Ufouria: The Saga 2 – All Enemies Locations

Where to find all the game’s enemies for the in-game bestiary (bookshelf page 4).


Introduction + Quick Tips

This came up a handful of times on the Steam forums, so here’s a list of where to find every enemy for the fourth page of the bookshelf. (This requires purchasing the “Bookshelf Strategy Guides Included” and “Guidebook” from Hebe’s Vending Machine.)

Completing this is necessary for the “Ufouria Chronicles” achievement!

If the enemy doesn’t appear in the given location, keep re-running that level until they do. The vast majority should be encountered in normal play without issue, which is why pinpointing an exact location to find some of the more common ones feels unnecessary.

Some only need to be witnessed (the background cameos) to count. For anything that can damage you or be damaged, defeating them once (or trying to, in one invincible enemy’s case) should be enough.

The List

– Name (description), location(s) (applicable notes).

With that… here’s the list, in order the bestiary lists them.

– Teketeke (small white blob w/red feet), common enemy.

– Punipuni (tiny pink blob), common enemy.

– Kerasu (pooping black bird), common enemy… there’s even one to the left of Hebe’s House! (Incidentally, the Golden Kerasu does not have their own entry.)

– Gako (swimming white duck that spits white bullets), Shady Forest (common around shallow water, most likely to meet them here though).

– Nezuchiu (gray mouse w/blue clothes), Chilly Caves or Frozen Depths.

– Keronba (standing frog on blue stage), common enemy (first likely met in Shady Forest, always accompanies Kokeron).

– Kokeron (small hopping frog), common enemy (first likely met in Shady Forest, always accompanies Keronba).

– Hobachiu (yellow mouse that flies), common enemy (first likely met in Popoitto Caves, Chilly Caves, or Scalding Peaks).

– Hoppin (construction worker), Scalding Peaks (in the background and basically impossible to miss, witnessing them seems to be enough).

– Hanageruge (yellow clown dancing near challenge rooms), at the end of many levels after the boss room (requires Dimensional Crystal from Hebe’s Vending Machine, maybe at least the first Strength Ring too from same source).

– Gyorochan (sleeping pink fish), Shady Forest (background cameo in underwater cave areas that require Jennifer to reach).

– Nanikano Tamago (egg w/chick that jumps in and out), Horizon Tree.

– Donadona (crawling yellowish egg yolk creature), Horizon Tree.

– Micky (black-clothed yellow koala hanging on trees), Horizon Tree.

– Kuchigeruge (red disembodied lips-like snail), common enemy.

– Capchiu (underwater white mouse in diving helmet), Inky Caves (keep re-running until they appear, they’ll be underwater so it requires Jennifer to meet/beat them).

– Nyanham (underwater cat that throws harpoons), Inky Caves (keep re-running until they appear, they’ll be underwater so it requires Jennifer to meet/beat them).

– Pen-Chan (blue penguin girl), Frozen Depths (hidden area under the water in front of Popoitto Caves).

– Ricky (blue wallaby stuck in ice), Chilly Caves or Frozen Depths (seen frozen underwater near end of level sign, also features on the activated CRT Television at Hebe’s House but that one probably doesn’t count).

– Sanbo #1 (large yellow guy), the boss fight of Popoitto Caves.

– Sanbo #2 (large blue guy in winter clothes), the boss fight of Chilly Caves.

– Sanbo #3 (large purple guy in diving gear), the boss fight of Inky Caves.

– Sanbo #4 (large blue guy notably unclothed), the boss fight of Horizon Tree.

– Sanbo #4 (2nd form – flying blue head), either part of the boss fight of Horizon Tree, or stand-alone as the boss of both Frozen Depths and Kerasu Nest (though I’m not sure if the non-Horizon Tree appearances count).

– Muneko (armored cat), features at the end of all four Untamed (x) levels throwing spears (cannot be defeated, but try to hit them to be safe, one of the characters will comment on it).

– Utsujin (in UFO), first form of the final boss fight.

– Utsujin (on foot), second form of the final boss fight.

– Kotsu (smaller alien), part of the final boss fight (Utsujin’s minions).

– Bumyon (short purple blob), almost everywhere.

– Bemyon (tall purple blob), almost everywhere.

– Bomyon (big purple blob), almost everywhere.

This should be everyone!

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