100 hidden eternals: All Eternals & Secrets

There are a total of 100 eternals and 8 are hidden behind a puzzle and in this guide I will help you find them all.



I recommend that you first focus on finding the eternal ones that are behind a puzzle, then you just click on the others that are scattered throughout the level.

Secret 01

First pass the mouse or click on the man and do the 10 exercises, so you find 1 eternal.

Secret 02

Decorate or put your finger on the monitor to find the 10 eternal in the dark, you can click several times to turn the light on and off, until you click on all, to turn off the light just click on the lamp, good luck!

Secret 03

Click with the mouse on the fly and go with it to the 3 flowers, remember that you cannot release the left mouse button, otherwise the fly returns to the starting point, releases 3 eternalis.

Secret 04

Press the letter ” N ” on the keyboard to activate night mode, click on the owl and release 1 more eternal.

Secret 05

Click on the pot and get all 10 cans to get +1 eternal

Secret 06

Enter code 253 and open the box linked to it, earning another eternal

Secret 07

Click on the pizza

Take the pizza to the shape of the mouth, take the piece of wood that the mouth gives you after eating the pizza

Light wood on head of man sitting watching tv

Take the firewood to the bonfire at the top.

Collect the 7 mushrooms around the campfire

release +1 eternal

Secret 08

Click on all the leaves to get the flower to bloom and find +1 eternal.

All Eternals

Watch out for the eternals who are falling into the ”well” and turning at the helm.

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