While the Iron’s Hot: Achievements 100%

Spoilers alert!
Since the game requires 2 playthroughs anyway, I recommend you to explore, learn and enjoy the story and mechanics freely for the first time. Then come here for the rest of the achievements 🙂


Main Story related

Just follow the main quest to unlock these

Welcome to Ellian!

A village to rebuild!

You made it!

Your First Customer!

The Start of an Adventure

Alloy Artisan


Glass Revelator

Master of the Elements


There are 2 endings in the game: ‘bad’ and ‘good’. You choose one of them when hiding from the dragon in the Malima cave. Hiding from the dragon or talking to him will determine the ending. You shouldn’t savescam the endings, since there are several quests folowing the moment with the dragon (therefore you have to make 2 playthroughs).

The Good Ending related

Dragon Whisperer

Come out and talk to the dragon

An Era of Innovation

After getting some adamas, you need to travel around the villages and compelete the headmans’ requests that require adamas pieces (you can come back to the dragon and collect more adamas in the cave): Freezer, Boat Engine, Mining Drill and Portable Alembic

The Bad Ending related

Opal’s Ascent

Use the bed when hiding from the dragon

An Era of Tyranny

Upon Opal’s order you need to create 3 adamas weapons: Adamas Sword, Adamas Bolt and Musket.

Planning an Escape!

A unigue quest in Malima that appears only after choosing the bad ending.

Hiring and upgrading

Meeting and helping some significant people will let you hire them to your village. This also unlocks new levels of the buildings in your base village, this is why village development included in this section.

The Gatherer

You can find Boulder in the Mountain bazaar (where you meet Opal). He will suggest you a competition and then join your village. You neet to build Gatherer Hut for him to bring ores and materials.

The Mage

Zosimus can be found in Lupal, after a short quest he joins your village [Stal] and requires Mage Tower to conduct useful services like enchanting and finding new schematics.

The Scientist

The quest for Matilda starts in the lighthouse, north-west from the desert coast where Lupal stands. Helping the person in there unlocks the Lighthouse building and Matilda to operate it.

A New Lair

Sneakies base is north-west from Velhem. There you can meet a frog person Sneaky Boss, who unlocks the Tavern to manage orders without visiting villages.

The Apprentice becomes the Master

Building the last level of your Forge will make Drystan your apprentice to complete orders.

Meeting any of the hirelings unlocks the Adventurers’ Quarters and this achievement

An adventure a day, keeps the doctor away.

There are 4 Adventurers in the game, although they don’t have specified achievements, yet you need them all to complete some other.
– Sol, can be found north from Velhem, on an island. He will request dumbbells from you and then joins Stal.
– Milo, a cute golden retriever found in the Mountain Bazaar. You need to build the Quarters first to invite him as a hirling.
– Sneaky Anna, Sneaky Society member, whom you meet in their base, she will join you once you bring her a treasure chest from the drowned ship.
– Yeti, a big furry guy found in the snow biome, west from Malima. He will request some gifts from you to cheer him up: a flowery shirt (found on an island around Velhem) and 3 more, unspecified. A few green potions worked for me, but it can be something different as well.

Stal Stands Tall!

Meeting each of the mentioned guys will unlock the next level of the buildings in the Stal village, you need to make all upgrades for every building.


The cart upgrades will come naturally during the main story, except for one. Check the Side Quest section ‘Duuude, Relax!’ achievement.

Side quests

Sweater Maker!

You meet cute Porgy twice: under the well south of Strom (where you help him by making knitting needles) and then he moves to the Mountain Bazaar. Meeting him there and crafting a knitting machine will unlock the achievement.

Crepes and Pancakes!

A piggy person lives in the Windmill north of swamps. He needs a spatula and sells pastries.

Time to Dance!

A magical orchestra can be found in the forest between the swamps and the Mountain Bazaar. Repair the instruments and light the fire.

Wedding Planner

Meet Randolph and Brandford in the Mountain Bazaar. You need to help them twice: forging the engagement ring and then later (probably after meeting the dragon) by making a wedding arch (a metal frame).

Duuude, Relax!

This tricky snake (literaly) Sherman is hard to find. He lives in the maze where you get after the alchemic disaster. He’s hiding under ground in the northern part of the maze (you can actually see the ground tile twitch a little where he spawns). To talk to him, try to eat [cut] several cacti with red balls around the maze, untill your smith gets reaaaly high. Make sure to flee to the northern spot to check Sherman as the effect is temporary. It will take some time, since..it’s the maze. You can return to him after escaping the maze to make things easier as you can move around on the cart.
He will reward you with the scroll to upgrade your cart.
Check this video for details


Doing the following achievements will require patience, much patience.


Just make items, parts/details also count.

Practice Makes Perfect I

100 items

Practice Makes Perfect II

250 items

Practice Makes Perfect III

500 items

Notice that you will require to craft many items when making the following hidden achievement:

Master Smith

Building the 3rd floor of your house will unlock a Forging Vault. It requires you to craft almost every known piece of equipment and item to fill it up. Make sure that you create flawless items for it, as it won’t accept ‘normal’ (flawless items are created if you play mini-games manually, no skipping)


Visit villages’ Boards or the Tavern in your village to get new orders, they are renewed every time you enter a village.

Traveling Salesman

Comeplete one order for every village: Strom, Vox, Lupal, Velhem, Malima (Malima board appears after discovering adamas).

Experienced Salesman

50 Orders

Business Boss

100 Orders


Most likely you will get the first two just doing the quests and other achievements. The last two below is a grinding nightmare, so it’s best to use hirelings to get renown faster. Equipping all four Adventurers in volcanic items (zweihanders give better chances than daggers), any potion and any food, then sending them to get maximum renown with 100% chances (Yeti and Sneaky Anna can make rank S missions, Milo and Sol can only be buffed to the A rank) will do the trick. The BUG! Exiting the game (even if it was saved after sleep) will delete every item equipped on your hirelings and cancel their missions. Sleeping the days through will skip the time (sleeping in the camp instead of the village will save you from running all the way from house to Quarters). Getting to Legendary took me 4-5 hours just skipping the days.

Rising Talent

Esteemed Artisan

Famed Master

Living Legend


The Goodest Boy

Interact with Milo the Golden Retriever 5 times, either in the Mountain Bazaar or in your village upon hiring.

Food Taster

Use for once every of the following food found around Ellian (selled in the villages):
Fluffy Pancakes
Canned Rollmops
Chinook Salmon
Rainbow Trout
Pork Chop
Old-Fashioned Pancakes
Strip Steak


Following the quests will reward you with various accessories for your Ox. Don’t forget to try it on him, just collecting won’t work.

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