orchid, containing two frames each.

THE WARRIOR MISSION – Here is one of the non-callsheet misisons, at the end of the curved waterway path. You’ll have to start it to get an orb and cog. Note that there’s a single health pack in this whole level instance, which is closer to the other waterway.

ORB 6 – Progress through the warrior mission’s temple until you reach a round room with a bunch of pushers. Follow the path to the raised island in the center of the room. From there you can reach an invis platform to ORB 6

COG 6 (FREEZE) – Cog 6 is in the lava lake room right after the pushers room. Follow the path until you get to the teetering rock. To get the cog, you can go to either the tunnel with the saw blade, or the one to the right – they both lead to the same spot. Mind the fire-breathing lizards in the same location.(No more collectibles for the rest of the Warrior Misison)

COG 7 – Back track to cog 5 – the ledge with the warp point, above the neon green arrows. Follow the yellow arrows, past a sawblade. You should find yourself near a different waterway with some rotating platforms. Navigate the platforms to COG 7 on the right/north wall.

COG 8 – It’s on the island in the middle of the waterway. From COG 7, just hop on the nearest platform and wait for the one rotating around the island to come by.

Lost Steve – Face roughly south from COG 8 – there’s a button on the wall that when hit will open open a gate to the west. You can hit it with the x-rang. Save our friend Steve from the blue tongues!

COG 9 (LASH) – Return to the island (you don’t need to climb it). face south and take the path across the stone platforms. Past the sawblade, there’s a red launch flower hidden in some bushes. Take it to the top of a platform and LASH your way to the cog.

ASIDE NOTE FOR HARDCORE: The mission in this area will kill you in one hit/failure of the mission. It got me twice.

ORB 7 (FREEZE)(LASH) – Backtrack to the warp point / ORB 5 Location. Take the Green Arrow tunnel to the lava cavern that’s used for the tourist rescue mission. Follow the missiont rail until the third hot rock. Instead of going to the next hot rock, follow the stone pillars to a LASH Hook that will take you to the ORB.

The Wetlands

Bilbies: 3
Cogs: 6
Frames: 2
Lost Steve: 1
Orbs: 1
Spies: 2

REQUIREMENTS: A smashing rang, a flaming or exploding rang, WARP

COG 1 – From the entrance, follow the left wall up some short ledges to a button. Hit this one, and the second one just ahead. For the third button, take the second left from the button two. This lowers a platform by button one with the Cog

BILBY 1 – The first left out of the two-button area, it’s tucked away inside a log at the deadend.

SPY 1 – By one of the buttons in the cog 1 area.

FRAMES (5) – There are invis boxes spanning the length of the left hand button area – five boxes, one frame each

COG 2 (SMASH) – Look left from the entrance/first fork and go straight to the rock formation. There’s a smashable wall that reveals COG 2.

FRAME – Along the main path, there’s an area with a mob of lizards and some explosive boxes. There’s a box here with a frame, but the exploding the boxes will likely pick it up.

COG 3 / BILBY 2 (FLAME or EXPLODING) – Continue along the main path forward from entrance. On the right, just past the uber frills is some webbing. You’ll need either a flaming rang or an exploding one like the kaboomerang to deal with them. Pass the webs to a log that will transport you to another area. Fight through the gauntlet of Uber and lesser frills! There’s some more webbing on the right that hides Bilby 2. Defeating the Ubers unlocks a gate at the end of the path revealing COG 3

FRAMES (5) (WARP) – Following the main path, you’ll see a warp point in plain view. Take it to the inside of a tree trunk that’s exactly the same as the Frill Neck Forest entrance. Collect the five frames along the vines. There’s also a 3000 Opal bag up top!

COG 4 – At the northern bend of the main path, there’s a cog on an unreachable platform. On the opposite side of the path is a crocodile statue. Hit a button behind the statue to reveal the platform to the cog.

BILBY 3 (FLAME or EXPLODING) – ON the left right after COG 4 is some more webbing. Burn it away to Bilby 3, stuck in a sapling

Lost Steve (FLAME or EXPLODING) – Take a left after the saw blade to find another webbing blocked corridor. Burn or explode your way through it and fight through a corridor of spiders to reach our dear friend Steve.

COG 5 – Before the saw blade there are some spy eggs leading to the COG on a wood platform.

In the Croc Wrangling Area:

SPY 2 – On the left

FRAMES (2) – Two invis boxes, one frame each

ORB (LASH)- In plain view in this area. Simply lash a nearby airborne hook and swing to it.

COG 6 – Inside the Croc pen. You can just jump in + The crocs won’t bother you.

If you’re missing a Frame, take the XRANG out along the path and look out for invis boxes floating above it.

Faire Dinkum

Bilbies: 4
Cogs: 3
Frames: 13
Lost Steve:
Orbs: 2
Spies: 1

REQUIREMENTS: A smashing rang, a flaming or exploding rang

Bilby 1 – BEFORE entering the level, hop on the rising wood platform and navigate across some spy eggs, invis platforms, and some flipping platforms to a Bilby.

FRAME (1) – In a tree at the bottom of the entrance path. Jump around by it and it’ll come to you.

FRAME (6) – There are six frames scattered among the rooftops of the houses at the entrance, plus two invis boxes with one frame each

ORB 1 – There’s a floating platform above the roofs of the houses at the entrance. Jump on it, and it will begin moving toward and Orb.

SPY 1 – Underneath the wood walkway at the first flaming windmill.

BILBY 2 – There’s a button beneath the wood walkway at the first flaming windmill. Hitting it reveals a platform by the path behind you, that leads to the BILBY.

COG 1 / FRAMES (2) (SMASH) – There’s a smashable rock on lower, western part of the mission path. You should be able to see on the map the way there’s a little deadend path on the left side, coming off a circle.

COG 2 – Past the saw blade, at the southern bend of the misison path there’s an area with some crocs and tree stumps. Use a tree stump to jump to a wood platform. Jump and hit the button in the cage to reveal a platform. It will take you to the COG.

BILBY 3 (FLAMING or EXPLODING)- Past the flaming windmills, in the southeastern corner, is a Bilby webbed up in the crook of some tree roots. There’s a spider nearby.

ORB 2 – On the ground behind the dunny after Bilby 3 (eastern part of the mission path)

FRAMES (4) – Three invis boxes contraining one frame each in the final area of the mission path, and a single frame behind the crocodile statue in the fenced area.

COG 3 – IN the final area, behind the fence with several platforms. Smash a bit of rock by the wall to reveal button. The button will get some platforms moving that you can take a second button in a cage. Hit the second button to lower the cog platform.

BILBY 4 – It’s behind the fence behind Ty’s sister in the final mission area. Reach it from the second floating platform used to reach COG 3

The Never Never

Bilbies: 4
Cogs: 16
Frames: 26
Lost Steve: 1
Orbs: 7
Spies: 4

REQUIREMENTS: LASH, A smashing rang, Thermo Bunyip

SPY – BEFORE entering the level, with some koalas in plain view

FRAMES (5) – Right at the start of the level, there’s some invis boxes. Two contain opals, one has five frames

COG 1 – Immediately to the right of the entrance is a button, which lowers a platform with the cog. Continue down the right hand path and you should see the trail of platforms to the COG.

FRAMES (2) – To the left after the sawblade is the south western water area. There’s a bunch of trees with Wood platforms. There is: one at the top of some wood platforms, and one you can lash to from the above frame.

BILBY 1 – On a small cliff, northeastern part of the southwestern lake.

ORB 1 / COG 2 – Locate a tree at the southwestern waterway that has wood platforms wrapping around it. Climb up and hit a button to lower a platform. Hop up the platforms eastways, onto the wood platforms. Don’t hit the presented button yet – instead, there’s a lash hook you can reach from here that can take you to ORB 1 on a platform. Now, return to the button and hit it. The formally lowered platform is raised, letting you reach COG 2.

COG 3 – Climb around the ORB 1 area to a ladder on a wood platform, directly above the place where BILBY 1 was. Up the ladder is COG 3

FRAME (1) – In plain view from around the ORB 1 / COG3 area, on a stone pillar

There might be one last cog in a platform in this area – ignore it for now. This will be COG 4 but you can’t reach it yet.

ORB 2 (SMASH) – Continue along the path that leads out of the southwestern waterway, to the east. Along the path, near a dunny, is a smashable wall that hides the orb.

SPY 2 – With the koalas that are near the ORB 2 spot

COG 4 – Behind the SPY 2 spot is a red button on a rock wall. Hitting it will lower a platform back at the southwestern lake, allowing you to reach the missed COG 4.

COG 5 – Continue along the main path until you reach two stone pillars. Instead of continue to the left, look to the right. You’ll see COG 5 on a platform that you need to hop and glide to from here.

ORB 3 (LASH) – Return to the stone pillars mentioned above. There’s a lash hook a little to the right of the ledge forward, which will take you to ORB 3.

COG 6 – Proceed to the lava area. There’s a red launch flower near the bunyip spawn, which will throw you to a nearby stone pillar. bite the spy eggs for COG 6.

COG 7 / BILBY 2 / FRAME (1) (LASH) – All of these are in the lava area and will need to be lashed to. The Cog on the first island on the right, the Bilby behind some rocks on the left, second island, and the Frame tucked away in the corner at the end.

Lost Steve (Thermo Bunyip) – Hop in the lava area’s bunyip and take it on a stroll to the back of the lava zone. There’s a submerged tunnel that will take you to Steve. You might be able to see the tunnel on the map.

ORB 4 / COG 8 + 9 / FRAMES (3) (SMASH) – Across from the lava area is a raised area with some frills and dinosaurs. ORB 4 is in plain view by a fence. Like the entrance, there are three invis boxes here. One of them contains three frames. The COGS are both behind the smashable rock in this area. One is along the floating platform path, the other is at the top of a tree below the platforms. I find it easiest to glide from the first platform rather than the last. If you miss, don’t worry, a red launch flower has sprouted down below that’ll take you back to the upper ledge.

FRAME (1) – At the southeastern lake (lots of teetering rocks) There’s a frame in the corner, behind the alien’s ship.

FRAMES (2) – Submerged in the southeastern lake.

FRAMES (1) – At the northeastern part of the lake is a couple ledges you can hop up to find a frame in the bushes.

COG 10 / SPY 3 – Follow along the teetering rock path that you do for the mission, but don’t go to the ledge with the doors. There’s another ledge next to it that contains the SPY and COG 10.

On through the airlock to section two!

COG 11 – Turn immediately left out of the airlock. There’s a button on the rock wall. Hitting it will spawn a timed platform at the end of the nearby grind rail. Hustle across the grind for COG 11. NOTE: You may notice another cog on some nearby, unreachable floating platforms. Ignore it for now, this will be cog 16

FRAME (1) (SMASH) – a little ways past the checkpoint on the narrow bridge is a smashable wall on the left, which hides the frame.

ORB 5 / FRAME (1) / BILBY 3 / COG 12 – Just past the above frame is a vine ladder leading to a grindrail. The grindrail takes you directly to ORB 5, while the frame, cog, bilby are on different ledges that you pass along the way. I recommend taking the rail all the way to the end, and then getting the other things on the way back.

COG 13 (SMASH)- Return to the main path. Going forward from the post-dinosaurs checkpoint, there’s another smashable wall after the Grindrail ladder, which hides COG 13. Some blue tongues are nearby

COG 14 / BILBY 4 – At the bend in the path, you may notice some stationary floating platforms. Look around the rock wall for a dark alcove with some shrubbery in front of it (if you go past the waterwheel, you’ve gone too far, turnaround). Inside the alcove is a green mushroom circle that will teleport you to a button on a nearby ledge! Hitting the button puts the platforms in motion, allowing you to reach COG 14. Once you’ve picked that up, look to the southeast – BILBY 4 is on a ledge.

ORB 6 / FRAME (1) (LASH) – The underside of the narrow landbridge has some lash hooks that will let you reach a frame and ORB 6.

SPY 4 – From the perspective of the bridge checkpoint, exiting the dinosaur area, the koalas are on the lower level to the left, by some sand piles.

FRAMES (3) – Up some climbing vines next to SPY 4

FRAMES (5) – There’s some invis boxes in the air near the waterwheel. One of them has five frames.

ORB 7 (LASH) – On the otherside of the waterwheel is ORB 7 visible sitting on a stone pillar behind a fence. There’s a LASH hook nearby you can use to swing in.

COG 15 – At the very end of the path, in a tree next to a treehouse. Simply jump to it from the walkway around the treehouse.

COG 16 – There’s a red button on the back of the tree house at the very end of the path. Hitting it will spawn in some platforms farther back, toward the dinosaurs, giving you access to COG 16

Southern Rivers / Miscellaneous

Cass’ Run
There’s a single cog in the final mission. It’s tucked away in a corner, in the sixth area.

Lost Steve – There’s a unlisted training ground mission north of the highway helicopter mission. A Lost Steve is next to the entrance to the mission.

SPY – On the left, by the crashed car
ORB (WARP) – It’s on a platform high above, you’ll have to navigate a bunch of warp points to get to it. The starting one is in the back, behind the crashed car.

Lost Steve – At the top of the tree, around the corner from the door to Sly’s
ORB – Hit the red button on Sly’s roof. Some spy eggs will spawn in, leading you to an orb.

DUSTY BARROWS (sparkplug delivery mission)
SPY – Ahead, a bit to the left

SPY – On the second little land island

SPY – To the right of the fourbie parking

TRAGEDY TRUCK (The Big Pineapple)
SPY – Straightahead from parking

Lost Steve – Underneath the road, to the left of the entrance.
BILBY – On the racetrack island
ORB – In the water, between the racetrack and the warp point islands
COG 1 – Underwater, a little north of the sealab mission island
BILBY 2 – At the base of the big tree on the sea lab mission island
COG 2 – Underwater, by a support holding up the sea lab mission airlock.
BILBY 3 – Underwater, behind the sea lab mission island. It’s hidden in the plants near the boundry fence. Mind the sharks
COG 3 – On the rearmost island with the Cassopolis city set on it.
ORB 2 – Underwater, behind the western most island, between the island and the wall.

Finishing Up

Well done, you’ve collected all the Cogs, Bilbies, Lost Steves, Orbs and Spies! All that leaves for 100% completion is getting a gold trophy on all seven races, completing all missions, and buying all rangs and bunyips. You don’t need to buy all of the cosmetics for 100%

Not every mission comes up on your callsheet. You can find them on the map as opaque grey stars, as well as the race tracks.

The highest level rangs and bunyips are pretty expensive. My preferred money grinding method involves starting the final mission, Cass’ Run. The first area of it has a 3000 opal bag sitting on top of a spike rock just beyond the first set of uber frills. I start the mission, smash through a few frills, grab the bag, exit level from the menu, and start again.

There’s an alternative money making method at Wobbygon Beach. Go to the island with the 500 opal bags hovering over some beach chairs, collect them, start a race at the nearby race track for 100 opals, exit immediately and collect the opals again.

After all this, you should have everything! Let me know if I’ve missed anything in writing this up.

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