Warframe: Free Color Palette Guide

I will show you how to get a free color palette at no cost whatsoever.



This guide will show you how to get a free color palette without the need of spending platinum or credits to customize your Warframe and any items of your choosing.


1) Navigate to your options by pressing your escape [ESC] key on your keyboard

2) Then click on the “Accessibility” tab in the options and scroll down to select “Enemy Highlight Color”. This should bring up a color pallet screen with the name “Accessibility”.

3) Right click on the colors you want to put on your Warframe from the “Accessibility” color pallet. This will add the colors to your favorites color tab. Every color you right click will be marked by a little star icon.

4) Now you can go back to your Arsenal and choose colors from the favorites tab to put on your Warframe. (Note you can only have 25 favorite colors chosen at any given time, so if you want a new color, you’ll need to unfavorite some of them from the “Accessibility” tab by re-right clicking on the colors with the star icon in them).

Things to be aware of

Sometimes when you logout/close the game and re-open, the colors will get removed. To prevent this I recommend that you play a mission with the new colors you’ve selected on your Warframe to lock them in place. After that, unfavorite all the colors from the “Accessibility” color palette.

If this happens again when you log back in, go to an open world place like the Plains of Eidolon and then exit back to your orbiter. The colors should come back and be reapplied to your Warframe and weapons.

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